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Savannah Rodgers
Up past 4 AM listening to @amellywood and @aishatyler on Girl on Guy. Worth it. Great conversation and even educational.
My mom just said, "Yale" in the style of Lil Jon. What is happening.
Envious of everyone at #NYCC right now. Between a @ShowrunnersFilm screening and the first footage of @Daredevil, I've missed a lot.
Finally saw #GoneGirl last night after a week of waiting. Fantastic. Fincher and @BenAffleck nail it, as usual. Rosamund Pike is Oscar gold.
Being a feminist means fighting for equality for EVERYONE. All my love & support is with the Weekend of Resistance #FergusonOctober
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The way "gamers" treat @femfreq is disgusting. These misogynists are absolutely vile people.
Happy National Coming Out Day. Slowly the world is becoming a better place for #LGBT people, but the fight won't end with marriage equality.
Hey, @MattG1978 - you and I make a pretty good team!
.@Snacpack That's what I say! Women in the industry being safe & free from harassment & threats is a LOT more important! #GamerGate
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Next question: why care about transparency in video game journalism, but accept perpetuating misogyny/harassment of women online? #GamerGate
So puzzled by "Stopping all corruption in game journalism is an important, realistic goal but stopping doxxing/stalking/threatening is not"
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Finally in the know about what #GamerGate is. My first question - who the hell cares about "transparency in video game journalism?"
"It's really good for old people." - My mother's official endorsement of the iPhone 6 Plus.
Listening to @johnaugust and @clmazin talking about Toxic Perfection Syndrome has been somehow cathartic. Great podcast.
Watching Soderbergh's cut of Psycho without having seen either version is an interesting experience. Maybe I should stop and watch all 3.
I never said that my fandom wouldn't be problematic and hilarious.
My Vine got 50 likes. I'm pretty sure this means I'm internet famous now and I should have a fandom. #SavsSkanks #offensive
Sorry, I didn't realize it was 2007 and Fueled by Ramen was relevant. (w/ @oddlyerin)
BREAKING: Judge's order means same-sex couples can now marry in Johnson County, Kansas. ……
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Here's the trailer for the new documentary I'm working on, The Listeners (@listenersmovie). #SupportIndieFilm
i don’t need fimeims what would i do without the chorus of voices saying ‘not all men’ over and over it is the best white noise machine ever
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Catching up on #SNL and trying not to inappropriately giggle during Sarah Silverman's monologue at work. Not working so well.
Students in today's #MajorMonday, @KUFMS are using their skills for social change through Project #NotAskingForIt
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Interesting interview with three anonymous actors on filming sex scenes. Must read:…
Just saw Greg Orman's Senate ad and audibly groaned. The Kansas Senate race really is just choosing the lesser of two evils, I guess. #p2
Loved seeing @BenAffleck and @SamHarrisOrg on Bill Maher. Great debate on Islamophobia and being critical of faith(s) without being bigoted.
Not sure where the tweet went, but this happened. Thanks, @DiannaAgron!
"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed." - Stanley Kubrick
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We really need everyone to not commit crimes and drive safely right now. We'd like to hear the @Royals clinch this.
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I want @MarkSalling to put another album out like Pipe Dreams. That record was kick-ass in every sense.
As someone who seeks to understand Autism and ASD, I'd like to hear from people with Autism - do people with it want a "cure?"
why didn’t i know people like @TheThirdPew in high school? this kid is 17?? “YouTubers & Sexual Assault”
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My love for Chasing Amy crosses social media platforms.
Time to stop calling David Fincher and like-minded directors “control freaks”: Agree?…
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"Never trust anybody when they tell you how your story goes, man. You know your story. You write your own story." - @ThatKevinSmith.
Happy birthday, @ZacharyLevi! Thanks for all you do and being such a swell guy.
Happy birthday, @storkisthename! You're the man, Tommy. We'll have to have one of our chats soon to catch up.
Happy birthday to two of the best nerds out there, @Ticobell and @nessamazeballs! Have a great day, lovely ladies.
I have waited my entire adolescent life for this. #FamilyGuySimpsonsCrossover #LongestHashtagEver
Kansas is $200 million in the hole thanks to Brownback, so the state is selling sex toys now. Brilliant.…
I've been looking forward to watching The Simpsons all day. I checked my calendar and it's apparently not 1995.
For now, I'm all of out invite codes to Ello. I'll keep everyone posted to see if they grant us more later.
I have Ello invite codes for anybody who may need them. Need to be following me so I can DM you the code.
Checking out Ello. Feel free to follow.