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Savannah Rodgers
150 episodes. Congrats! #NSLS
So happy for my friend & collaborator, Mike Anderson. Congrats on 150 episodes of the #NotSoLateShow! You deserve it.
That's a wrap on Verna! I'm so fortunate to work with such great people. #indiefilm 🎥�F5
I'm taking "What I Am" playing on the radio as a sign that everything is going to be just fine. #NotTheMarnieVersion
Temporary office while I wait for WiFi to get set up at my new apartment. I've become one of those filmmakers.
How I managed to take clear snaps & video from the back of the @bleachersmusic show. #iPhonephotography
Strange Desire, I guess.
Thanks for the incredible show, @bleachersmusic. Here is @jackantonoff & the band jamming. (Shot w/ iPhone 6+) #KCMO
It's official: @bleachersmusic is the best band I've ever seen live. Incredible musicians & show. #KCMO
Someone is fucking stoked for the #bleachers concert tonight. #KC
This is the first time I've ever seen a #Daredevil cosplayer in my young life. Thanks, Netflix. #KCCC
Your fav is problematic: me!!!
Aesthetic: cleaning and dancing to Shania Twain at 2 AM with this pouty baby. (feat. my mom's Pyrex collection)
Tons of fun before The Not So Late Show.
Good to see these guys again! Great show, @nslshost & @robbins_blake.
These three are easy to work with and take cute pictures - just the way it should be. #LFK
Thank you to Rob from @La_Prima_Tazza for allowing us to shoot in their wonderful establishment last night. We love #LFK & local business.
Another great shoot! I'm so privileged to be able to work with such amazing cast & crew regularly.
Mom: "Last night I had a dream I was in a drive by with Eminem. Ice Cube drove by in a different car."
I would like for the DNC to stop shaming me for not signing the President's birthday card yet, please.
Happy belated birthday, @ThatKevinSmith! Thanks for forever making me chase a giant piece of bread that says "whitey" on it. #ChasingWhitey
Me: "Taylor Swift has not responded to our tweet yet." Mom: "Well, she might be busy. You know, because it's Saturday night." @taylorswift13
Mom: "Maybe she'll come to our house." (cc: @taylorswift13)
Mom: "Well, I'm still waiting." (cc: @taylorswift13)
Mom: "I can't wait until Taylor Swift replies to our tweet." (cc: @taylorswift13)
Mom: "I sometimes cry when I hear that Taylor Swift song." Me: "Which one?" Mom: "Shake It Off." You struck a chord, @taylorswift13.
Everyone is problematic.
All ethical issues are tricky. But, we should probably be nice when telling people who want to do right by others when they mess up.
Feminism should always be intersectional. It's our job as feminists to promote the well being of everyone, especially the disenfranchised.
Big difference between calling out an overt or covert bigoted people and chastising self-proclaimed feminists for not knowing everything.
"Call out culture" is at times problematic - it doesn't leave room for personal growth.
We get it - no famous person of interest will be ever progressive enough and they are not allowed to make mistakes as a feminist.
Really wish self-proclaimed feminist media would spend more time on feminism and less on bitchy gossip about celebrities.
Happy belated birthday, @TheNormanLear! Your work has inspired a new generation of aspiring showrunners. ❤️❤️❤️
This is the kind of feedback you get when you screen a rough cut of your movie for your family. #indiefilm
Find Waldo as an adult is easy as hell. Photo by @rileyoregard. #LFK
My hopes were so high.
"Email THREAD? What is this, 1990-something?"
My good friend @lauraellenkirk killed it in this video for @GamingWildlife! Hilarious.
It's always a pleasure working in the @LPLstudio. Exciting projects coming up.
Quick snap from day two on @patrickmrea's latest project. #blackmagic #indiefilm
Makin' movies and gettin' our creepy on with #PatrickRea on the set of his new film, Justice Served.
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Right now, nothing brings me quite as much joy as "The Rural Juror" song from #30Rock.
My good friend @edrose was profiled in The Kansan. He is an amazing audio engineer and #LFK is lucky to have him.…

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