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Photo: danieruhowell: Look at you with your cute little button up and backpack hung over one shoulder how...
Photo: japan-overload: Hirosaki Castle. Japan. © Glenn E Waters by Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan. on Flickr.
starllex: I don’t get how babies can cry at restaurants lol like nigga why you cryin there’s food around...
Photo: odins-one-eyed-fuck: blackcatsworld: thats a sexy post  you win
Photo: dekutree: coalgirls: who thought this was okay white people have too much power
Photo: sassy-gay-justice: hkirkh: Giant Purple Indian Squirrel This cute little shit posed for this picture...
Photoset: penceypreps: @gerardway (((((((cantstopthesegoodvibes))))))))
foxnewsofficial: hey could you hold this for me a second *gives you my hand*
Photoset: amazinghowell: MEET 'DIL HOWLTER'
earthnation: is being ignored a hobby
dragonstars: making your friend watch a horrible movie that you have already seen
Photo: telapathetic: ireland is my favourite place in the world
Photo: d4mons-nipples: miss-gwenstacy: why would you actually think it was okay to post this BECAUSE IT’S...
mattniskanenseyebrows: OCTOBER IS NEXT WEEK
Photoset: ridemyrubyrod: Breaking Bad
cpecod: have you ever had the urge to spoil somebody and buy them everything they’ve ever wanted because...