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Anthony Padilla
I thought JLaw meant Jude Law. Thought people were super excited about seeing some Jude peen
Perfect Sunday spent reading and watching docs about evolution 🙉
I was able to get one more code for you guys!! A05GTJP000JRYXHB
I got some free download codes for SteamWorld Dig for Wii U, one of my favorite indie games! Have one:
Here's a closer look at what the environment is gonna look like in Food Battle: The Game :)…
It saddens me that people choose to believe global warming is a hoax. Here's a clip from an amazing documentary…
My worst case of autocorrect fails ever…
Pantheras have been on this earth for 2,000,000 years; humans for a mere 200,000. Yet we think we're more important & can kill them for fun.
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Walking to Chipotle and realized I'm going commando in my gym shorts. If you see me walking, please don't pants me.
"Whoa your eye looks like it has a camera lens in the center" No that's just the reflection of the camera taking the photo :P
👀 I never realized how complex eyes look until I saw my eye this close
This picture's 12 years old!? I remember taking it with my little brother like it was yesterday 😳 #tbt
No I'm not getting a selfie with him. As Ian said - you could probably get an STD just by breathing the same air as him.
Ron Jeremy has the oldest flip phone in the world lol.
Ron Jeremy is eating at the restaurant I'm eating at. Should I ask how long it is?
Dammit! Murdered by a little flying baby!
Kids today be all like, "why are they making pillows out of save icons?"
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Mario Kart 8 DLC leaked by Nintendo, woooooo!!! LINK AND F-ZERO AND 16 NEW COURSES AND HOLY SHIT :D…
When I was younger, no one would email me so I actually liked getting spam mail.
Dammit Taylor Swift, get your song out of my head!
Faking like we knew what we were doing on the #VMAs red carpet.
😳@5SOSS said they loved our Smosh vids. We should bug them to do a collab hehe
Who's this snazzy looking muddafukka?
Nick Jonas is sitting in front of me 😳
Just faked like I was a crazy fangirl for @5SOS on the red carpet & security believed me & tackled me. You'll see it in the next WULAS haha
On my way to the VMAs! I'll be the guy on the red carpet that looks like Anthony Padilla.
I know I've said it before but I truly believe Steamworld Dig is the most addicting game ever. 🎮
Proud to say I've officially overcome panic attacks! Cutting out caffeine reduced them by 90% then eating healthy & exercising did the rest😄
Probably the most logical explanation of losing in Pokémon....
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Thanks so much @MakeAWish for having @hesald456 over to hang out and play games with us! :D
Thanks so much @makeawishamerica for having Aurelien over to hang out and play games with us! I swear I'm usually good at Mario Kart!!
Yesterday I worked out my legs. Today I fell directly on my face when I tried standing up out of bed.
If Pokémon had been released on phones instead of Gameboys...
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Got out of the shower and looked at Instagram. Realized I was naked and looking at pictures of my friends' faces.
I really hope the Smash Bros character leak is real because I WANT TO PLAY AS THE DUCK HUNT DOG/DUCK
I have Pip's litter box right next to the toilet and we both randomly went to go pee at the same time. Awkward but also a bonding moment.
Happy Birthday to me amazing mom. I'm pretty sure she's screaming here because I keep whipping her with that stick