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Anthony Padilla
youtube social media artists 1,609,536 followers
Happy Birthday to me amazing mom. I'm pretty sure she's screaming here because I keep whipping her with that stick
Happy Birthday to me amazing mom 🎂. I'm pretty sure she's screaming right here because I keep whipping her with the stick in my hand.
Tweet me something you'd say to a friend to get them to stop texting while driving. We're picking a few to read on Smosh is Bored :)
Ask us questions for lunchtime! #smoshlunchtime 🍕🍔🍟🍗🍖🍝🍛🍤🍱🍣🍥🍙🍘🍚🍜🍲🍢🍡🍳🍞🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧🎂🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍯🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍈🍌🍐🍍🍠🍆🍅🌽☕️🍵🍶🍼🍺🍻🍸🍹🍷🍴🅱🅾🅾🅱
Everyone is either playing video games or watching porn at this time of night. I'm watching documentaries about the universe.
Feels good to block people that dedicate their Twitter to hating on me. I wish I had a block button for people in high school too. 😁
Baby Hipster Anthony vs Adult Hipster Anthony. FIGHT!
Hahaha coincidentally my mom posted a pic earlier of me as a baby with hipster glasses on too.
Sometimes I go through my @replies and I smile and love reading them. Other times people are dumb and I want to throw their head into a TV 😁
Kalel is a master chef! I've never been so excited to eat food out of a cup haha
Had to re upload IF BIEBER WROTE HIS SONGS. Give it some love, yo -Justin Bieber…
The Wikipedia article on humans is written as if not by a human. Kind of creepy.
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Why do all the people commenting gay slurs on my last instagram not know how to spell?
Just got done with a photoshoot and had to wear eye liner. My @Uber_LA driver is really into it.
Tell @NiallOfficial that we played him in our new video and butchered his accent! Hahaha…
Anyone that corrected my spelling didn't watch the video! Bloody wankers!
I'm Justin Bieber and I approve this massage.…
Hobbies include singing to music in my car in falsetto because I can't hit any high notes.
You know you're tired when you start eating your cereal with a fork. This just happened.