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Anthony Padilla
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Can I just have absolutely no responsibilities or obligations for one day? that would be stellar. thanks!
Reading about smosh and I see this LOL "Ian tends to be liked more by fans, because queer, awkward men w/ bowl haircuts are usually funnier"
[Playlist] Get to know Emma Watson β†’
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I will win the race to the strip club!!!…
So, has over 500,000 subscribers now! You guys rock, thanks for watching and subbing.
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Whew! Glad you guys don't think so πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
I saw a comment that really got to me. They said I've always seemed like a prick on Smosh games. Am I totally oblivious to being mean or ???
Most awkward thing in the world: naked jumping jacks.
I just failed to correctly tweet something FOUR TIMES. I'm obviously a genius
matching dresses with your best friend
Ian and Anthony are getting fit on today's Gametime at 1pm PT!
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i was excited i was gonna get 8 hours of sleep before my long music video shoot tomorrow. then i sat on youtube for three hours straight
My current obsession is @PeanutButterGmr's videos. Almost caught up and about to get REEL SADZ
It's awesome when you first get into a YouTuber and you have an ENDLESS supply of their vids to watch. Then you catch up and have to wait :(