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Anthony Padilla
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You won't get that last tweet, but you probably will within the next week :P
It's summertiiiiime and everything's great
Woke up with Frozen songs stuck in my head. I want to bitch slap everyone.
I missed #bloodmoon because I was on twitter
Ask us questionz for launchtim! #lunchtime
Idk why but I woke up with @smosh's assassin creed song in my head. Haven't seen that video in a while and wasn't dreaming bout it.. weird
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Game of Thrones: HOLY SHIT
I sat down with @jfwong & @ashleyQUIZ and talked a whole bunch of stuff like what keeps me making videos every week 😬
Wanna chat with Anthony & I while we watch Game of Thrones tonight @8pm? Follow our zeebox & join the WULAS room!
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I say we all tell May 30th to hurry up and get here so we can all play some Mario Kart 8
Just realized my Draw My Life from a yr ago has almost 11 mil views! Hope it's not all my mom watching that one part…
Wow, people on tumblr having LEGIT DISCUSSIONS AND DEBATES on if Ian and I are gay for each other. Wow, just wow.
I went to get a blanket and BLANKET CAT IS READY TO KILL
Why does everyone my age on TV look 10 years older than me?
Strawberries are the best fruit ever IT CANNOT BE DISPUTED
Guess who's at the end of the new 16-Bit High School... ;)
Hey autocorrect, when I put a bunch of Ys on "hungryyyyy", I'm trying to whine like a little bitch, not type "hungry you". Thx
My ears are still bleeding from hearing myself sing the Frozen song after sucking up helium:…
haha, I'm literally LOSING instagram followers because my last pic was so scary
New vloggy! We got a secret tour of the Disney lots :D…
We do some really terrible impressions of a few YouTubers in tomorrow's Smosh video 😂
Hey @danisnotonfire, @AmazingPhil, @SmoshIan, I found this amazing picture of what we were all wearing last night