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Anthony Padilla
Holy shit @shanedawson's movie Not Cool is so fucking good.
Good article about the Smosh Movie movie by @NewRockstars!
The rumors are true… WE'RE MAKING A MOVIE! Stay tuned for updates… #theSMOSHmovie
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Guys I don't want to ruin anything about #theSMOSHmovie, but it's a movie, and Ian and Anthony are in it. I know right? Huge spoilers.
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#theSMOSHmovie!! It's really happening guys :D
You guys, #TeamSmoshGames is #2 in the #ForzaFuel challenge! Be sure to sign up at so we can get into 1st place!
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Holy shit! @GoNintendoTweet just sent me the Smash Bros 3DS demo. #GOFOLLOW SO EXCITED ISHEBDJSNSHSNDKDJSJSHSH
Holy shit! @gonintendo just sent me the Smash Bros 3DS demo. #GOFOLLOW SO EXCITED ISHEBDJSNSHSNDKDJSJSHSH
Happy Birthday to my everything, @smoshanthony. 27! You're so old now! I can see your wrinkles coming in. But I will always love you :P
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Whoa @Jenna_Marbles's birthday is a day before mine? Birthday twins! Kind of.
Thanks you all so much for reminding me its my birthday today! I almost forgot I was getting old for a second too. I love you all <3
Yesterday I saw the ACTUAL Pink & Yellow Power Ranger suits from the first movie. Not gonna lie, one of the best days of my life.
Woke up and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Today is a good day.
Good latemorning from Florida. I have a headache from looking for the appropriate emoji to accompany this to no avail
Good late-morning from Florida (I have a head ache from looking for the appropriate emoji to accompany this post for 10 minutes and finding there is none)
I know I usually wear skinny jeans but I'm going to have to start wearing these to fit the new iPhone
Ordered the HUGE iPhone 6 Plus last night. Will it crush me in my sleep? Nobody 👃
Maybe iPhone 6 will have better autocorrecting.
Gimme dat iPhond 6! Better recording quality for WULAS vlogs :D
One thing I've learned about our generation is it's considered "cool" to be unimpressed by everything.
You know you didn't get enough sleep when you wake up with fresh breath from brushing the night before 😩
The guy next to me is looking up the definition of the word gaggle. #anthonyspiesonphones
This is literally the best thing ever
Fun fact! I've been spending 1-4 Hours a day play testing Food Battle: The Game and giving input and feedback. So excited for you to play :D
Smosh thanks you letting them be professional children #Streamys
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I'm texting the @SmoshGames crew and congratulating them for the win and I can see them texting me on the live cam. This is weird & arousing
And the #Streamys for Gaming Program goes to @SmoshGames! Go @smosh! Go @smosh! Congrats! 👾🎮
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Bummed I couldn't make it to the #streamys! Ian and I are shooting a music video today :D
Your opinion sucks. Just my opinion.
People that say their opinion in comments, then say "It's just my opinion" NO SHIT!
Looked at Twitter and got excited because everyone I follow was replying to me. Realized I wasn't looking at replies.
That one time @danisnotonfire and @AmazingPhil let me go into their radio booth and sound super sexy:…