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Anthony Padilla
Had a dream I was hanging out with @olobersyko and we shared stories about how we used to be emo kids. Weird shit.
Best response to my overweight pic. Lmao I'm dying 😂
WHAT DOES FLEEK MEAN? and why are you guys making up new words every day 😂
I was looking through old Smosh videos and noticed how different I used to look! Took me forever to find a similar angle in a new Smosh video, but I just had to compare what I used to look like when I ate fast food and candy every day to now. What a difference 30lbs will make 😳😁
Food Battle: The Game is looking SO awesome so far guys, you don't even know 😳 Can't wait to show you guys soon :D
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Okay someone just made a Twitter account for my foot. I'm pretty sure there's an account for every one of my body parts now loooool
My photo shoot as The Joker for Arclight Theaters! Catch Ian and me on the side of some buses in Maryland :D
So glad you guys liked our backwards challenge video so much :D…
Anthony in a suit... makes me feel like it's our wedding day or something 😱 my heart is bursting ❤️ so lucky �
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Did you guys like today's BACKWARDS CHALLENGE video? Should we do more?…
Why did I set my alarm for 7:50am with the message "run by 8:00!" Guess I've gotta go for a run then 😭🏃
This is so amazing! Thanks for watching @KalelKitten and I live and stuff :D #WULASFamily
SHUT UP!!! 😭😭 Thank you so much for caring enough to watch us live and stuff! ❤️ I cannot
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The @SmoshGames crew tried to make Ian and my sim sleep together in the new vid haha…
Kalel and I just shot an episode of @kingsleyyy's new show! Oh man things got awkward 😂
My go-to lazy shirt is a Smosh shirt and I'm afraid someone'll see me call me a nerd for wearing my own merch haha 😂
My go-to lazy/pajama shirt just so happens to be a Smosh shirt and I'm afraid someone will see me when I'm out and call me a nerd for wearing my own merch haha 😂
I'm home! Hanging with @KalelKitten and Pip and Buki the rest of the night. #ThugLyfe
Try to tell me this emoji isn't a condom with a letter tied to it: 🎐
All of us here have access to this book with over a trillion pages called "the Internet", yet so many are straight up ignorant.
OH SHIT! The final battle is Dragon Fruit VS Rock Candy. Which one do you want me to use in Food Battle this year?
I've never been to Canada but I'm in Detroit and the border is 10 minutes away. I almost want to go there just to say I've been to Canada.
Norway knows what's up 😁 @fosstveitt: Jenny Fosstveit and Linn Løvdal ur biggest fans from NORWAY!”
Literally can't be on Twitter until I finish watching tonight's The Waking Dead.
SPOILER ALERT: there are zombies in The Walking Dead tonight.
The best Twitter account about my legs award goes to @atomixMari
THIS VIDEO IS OFFENSIVE @smoshanthony's rant should be in the bible of internet users. Like, honestly.
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Vote for my food for FOOD BATTLE 2014! You can vote as many times as you want :) they're music videos holy shit!
Right now this ad is somewhere on a bus and at metro stops in Bethesda, MD. GO FIND US!!!! cc/@ArcLightCinemas
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#FoodBattle2014 voting continues! VOTE NOW between VEGAN CHEESECAKE and PINEAPPLE here!
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It's also the best way to get a ripped six pack
Laughing so hard it hurts is truly the best feeling in the world
When your nose is plugged and you get really good food and you have to keep blowing your nose so you can taste it 🍜
Finally unlocked all characters and stages in the new Smash Bros. Someone send thumb splints. I'm dying.
Kalel and I just swam with wild dolphins! Best Friday ever. Thanks @stylehaulsteph