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Meet my Boss, @smithsonian Secretary Clough! He's a mammal, but I don't hold that against him. #NationsTrex
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Ancient species of assassin fly discovered by @NMNH scientist:
Our #Mustang50 is here to celebrate the museum's 50th anniversary this year as well as the car's. On view Friday!
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The 1st digital reproductions of #endangeredsong are popping up now Learn more
Happy #EarthDay! This was our 1st good view in 1972: ("The Whole Earth Disk: An Iconic Image of the Space Age")
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What happens if a song disappears forever? What if instead of a song, it was the #SumatranTiger? #EndangeredSong
Earlier at @NMNH we tweeted pic of a pileated wood pecker IDed as ivory billed. The IB is on right. Thx @cyberthrush
And that's it for our behind the scenes @NMNH bird collection tour! We hope you enjoyed and we'll do our best to get your ?s answered
We think it is his handwriting on the original label. Close up:
A Hudsonian godwit collected by Darwin in the Falkland Islands during the Beagle expedition
And here's Martha, the last passenger pigeon. She'll be getting a new mounting & exhibit @NMNH later this year
A cast of a dodo head. The original is the only specimen that exists with tissue/skin in tact
More extinct N. American bird species Carolina parakeet, heath hen and ivory-billed woodpecker (probably)
More about Martha and the rapid decline of her species from @NMNH…
Martha, the last passenger pigeon, died in 1914. Her remains are at @NMNH. Stay tuned for events to honor the 100th anniversary of her death
Passenger pigeons, probably the most notorious North American bird extinction story.
Helen has identified remains of 50+ birds that no longer exist in Hawaii. Using radio carbon dating: most went extinct after ppl arrived
Sampling of Hawaiian Honeycreeper species "Extinct, endangered, endangered, extinct, extinct" as Helen goes down line
Some bones of ancient duck discovered in Hawaiian cave. Helen extracted DNA to find it's related to dabbling duck
Next up: Meet Dr. Helen James, bird paleontologist. She studies bird extinction from right before humans to now
Pete also studies how birds can serve as vectors for diseases that affect humans, like West Nile. Video:…
Dr. Marra is beta-testing GPS devices on a bird that track + report back 10 times over 1 year, then they recapture + download data. @SMBC
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