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Our @SMBC certifies coffee growers as bird friendly. Look for this logo on your beans
Bird-friendly coffee plantations are mammal friendly too
As #ArchivesMonth winds down, know that these AV gems are still available:
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Norway rats Daisy, Petunia & Violet show visitors that adaptability, flexibility & intelligence are #CoolNotCreepy
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Elizabeth Catlett's work commissioned by the Cosby's will be on view in #Conversations opening @NMAfA Nov 9 #CosbySmithsonian @smithsonian
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From spines to tequila & heavy-metal music-admit it, bats are cool. #CoolNotCreepy #BatWeek
Many mythic monsters have their roots in real animals #bhlMonstersRreal
This week our friends @BioDivLibrary are sharing old-school monsters, dragons & more. Follow #bhlMonstersRreal
How can you save your killer 'grams for the ages? Head on over to our Facebook page where our archivists are holing a q&a on saving your treasures. Even those born digital.
Archivists are on our FB page right now ready to answer ?s about saving your stuff
"You're posing with this monkey on your shoulder and you're going to like it" Queen Henrietta Maria w Sir Jeffrey Hudson, Sir Anthony Van Dyke, 1633 #atnga_lookingtogether
No need for filter with chiaroscuro. The Repentant Magdalene, Georges de la Tour 1640 #nofilter #atnga_lookingtogether
Picasso's portrait of Pedro Mañach. His white shirt has hints of blue, green and yellow. #slowart #atnga_lookingtogether
Amazing footage from @saoastro of the solar eclipse as seen through an x-ray telescope…
Today we're supporting our friends at @ngadc for their Instameet! Follow along on your lunch hour with the hashtag #atnga_lookingtogether and explore how users can creatively use Instagram during museum visits.
On @instagram? Our friends @ngadc invited us to their Instameet today @ 12. Follow along while we look @ art together
How should you preserve those old love letters? Or love texts? Ask our Archivists Monday on FB… #archivesmonth
Great read about how our @cooperhewitt, @3D_Digi_SI, @NPG & others museums use digital tech
These diaries at @ArchivesAmerArt reveal what your favorite artists were like as kids
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#tbt to when staff wore suits and ties while they prepared taxidermy.
Tell @NPG which of these 3 images should go on view. You have 75 min. left to vote!
Julia Roberts or George Clooney sighting? BORING. For director of @SMBC it's all about the Pipping Plover…
Pop quiz: which "It" girl epitomized #FlapperFashion? Dolls 'n fellas thought she was the bee's knees.
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Our Halloween #FlapperFashion tips: Fringed/beaded dress, long necklace & bangles, sparkly headband, or cloche hat:
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Halloween is 8 days away. No costume plan yet? Our #ObjectProject exhibition team has advice for you: #FlapperFashion
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#OnThisDay 1826, James Smithson writes his draft will founding @smithsonian 4 increase + diffusion of knowledge
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Here's a national bank note printed in Indiana 1898-1908. States used to print own money. Now only fed gov't does
This is 1st time this conveyer belt digitizer is being used in U.S. @SIxDIGI can complete project in 3 mo. Trad. methods would take 37 yrs
The digitized proof sheets will go up on our @TranscribeSI site by next week where you can help us make their info more searchable
Up bright and early at @amhistorymuseum w/ @SIxDIGI to digitize the historic currency collection. Only 255k...
A @amhistorymuseum curator remembers the legacy of Oscar de la Renta and his dresses in our costume collection…
.@NPG will feature one of these three works of art in a new exhibit. Vote for your favorite!
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#regram from our @amhistorymuseum: Remembering the legacy of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta today. He designed this two-piece dress, constructed of gilt feathers attached to a silk top and a gold lame skirt. Oscar de la Renta was born in 1932, the son of a Dominican Republic insurance agent. Whi
How do you dismantle a 20,000-yr-old mammoth? @NMNH experts show you how…
2002 dress by fashion designer Oscar de la Renta: Remembering his legacy today.
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Learn more about what your dononation will help us achieve #SICampaign
#SICampaign will allow us to spark discovery, tell America's story, inspire lifelong learning and reach people everywhere
Dr. Clough: "But this is about more than just money. It's a nat'l conversation about the future of the Smithsonian"
Thanks to generous donors, we've already raised $1B during our "quiet phase" of the campaign
The #SICampaign is the largest in history for a cultural & science org. Our campaign goal is $1.5B