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|Turtle Urtle|
1. Yes 2. They used to but I don't think anymore 3. Ann 4. Single 5. Samy( @the_real_samy1 ) 6.Drunk by Ed Sheeren 7.100% 8. @emma_cassin @nikki_cassin @_miss_smiley_3 @mica.mouse101 @miss_panda_queen @_thedancer22_ @one_last_geronimo 9. @carlosponceee @joseph_j12 Cole Raymond Anthony Caden @_x
I had the best time of my life last night. #MONUMENTOUR thanks @PatrickStump @petewentz @JoeTrohmann @yelyahwilliams I willNEVER Forget It!
In a few hours going to go to a Fall Out Boy concert and going to see this beautiful man performing LIVE!!!! #AfterTonightMyLifeWillBeComplete
Let me just say how perfect that was I was laughing so hard @mica.mouse101 you were right @blakegray_3 is funny 😂😂😂
She comes over to hang out and this is what she does 😪😠
Thanks for the spam? @alexpearson_411
Missing big bear and wake boarding😭
This is for you @sams_your_man
Follow her!!! @_thedancer22_
#frogface #frogfacefandom #trendstarters
I said this to @umm._.joannnnn and then she said she'll talk to me later. Did I scare her away?
#blindfoldedmakeovers @nikki_cassin
Going to Big Bear with @emma_cassin and @nikki_cassin and my baby sis Julie ❤❤❤❤💋
#thebestbandever #socool #lovethem #ash #cal #luke #miky #thatfacetho
Had such a good day with @chrissy_wissy_6261
MY FRENCH BABE IS GOING BACK TO FRANCE!! I love you so much @constancelandes I am going to miss you so much
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I love this girl. She is like my world. I don't know what I would do without her. She is beautiful fun energetic happy cool lazy weird out there crazy sporty talented a music god #IloveYouSissy #Bestfriends #CantLiveWithoutYou #togetherforever
@troyesivan 😋❤
Love these girls to death! @emma_cassin and @nikki_cassin you guys mean so much to me ❤
Late nights up with your sister! ❤ I love you Julie happy almost birthday (tomorrow June 21st)
BEST SOCCER TEAM EVER!!! @_xrachelllx_ @7sage7 @peanut_butter_902
Had a great time with @peanut_butter_902 yesterday
Best photo bomb ever @peanut_butter_902
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@miaalouisaaa lol Pete always makes that face
I'm at home. Bored. I have nothing to do. Tell me what to do! 😢
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I think I may have convinced myself that I can predict the future
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What we be like #wehaveproblems #getushelp @mica_mouse101
A kid in the shops walked past me shouting "I LOVE BIG COOKIE!". I know how ya feel, kid.
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"Who the hell needs a drink & drugs when you've got music?" by @tomofromearth
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Football would be more entertaining if the ball was filled with bees
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