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"@lucindaaa177: Coach J is my all time fav person because he gives me food 🙊😂" I miss him 😭😭😭
Thought you was "sleeping"
Found out sonia is going to the wedding soo that make it 10x better . YAAAAY
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What's real between me and you, is none of their business. 💯✊👫💍
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When the coach told me i was soo happy
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I'm crying. I'm so proud of little keyla 😂😂�@Keyla_Gisselssel Yaaas boo werrkkk �
I'm lookin for about 4 girls that can play soccer👌must be in shape and ready to practice for the Copa Libertadora league, who's down: 👉DM
That is such a disgrace bruh 😂😂
When you unfollow me but I get retweeted onto your TL
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I don't bother talking shit about nobody, I'm to busy doing me 😌☝️
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Envy is a sign of admiration 😘🌸
Dinosaur looking headass 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Cancioncitas de amor × Romeo Santos 🙌😍
Worry about your own damn life 👋
It needs to start getting warmer, I'm tired of snow..
Lurking or nah ? 😂😂😎✌👋
"Bitches Swear You Be Tweeting About Them . 😳😳😩✋Bitch Have A Seat 👉💺I Promise It's PLENTY Of Bitches Just Like YOU . 👏" seriously.😂😂
Richmond can be a beautiful place at night
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Osmel geeks bruh😂
"@kayleerpolitz: I miss my pop so much 😥"