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Soniaa ✨
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Is it satisfying to play with my feelings or something ? Like umm, I don't get it . 😴
Haven't been talking to anyone lately , so sorry . if I haven't been replying to texts or kiks 🚶🙇
I'm getting sick and tired of the smile that I fake everyday.
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Got my cap and gown today🎓😈#seniors#2k15#knowus
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Never been missed so much 😭❤️😂 . Can I have my old job back ? 💀�
Need to save up for this plane ticket 😓.
& she cried .. Like she never cried before .
@BelenRodrgz_ Lol I hung up on him .
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Awh Kevin fell asleep on the fone ... Breathing all up on the mic and shiz 😒😒.
Okay dude this is really pissing me off 😒👏 I wanna say somethin@kvelaz_z_
Lowkey pissed 😴
Para vacilar bien tienen tiempo , pero para uno nunca lo tienen . 😴😒
I hate coming from one job then going to the other 😭😴😴
Que bien se siente cuando estoy contigo .
@kvelaz_: I love you 🙈❤️” awh I love you too feeoo 😭😭😭😅😅💁😎
Travesuras never gets old 😍👌
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Mess with Kevin & you mess with me 😤�#dontdoitit 👊👊
Talk to me in spanish 😏�
Yaas bruuhh 😂😂😭
Must get all A's. Must make everyone happy. Must excercise. Must be a good employee. Must eat healthy. Must not let anyone down. Must sleep.
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i give too much to the people who don't deserve it
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@Keyla_Gissel ohh yeah true I forgot 😂😂 ima be coming up there all the time then .
@Keyla_Gissel that hmr is boring 😒 lol I talk to your sister but it's not the same 😭😭 lol I don't have the same confianza like I do with u
@Keyla_Gissel lol proly did since I was the loudest one in there telling you all my stuff , lmao . Miss youu !! 😪
@Keyla_Gissel 😭😭 lol I came in there & Mr jenison was like "uh uh , you're not in here " i was like watchuu mean 😂😂
Got fatter 😖😖😖
@Jahlanitiger98 😂😂😂 still lmao @ what you asked me today !!
hmm i think i'll have a small snack *eats an apple, a packet of cookies, a small couch, the whole living room, a saudi arabian family of 4*
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Tired 😪 . Pero a darle con todo a esta tarea .. Good grades don't come by themselves .
Muchas veces dejamos ir pequeñas cosas sin saber lo grandes que son.
have u ever sat there and thought about how dif ur life would be if u played all your cards right?
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La selectaaaaa ! 💙
It's hasn't been two weeks and school already stressing me out
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It's fucked how the person who can make you feel so alive can also make to feel like you're dying. It's a fucking trap.
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I have two projects due tomorrow & I haven't even started them . 👀
note to self : other people’s opinions don’t mean shit to me.
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