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Lisa Wood
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"The science on these GMOs is not settled by a long shot." ~ Bruce Blumberg
"Studies that were done by the manufacturers are the main ones showing safety, and those have an inherent conflict of interest."
Dear Mr. Writer, "Investors Are Getting Paid." This Is What Education Is For. Parents Protect Their Children? What Part Do You Not Get? ~ LW
This writer definitely missed the "memo"~ School is for factual learning, not anti-GMO rhetoric… via Farm Press Blog
Monsanto’s Glyphosate Pesticide: Cancer Deaths Have Doubled in Argentina’s GMO Agriculture via @GRTVnews
Decades of growing incidence of malformations and biological defects among newborn piglets.… via RINF
McDonald's May Not Be Lovin The New Transgenic Potatoes But Do They Fry Foods In GMO Soybean Or Canola? ~ LW
McDonald's Isn't Lovin' New GMO Potato -… via 8NEWS - WRIC
"I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one."… via @RollingStone
Farmers would commit suicide by drinking the very same insecticide that Monsanto supplied them. ~… via PrisonPlanet
Only With Good Nutrition & Flexibility Can You Prepare Yourself ~ via @YouTube RT @TweeterCreature
Remember The Days When We Could Eat Natural Corn On The Cob With Melted Butter And Fresh Pepper... Seems Like Yesterday. ~ LW
Yum, Doesn't This Corn Look Delicious? GMO Developers Files Lawsuit Against Hawaii Over GMO Ban… via Franchise Herald:
Aversion to GMOs becoming driving factor to buying organic
Genetically Modified Cooking Oils are not Healthy… via @drjoshaxe
Cargill develops non-GMO soybean oil…
Transgenic Chestnut Tree Coming To A Yard Near You? ~ #GMO
Could It Be?A 21rst Century Of Us Sitting Around The Table With Man Created Food, Voting Bio-Tech Elections, Living To A Ripe Age Of 39. ~LW
Say Hello To The New GMO Potato! No Worries, The Non-Browning Apples Are Awaiting Approval via redOrbit via @Po_st
EPA approves a new herbicide for GMO crops and lawsuits follow… via PRI
Lets Hope There Are No GMO Advocates Running This Show! ~Major Study Begins On GMO Food Science… via @Livetradingnews
10 ways to keep your diet GMO-free.via CNN Health…
EU countries granted flexibility to ban GMO crops.via Farming UK news:…
GMO studies have to be controlled for accuracy or we may never know the truth :GMO-free animals a good business model
Cultivating GMO corn in China would be a huge win for US seed maker. ~…
37 Million Bees Found Dead in Canada After Large GMO Crop Planting…
The Red Bulls just beat DC United in the playoffs for the first time. That’s not very Metro!… … RT @SBNationSoccer
Read this if you've ever felt a searing nerve pain under your skin! ~RT @voxdotcom For once GP is right about science…
GMO Food Critics See Losses at Ballot Box—and a More Hostile Congress via @NatGeo
How Monsanto Keeps Halting GMO Labeling Despite Over 96% Approval ~… via
There is a reason 26 countries worldwide have completely banned GMOs. ~… via @thedailymeal
Congrats & God Bless To The First Female Senator @RepShelley for West Virginia. Can we can grow some food in the rich organic mountain soil!
One World Trade Center officially opened this morning. RT @ComplexMag
Give peace a chance. ~ Tamar Haspel farms oysters on Cape Cod and writes about food and science.via National Post #GMODebate
represent both sides fairly; choir-preaching doesn’t help. We need to come to some kind of reasonable consensus on this issue.
""If you’re a scientist, academic, activist, journalist or any other type who gets invited to speak on panels, insist that the panel
""Most GMO opponents aren’t anti-science; they’re anti-GMO. They are, in fact, pro-science — toward science that confirms their beliefs.""
""In making this argument, supporters completely ignore the basis of opponents’ skepticism, & that’s condescending and counterproductive.""
""Because the people who are concerned about GMOs are concerned precisely because the technology is very different from cross-breeding.""
""We need to build transparency into our agricultural system so consumers can vote for the kind of system they want to see."" #Quote #GMO
Organic Seafood: Fact or Fiction -… via Food & Water Watch
Brands Supporting #GMO Labeling, Need Your Support! Also, some companies secretly funding anti-GMO-labeling laws....…
In A Bio-Tech Kind Of Language, Research In 2012 Proves DNA & RNA Is Information To Our Cells. ~ via Mike Adams
Backyard Observation. No Indication Of Preference, Taste Cannot Be Distinguished. ~ via Ken Kramm
2001 Video? A Few Years Before The Patent App, & Consumers Still Don't Have The Freedom To Make A Decision. #2014 ~
Is There A Connection Between The Last Two Videos Whereas Toxic Animal Feed Derived From BT Corn Is Leading A Patent For The Pigs Offspring?
Let's Hope "Rainbow" Doesn't Ever Top The List On New Baby Names. ~… via @YouTube
""We're not saying GMOs are bad. We're saying we want them to be labeled.""… … via MBT