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Lisa Wood
AhhYahaha #TD @RGIII ~ Today is the last Sunday without NFL football for the rest of the year! RT @FOXSportsLive
Feel Like I'm Cheering With The Whole Country Of Germany Right Now!#Futbol
We missed it! SHOW US THE VIDEO! RT @FOXSportsLive ~ @SmartSeminar but the video was the best part!
Retweeting this like it hasn't been mentioned 125milx already.~"Today is the last Sunday w/o NFL football until next yr!" RT @FOXSportsLive
Tip: You must use your desktop to access the source thru the pic and once you get to him there are many more useless sources. #cancer
Their goals are clear,to control #onebighappyfamily of an estimated 7.5b. No pun intended. Only cells growing out of proportion. #Cancer
Today, they like Twitter,Nutella and taking over the world. Follow this english dude for all the details.
Breaking #News ~ ISIS learns to behead a fly 1,400 years ago, about the same time they were approved to marry their cousins. #Nospreadwealth
Thank You! ~ RT@grindingdude: A small portion of red meat w/ a side of citrus will yield the most natural extraction of beneficial elements!
It's a nice day to start again... It's a nice day for a white wedding. ~ Billy Idol
Fascinating Short Read For The Love Of Diving ~ What Happens To Your Heart When You Dive Into The Sea… RT @BuzzFeed
Ok, enough cheeseburgers for now. Wow, Iron deficiency really zaps your energy, but who wants to eat red meat and eggs everyday? ugh.
That moment when your doctor claims you need more iron in your blood & you make @Five_Guys your obsession. Everyday.
Sometimes you just have to think less to do more. ~ LW
Funny how today.... a college education is 40x more costly, yet in some cases 1/2 as important. ~ LW
A ticket to #Harvard was a educational bargain at $420. 1938 cost of living RT @HistoricalPics
Remember when a gallon of gas was 60 cents? It wasn't that long ago. Star Wars, Opening Day, 1977 RT @HistoricalPics
What a wonderful life when all your worries seem so far away. ~ LW
This is a cool view. ~ Space Shuttle launch viewed from a plane RT @HistoricalPics
No, really its the neighbors who don't cut their grass or discipline their kids and pets or like bbqs and loud music until 2am. Really...
Xenophobia = Ignorance. We're all humans on a small, floating rock through an infinite galaxy. RT @HistoricalPics
And our soldiers there to help ~ "Please take a moment to pray for all those who have been forced from their homes in Iraq." RT @Pontifex
Gotta make it to #FedexField more often this season. A lot of new talent.... #HTTR
Never know how much you miss football, fall leaves and turkey chili until you catch the beginnings of practice. #Redskins #Patriots
Twelve things you should never tolerate
Truth be told, we should wear construction hats around one another, because we’re all a work in progress! (Ephesians 4:2) @jimcymbala
I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams. RT @ReggaeMarleyBob
"He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding." ~ Levi Brewster"
Haha ~ Watching final in Greece. All want Germany to win. No hard feelings here about bailout. RT @Hugodixon
Today, for the 1st time, the final match will be #solar powered! #GERvsARG RT @YingliSolar
You all see that #SuperMoon tonite?! It's Humongous.
Don't cry for me #Argentina ... ~ Evita
Thank you so much... I thought it was awesome too! :) #WomenPowers #Cheers @mikepenrod
Followed FIFA last season, exciting finish! Have family of young #futbol players. Used to play in #Germany ...Rooting for them! @Rex_Fortis
Happy Birthday 'Murica! and Congrats #GER ! #WorldCupAction
.#WomenPower ~ RT @silviakspiva I just wanted to remind everyone that #USA has won the #WorldCup before @ussoccer_wnt
Data packed holiday week RT @businessinsider: Next Four Days, For The Future Of America
Disturbing. #History RT @Razarumi: Tragic:ISIS Destroys 3000 Year-old Assyrian Artefacts #Syria…
Getting ready to destroy 2 stalks of #Broccoli «evil laugh» Feel bad when I eat soooo good...
Live with abandon. ~ Newsboys (Just always put safety and teamwork first. ~ LW)