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Lisa Wood
Beautiful Powder Pink Cherry Blossoms Exploded Everywhere On This Street. Time For Tea. #HolyWeek
Played Like A Boss #PINGFamily ~ Congratulations to 2014 Masters champion @bubbawatson RT @The_Masters
Life Feels Like This Sometimes. It's Nice To Be Nice. RT @Cat411: One day, I imagine this will be you @Manic_Henry
Happy #Palm Sunday. Hope All Is Well In The Queensland. RT @Manic_Henry: Palms selfishly holding onto their coconuts.
The Cup Come With An Ancient Saffronic Tea Blend? RT @montalvo_d A 6-story in Greenwich Village... or this cup?
It’s A Beautiful, Beautiful Sound.... ~ Citizen Way
But If It Makes Us Sing Like This , Who Cares?! This is awesome. Billy Joel & Jimmy Fallon --> RT @MichaelRStrain
This Could Be The Beginning Of The Double Caffeinated Liqueur Shot! Starbucks goes big on booze: via @financialpost
Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, Mothers & Fathers Died For Our #Freedom I Press Forward In Their Honor. #NeverForget @_Jeff_Benton
Not Quite A Baby Boomer But Clearly Understand How Healthcare And Costs Will Take A Dramatic Shift Over The Next 20 Years! @_Jeff_Benton
I'm Sorry. I Fell Into That Clause Of Insurance Rates & Deductibles Doubling. Not Really Happy Either. @_Jeff_Benton @HealthCareGov
About Time We Focus On Smarter Healthcare! In this graph of life vs. health, 1 country stands out RT @conradhackett
How Lucky Are We To Have Opportunities To Take Better Control Of Our Healthcare. #USA @HealthCareGov Deadline Is Tommorrow, Are You Covered?
Good Morning. I'll share my green tea message with you. Have a great one!
The Coolest "Selfie" #GoPro ! RT @Nightline Take a wild ride with the US Navy's elite aviation team, the @BlueAngels:
All That Extended Effort Simply Concentrated On Burying 239+ Souls In A Watery Grave. #FlightMH370
It Appears The Pilots Went To Great Lengths To Steer It Someplace. Chilling To Fathom, #FlightMH370
If Catastrophic Depressurization At 35,000 Feet Is In No Way Responsible For Disabling Acars, #FlightMH370
Reading The Reports On The Missing Malaysian Plane. Praying For The Families Of #FlightMH370 .
Hello Remarkable #SPRING ! Day 1, MuWah!
41 million trees was last year alone. The amazing power of consciousness! Proud of my last name. ;)
Just read a sign from our recycling company that they have recycled enough paper to save 41 million trees. Way to go. #Cheers
Breakfast of Champions... Nom... Nom... Nom
Hilarious! Love The Spirit... Pretty re-enactment from our troops: RT @Heritage
Thinking of moving to #Dubai ....