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Lisa Wood
That moment when your doctor claims you need more iron in your blood & you make @Five_Guys your obsession. Everyday.
Sometimes you just have to think less to do more. ~ LW
Funny how today.... a college education is 40x more costly, yet in some cases 1/2 as important. ~ LW
A ticket to #Harvard was a educational bargain at $420. 1938 cost of living RT @HistoricalPics
Remember when a gallon of gas was 60 cents? It wasn't that long ago. Star Wars, Opening Day, 1977 RT @HistoricalPics
What a wonderful life when all your worries seem so far away. ~ LW
This is a cool view. ~ Space Shuttle launch viewed from a plane RT @HistoricalPics
No, really its the neighbors who don't cut their grass or discipline their kids and pets or like bbqs and loud music until 2am. Really...
Xenophobia = Ignorance. We're all humans on a small, floating rock through an infinite galaxy. RT @HistoricalPics
And our soldiers there to help ~ "Please take a moment to pray for all those who have been forced from their homes in Iraq." RT @Pontifex
Gotta make it to #FedexField more often this season. A lot of new talent.... #HTTR
Never know how much you miss football, fall leaves and turkey chili until you catch the beginnings of practice. #Redskins #Patriots
Twelve things you should never tolerate
Truth be told, we should wear construction hats around one another, because we’re all a work in progress! (Ephesians 4:2) @jimcymbala
I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams. RT @ReggaeMarleyBob
"He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding." ~ Levi Brewster"
Haha ~ Watching final in Greece. All want Germany to win. No hard feelings here about bailout. RT @Hugodixon
Today, for the 1st time, the final match will be #solar powered! #GERvsARG RT @YingliSolar
You all see that #SuperMoon tonite?! It's Humongous.
Don't cry for me #Argentina ... ~ Evita