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Lisa Wood
Don't strive to be perfect, strive to be your own beauty, strong, pain-free and grateful. ~ LW
Love this talk ~ solve universal problems, dare to be different....#multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick #TED
I still love comfort foods like pizza, ice cream, chocolate, etc. They are a treat when you're ready for them! #Cheers
Now. If I could just turn off spellcheck. ;)
And as always, eat as whole, clean and organic as possible... And as you do, you will realize you will need less food to feel good. ~ LW
But think like the #Greeks supplement olive oil and other good fats daily. Good fats literally help your body synthesis the energy.
I believe nutrition plays an important role in well being. Not only should you get a range of vitamins and minerals...
We work so hard to make our kids so good, but then fail to respond to the numbness they feel in the reality of their own environment. ~ LW
One Of My Top Fav Classes Was #Chemistry . Love School.
Attempting To Cook And Bottle Organic Yogurt. Pray For Me That I Don't Get Sick On My Own Creation. ;) #Cheers #Yogurt #Organic #Clean
When is Elon going to build castles with this feature?…
Education Never Quits, It Just Gets Better. ~ LW
And why so many contractors don't wear masks, IDK. Flush your filters often.
This is what happens when you have interior construction. Drywall and tile dust will kill you.
Or Matter, For That Matter. ~ LW #sleepbetter
In True Consciousness, Evil Does Not Exist. ~ LW
For some... They've already made their connection... It just becomes a matter of making a decision. But when all the stars line up......~ LW
Thanks for the upgrade @Windows .Great Timing. It's All Good!
Space isn't our origin, it is the earth. May you find peace & health in the organic plants & fertile soil. #PeaceDay…
Personal Shots From Around The World. I Spy A Seahorse Drinking Champagne. #Cheers…
God Bless All The Families Who Lost Each Other. #NeverForget #September11
God Bless Our Firefighters For Fighting The Fire. ~ LW #NeverForget #September11
God Bless Our Soldiers For Our Freedom. #NeverForget #September11
I Just Love Things That Shimmer. ~ LW
Helping achieve balance. Watch this beautiful (2 hour) video inspiring your health and our planet by Pedram Shojai.
Family Reunions over the last 100 years and the sons and daughters still bring together these reunions to this day!
and Germany. Pretty fascinating to read, I was adopted into a very large and kind family. This is one of our Great Grandparents...
Genealogy photo posted by my cousin Tamra. She was able to trace back as far as 1700's and to cities in England...
"If leading by 6, you go for 1." #Practice ~LW
Safety First, Cheeseburgers Second! #HappyNationalCheeseburgerDay ~ "Celebrate greatest cheeseburgers ~ever~ made!" -…
Didn't know the city had self driving cars. #nosurfingwhiledriving
Hmm, odd how an official can drive through the intersection looking down at the computer...
Keep up the valuable work, enjoyed listening. Love to play golf sometime (if have a chance to practice) Ha!…
Beautifully done, humorous & so true. #cheers ~ #TED Rich Benjamin: My road trip through the whitest towns in America
Hypnotized Kitty. So great how we can celebrate something everyday! :)…
Dear Congress: Give Consumers What They Want -- #GMO Food Labeling… … RT @GMWatch
Most Americans Could Eat Locally, Research Shows RT @GMOjournal
A Rain Dance or Dancing In The Rain... Depends On Which Way YOU Look At It. Don't Allow Others To Judge How You Feel. ~ LW
Closer look at how these crazy insects rattle their body to produce such a deafening chorus...
Summer #cicada love songs every evening. They can make noise over 100 decibels.
That moment you realize how many lives and how many laws you changed with just simple performance and dedication. ~ LW
Ever fathom how so many could simultaneously understand. Proves insanity is not alone and freedom is truly on its way. ~ LW #Happy4thJuly
“Observe good faith & justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace & harmony with all.” – George Washington. #Happy4thofJuly
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USA 2-0 Germany. USA reach the world cup final! #WomensWorldCup2015semifinal
Living in the limelight The universal dream For those who wish to seem ~ Rush #Limelight
Love Is Always The Outcome, Be Sure To Invest In The Process. ~ LW

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