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Lisa Wood
Love Is Always The Outcome, Be Sure To Invest In The Process. ~ LW
9pm, Sky Is Still Blue And The Stars Are Shining Thru. I Live For These Moments. #Beautiful #LongestDayOfTheYear #Cheers ~ LW
4 Hours To Power Wash The House Today!#ThanksDad #Tools #Patience
#TheNew10 ~ Woman to Grace New $10 Bill, First Time in More Than 100 Years for an American Note RT @JordynPhelps
Couldn't Have Realized How Important Those Flights Would Mean Today. How Is It In Gods Plan To Make Things Move As Slow As The Earth. ~ LW
"The Statue Of Liberty Is A Reminder That All Countries Thrive On The Exchange Of Ideas And Culture." #thanksfrance #130
The Whole Purpose Of Education Is To Turn Mirrors Into Windows. ~ Sydney Harris
"Home use is [not] the issue. It’s agricultural use that will have the biggest impact. Something now to be conscious of.” #thanksfrance
Luck... That's When Preparation And Opportunity Meet. ~ Pierre Trudeau
One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again. ~ Henry Ford
Best part about #Birthdays #Cake #Cheers Back to fruits & veg on Monday. Promise. #M9art
Anand Varma: A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life #TED : #save the bees
Remembering, Living For Today & Looking Forward To Tommorrowland... #MemorialDayThankYou
It Is Well To Think Well; It Is Divine To Act Well. ~ Horace
Naps are the beesstt ."According to a study conducted by NASA, a nap of just 40 minutes is enough to restore your alertness to 100 percent."
To Live A Great Life, One Must Lose Their Fear Of #Mondays . ~ LW
Guess what? The replacement parts are greaseable. See how that happens. Not all engineers are the smartest.
least start saving, the dealer won't set you free for less than $2000. It's your life. #Headsup
and what do you know, the suspension comes apart. Have them replaced or at
the bearing conveniently detaches from the socket when the grease has aged and dried. You're driving interstate, 70 mph
Ok, so apparently #Mopar makes non-greaseable control arms. Let's say you're driving a #Chrysler with 50,000ish miles,
It's National Small Business Week! #DreamSmallBiz RT @SBAgov
You just have to know & believe that you are not in it alone and you have important work to do. ~ LW
People defy the odds everyday, fighting for our freedom, entertaining us, building businesses so we can grow our families....
Humorous, 20 min Podcast on The Secret Of "No-Brainer" Sucess in our Blossoming Millennial World ~…
Our #Admirals are becoming #SanDiegoGulls so this means we have to flyyyyy to California to watch them play.…
In this time, You draw me by these words you've spoken, I feel inside, This never ending hope. ~ JC
Πάρα πολλοί Πάσχα σε μια εποχή που δεν είναι καλό για μια νεαρή γυναικεία άνοιξη. ~ LW
Sometimes you feel like a Grimm and sometimes you don't. Fairytales are my duty. Chocolate, almond and coconut are my superpower.#AlmondJoy
6 Awe-Inspiring Natural Phenomena Around the World ~… via Fodors
You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. ~ Aristotle
Leaders must have a healthy balance between adhering to traditions and the need for change. RT @LollyDaskal
Not impressed, only using the ignorant comments as an oppurtunity to explain if anyone is unclear of Ty's research. #Cheers
are just waiting to hire you. Good Luck. @IamBreastCancer
In the end we all have to answer. Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies @IamBreastCancer
We could be ultimately diminishing our children's last hope for true health. Go ahead, do nothing.... @IamBreastCancer
The least we can do is "question" the GMO-Feed-The-World-Theory. @IamBreastCancer
Any of my family members who have eaten organic lived well into their 90's with no disease. @IamBreastCancer
Belief to heal a compromised immune system is to cut, burn and poison, questioning that herd mentality may be in order. @IamBreastCancer
What it boils down to is quality of life. A professional may go to school to improve themselves and help others. @IamBreastCancer
Id like to politely decline your quack list. Sorry you're a patient(?) cancer diagnosis is nothing short of terrifying. @IamBreastCancer

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