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Check out the official news of the University of South Florida USF Today by @USFNews
7 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit From Content Curation… by @cendrinemedia
Going Pro is fun-> MT @jonathanwsmith: recalling how, as a kid, I felt to jump off the high diving board, I closed my eyes and DID IT!
5 Editor’s Tips For An Election by @angelneptustar
Mindful Curation: A Journey & Destination No One Else Offers by @jgombita
Give @kmbreww Some Twitter ♥ #FOLLOW ! Kelsey was a ROCKSTAR in #bizheroes! Check out her #Storify
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Are you sad you missed our #Bizheroes chat w/ @connect2life Don’t be! Here’s the transcript:…
Do let us know RT @daviddouek: @MadisonJonesHR and if you have ideas for improvements on your first use, feel free to let us know #bizheroes
If you’re looking for more tips on brand building with, to join #letsnetwork chat on Thursday #bizheroes
Thank you all for such a nice and amazing #BizHeroes chat!!!
You’re super sweet! RT @connect2life: Best part about @paper_li ?? The AMAZING and GENEROUS people who take care of us all! #bizheroes
FREE STUFF! Try Pro free for 1 month! Click here and use BizHeroes as the code when you upgrade! #bizheroes
And @connect2life - we know for a fact you truly give love to your paper and community! Thank you so much for being our guest on #bizheroes
A6: If you have a paper, give it LOVE, have FUN, and ENJOY it! #bizheroes
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Yay! we can help RT @MadisonJonesHR: I've honestly never tried @paper_li. Now I want to give it a whirl! Seems resourceful + fun! #bizheroes
Small, but mighty! RT @connect2life: A6f: Don’t forget the bookmarklet tool! ->… #bizheroes
@MadisonJonesHR Finesse is the perfect term. Finding the balance between engaging and overkill takes time right out of the gate. #bizheroes
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A6: There is one paper I now curate manually. It's embedded on my website. Love it! #bizheroes
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A6a: I LOVE to use my Twitter lists as my content sources, such as my #bizheroes list!
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A6c: Don’t be afraid to change up your content sources! #bizheroes
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Q6. Can you share some tips + best practices for a better curation? #bizheroes
@MadisonJonesHR @JoshStAubin Facebook is still the greatest source of hits to sites, at least in our region. #bizheroes
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Adding hashtags from Twitter as a source and finding new people that are sharing and creating content gems! #bizheroes
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+1000 RT @niclas_marie: Do most people suggest creating a account? Are there specific niche areas this works best for? #BizHeroes
@paper_li: A5: Great TweetChats like these! Nose around and see who speaks, shares, participates. #bizheroes
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A5a: 3 Ways: Content Curation - Real-Time Engagement - Twitter Lists #bizheroes
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A lot of new platforms aren't super accessible (need 3G or smartphone). Twitter is a great option for these populations. #bizheroes
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Q5 How do you use Twitter and for community building? #bizheroes
A4: Whatever platform you choose, dive into it! Research, read, observe, learn...get all the juice you can out of it! #bizheroes
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2/2 @ClaireSMBB @KDHungerford what I find more effective is to copy/paste "potential" articles into a Drafts email file; revisit #bizheroes
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A4: Twitter is my favorite network for content curation and community building, though some find it an overwhelming social space #bizheroes
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That’s a good one! @niclas_marie - Which platforms you wouldn’t recommend for building community?? cc. @connect2life #bizheroes
In addition to platforms you would recommend, can I ask which you WOULDN'T recommend? Just as important (re: Q4) #BizHeroes
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Oh yeah! RT @JeremiahJWright: @KDHungerford @KalynnAmadio @cendrinemedia You can say a ton through a simple image made in #Canva #bizheroes
Plus, if you share quality content from others, it shows that you're a good listener (+ reader). It makes you more user-friendly. #BizHeroes
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Q4. What platforms do you recommend for building community? #bizheroes
A3: The more I read, the better I write. The better I write, the better content I curate. Goes round and round! #bizheroes
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To note: MT “The true skill and value of a curator is rooted in their ability to find and hold relationships.” via @SJAbbott #bizheroes
.@KDHungerford We are both biased but I do think a @paper_li paper is a nice way for companies to get started before blogging #bizheroes
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"Promoting others' content shows that you are in the know, team player, open to learning from others.” via @atiigomedia #bizheroes
Content curation builds relationships by promoting the writer & connecting them w/ your audience. Win, win, win #BizHeroes
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A3. If you're only writing once/wk, curation gives ppl something to come for while they're waiting. Sharing is just as important. #bizheroes
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Yessssss!!! Good one! RT @connect2life: A3: Conscious content curation is like honey - sweet, sticky, & “nutrient-dense”. #bizheroes
depending on your message, you can achieve a great deal more with a 140 char tweet & a pic than a 1400 word blog (works for me) #bizheroes
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Q3. How can we use content curation to build relationships? #bizheroes