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Clifton McDaniel
I hate when professors give the 10-minute speech about not using "electronic devices" in class. Get with the times...
Dear people saying Taylor Swift's new video exhibits racism.......................................please get a life
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Gender equality not only liberates women but also men from prescribed gender stereotypes. #heforshe
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Things like this are what's wrong with the younger generation...
I think @BoyhoodMovie was even better the second time around, I could focus on the awesome little details. Favorite film of the summer.
I feel like if @ArianaGrande could rap she would be the new @NICKIMINAJ. Or am I the only one who thinks their singing voices are similar?
@slyth66 lol I am literally about to fangirl again!!! You'll always be my fav youtuber from my awkward childhood ❤️
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Oh you know... Just getting paid to do a harbor cruise for work. :D
.@HilaryDuff is winning at this whole comeback thing. #AllAboutYou is one of the best new songs I've heard this summer. The girl can rock!
Thanks for the laughs, Robin. We'll miss you. Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage
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PS: Congratulations to @tyleroakley. Flashback to that one time we chilled for a weekend on #SpiritDay.…
Despite the fact that the #TeenChoiceAwards are featuring YouTubers tonight, I refuse to give into their shady tactics so I'm not watching.
Drove all the way to @Cinebarre to see Boyhood only to be told they couldn't project it. This is so stupid.
Going to see #BoyhoodMovie tomorrow. Haven't been this excited for a film since...well probably like 3 months ago. But yay!
For me, it's not about achieving my dreams before I die. It's about spending my whole life reaching for them.
I really wish @CityCharleston would work on getting the beggars out of Marion Square. I never feel safe here. @CharlestonPD
What's one thing on your bucket list? Trying to come up with my own. 📝
If you haven't seen it yet, check out my "Sheep Island Road" Trailer on @YouTube!
What are your thoughts on buying series of your favorite tv shows on Blu-Ray even if they're streaming on Netflix?
Check out EMPOWERR and @W_A_Family today at 10:30 on @LowcountryLive to hear about Changing the Tide!
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The temptation is SO REAL right now...
"To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will."~ Sugar Ray Robinson. #dailyquote #qotd
Watching a group of middle school kids chanting "twerk twerk twerk!" at each other as they take turns twerking in the park. Eww.
It amazes me how much some people enjoy the misfortune of others...
Did this guy really drive 15mph under the speed limit to make me wait at the longest red light in Charleston THEN flash me the peace sign!?
Gotta love when companies like @GamesrocketCOM rip you off via @PayPal by requiring "address verification" AFTER you pay. @AskPayPal
Why do some American missionaries believe the best thing they can do for a country in need is teach them to pray? #GodLovesUganda
Tonight at 7pm! -- Screening @GodLovesUganda w/ @allycoalition & @W_A_Family. We're hosting a discussion you can join using #GodLovesUganda
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So happy to see marriage equality popping up all over the country. It's about time. Your turn, South Carolina #LGBT
@slyth66 chuck a snagga on the barbie for me will ya Clifton you didgeridoo kangaroo #diverse
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Just unfollowed about half of everyone. Hopefully I'll start enjoying twitter more. Let me know if you want me to follow you!
Any recommendations on a subscription box under $20? Food, geeky, candy, etc. Just want something fun each month.
For those of you interested: "This Free @MIT Photojournalism Course Helps You Take Meaningful Photos" @lifehacker
Creepy flea market find of the day. Yes, its eyes were really that color... #scary #doll
Saw this doll at the flea market and thought @grav3yardgirl would find it interesting, haha. #creepy
How's your weekend going? 😋
I'm bored so...Question time: who's your favorite film director and why?
So glad to see YouTubers who are actually talented being so successful. Great work @troyesivan #TRXYE
I just signed up for a @SamsClub membership. Anyone have any good ideas for what to buy in bulk? Never done it before, lol.
Impromptu opening act for @HarrisonHoude @tvo. Head to the main stage for Harrison's next presentation! #GeekSt
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I think @shanedawson and I are probably both freaking out about @HilaryDuff's new album/single! :o… #ChasingTheSun
I wish I'd get reactions like some people when they reply to someone. @slyth66 OMFGGG IM SCREAMING AND CRYING! 😍😭 NOW FOLLOW ME PLZ.
If I mouth "I'm sorry" to you don't stare at me through your window with your hands up like *WTF*. We were in a PARKING LOT. Bitch.
I don't think I've ever went from apologizing to someone for not seeing them to flipping them off as quickly as I did today while driving.
I REALLY wish @IFCFilms "Boyhood" was coming to @TerraceTheater or any theater in Charleston, SC. I can't wait to see it!