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Clifton McDaniel
Sad I'm missing the #Emmys tonight due to my lack of cable. Hopefully I can be there in person one day!
Review: 'The Boy' is the Chilling Start to the Story of a Psychopath
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Yes, sexual assault against women is a huge problem, but why ONLY feature that instead of including male/male female/female assault?
It bothers me that @ladygaga #TilItHappensToYou only focuses on male on female sexual violence. She had the platform 2 speak across genders.
Absolutely terrible that this kind of stuff is still happening in today's society. What's wrong with people??…
Just accidentally deleted #GTAV from my PS4 instead of closing it. 😭😩😭
Terrible, disrespectful marketing at its finest. Great job @ATTCares, you know how to ruin your own reputation.…
Looking forward to @savannahpride this weekend! It's been too long since I've visited that city. #GeorgiaOnMyMind
I feel like I'm supposed to remember something today... Weird because I usually #NeverForget.
This looks delicious! Love @FireflySpirits (and cupcakes of course!)…
Is it too much to ask for a wearable that doesn't require any physical input? A voice/gesture control smartwatch is all I need! #AppleWatch
Watched #StarWars for the first time ever last night. Am I a horrible person to say I didn't really like it?
The lunch of a true southerner.
The lunch of a true southerner.
Had my first #PSL of the season today. Honestly, I prefer #SCM (salted caramel mochas) @Starbucks. #whitegirlprobs
New #GoogleLogo and #AllDayBreakfast at @McDonalds. Lots of good change happening today!
Making the best of an ugly situation.
Making the best of an ugly situation.
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The more I read and see about the @WDBJ7 shooting, the more horrified and disgusted I am. #WDBJshooting
Instead of sharing the video of Alison Parker and Adam Ward dying, please share this still of the suspect. @WDBJ7
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Extremely tragic news. My condolences to the families of the victims. Let's catch this guy.…
Give yourself one point for a good idea, ten points for a good plan and 100 points for actually making something. #filmmaking
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I did it, I bit the bullet and created my new channel. I will have my first video up Wednesday.Subscribe if you want
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What a fun forecast for Charleston!
Going to #giveaway a $10 @amazon gift card today to thank my followers for being so awesome. Just RT and follow for a chance to win!
Civil right activists stopping a #BernieSanders speech is practically cannibalism. This isn't the way you appeal to a rational audience.
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How hard would it be to have a soda with half the sugar and no sugar substitutes to make up the difference. Soda is too sweet to me as is.
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Not sure if we have enough @Starbucks in Charleston...
My timeline is equally filled with #BB17 tweets and #GOPDebate tweets. Who will win?
"Editors are the first audience of the film, and we have to guard the spark." John Venzon, ACE.
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A first look at what @LittonTV has been working on for the new @CBSDreamTeam lineup! | TV Insider @tvinsider…
Could there be a more perfect combination? Well, only if you add in Guillermo del Toro and @ladygaga.…
Was really excited about the @oneplus #OnePlus2 until I learned it had no NFC. No thanks, I'll stick with my #iPhone.
I hope everyone is having a great time at @VidCon for #VIDCON2015. I still have yet to go and probably never will but it seems like a blast!
I'm really bad about sneaking pictures of attractive people in public to send to my friends...
If you're on campus today keep an eye out for the crew filming a Hidden Heroes episode!
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After spending hundreds of dollars on The Sims 2 and 3, I said I'd never give EA my money again for this game...
I think my coffee addiction is getting stronger since AFTER I graduated college. How is that even possible??
I really want to start going to more local theatre productions. Really miss that kind of fun.
That just got me so hyped up to go and represent USA in a couple of weeks at the World Championships! #GoUSA 🇺🇸
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