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Clifton McDaniel
That just got me so hyped up to go and represent USA in a couple of weeks at the World Championships! #GoUSA đŸ‡ºđŸ‡¸
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Skipped out on the fireworks tonight but saw these guys instead!
Thank you for 3100 followers! I hope to get to know each of you as best as possible. Well, the non-spam accounts at least đŸ˜‰
Finally got around to trying #googlecardboard and I've gotta say, #VR is definitely the future! @imcardboard
Finally got around to trying #googlecardboard and I've gotta say, #VR is definitely the future. Love this thing!
Why can't #smartwatch companies create a watch that is entirely voice controlled? Think of the one-armed people! #AppleWatch
Our new favorite map. RT if you live in a state where marriage equality is law.
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Oh my God, I just heard the news about #JamesHorner. Anyone that knows me knows that he was my favorite composer. May he rest in peace :(
This documentary is soooooo close to being funded! Please help out, it's our last chance!…
Stop passing the blame and start spreading the love. #CharlestonShooting
I haven't been to a concert lately & never bought a meet&greet package, but if @HilaryDuff went on tour it'd be a must! #BreatheInBreatheOut
It bothers me that after a tragedy everyone resorts to prayer instead of going to the root of the problem. #CharlestonShooting
I believe there's more love in the world than hate. We need to show it today. Sending my love to Charleston.
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I dont know why I expected anything less, but @HilaryDuff's new album is absolutely amazing. Her best yet! #BreatheInBreatheOut
Can't believe how boring #PlayStationE3 is. And why are all the presenters acting like douchebags? #E32015
Really getting excited about all the #tech news in the past few weeks. Especially #E32015. What are your favorites so far?
Am I the only one that didn't know @GeorgeTakei was from Star Trek?? @CBSNews @CBSThisMorning.
So happy I've revamped who I follow on Twitter and replaced the dumb meme accounts with inspirational #film #tv and #travel professionals!
I dont understand you, nature. How is it still light outside at 9pm??
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - #EleanorRoosevelt #QuoteoftheDay
Just watched #FriedGreenTomatoes for the first time ever. @MsKathyBates can do no wrong!
Thinking of making a #BluRay collection video just because. It won't be on my main channel. What do you think? I love talking about #movies.
The fact that someone just favorites this tweet from 3 years ago about stalking me kind of freaks me out...
Really love the @Caitlyn_Jenner #VanityFair cover, but worried about Photoshop backlash. But as long as she's happy, I'm happy! đŸ˜ƒ
A warm welcome to the amazing @slyth66 who just backed turning point :) thank you sir we are even closer now :)
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Clifton McDaniel @slyth66 <-Video Editor for TV . One day he will edit some of my stuff! If I can ever get through school... FOLLOW!!!
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Help support this talented filmmaker if you can. An inspiring storyteller with an important message.…
Do normal people still buy Blu-Rays / DVDs of movies they like or has everyone else gone completely digital?
I'm all for YouTubers getting sponsors and doing occasional #sponsored videos, but some take it too far and that's all they ever do anymore.
Excited to start my journey into the "real world" with a new car! �
Car shopping is so difficult, so many brands of pretty much the same car. #Honda, #Toyota, or #Hyundai? Suggestions??
I should have known that when @comcast offered #HBO, it's only in SD and 4:3. What is this? 2002?
Great use of technology in the classroom, something there needs to be more of! Thx @BornToExploreTV and @Microsoft.…
We made it! So happy to have spent the past 4 years right next to this guy! #Classof2015 #…
We made it! So happy to have spent the past 4 years right next to this guy! #Classof2015 #BoundlessCofC
That awkward moment when you meet someone at work and don't realize until after that they're kinda famous. Happened 2x already.
Graduating from @CofC tomorrow. It's been an unforgettable experience! #Classof2015 #BoundlessCofC

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