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Had pengest day yeasterday only needed to see my main ones
Baby you the best
Think to ya self. If you were to leave your life behind. How many people would really miss you after the first month went by
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Then count how many you would miss. Guarantee the second number is higher
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Prestige anit the word for you
Take your ass home):):)
Right mans admitting doesnt know if hes gay or not are you mad 😂😂
Always got a freah ting 💨🎧
If I see one more chick from posh ends say 'mad ting' or 'rah' in a serious context I will probably have to die
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Too happy atm vest use this for improvment
Desssppperate to see Jurassic world
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Hahaha i remember when you couodnt breath on.a 2dayer 😂😂
Need to put my mind to improving myself
Sorry guys but day 2s getting to me 😂😂😂😂
Might be time to settle down, secure a buff missus and start fighting these slags off with a stick
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Birthday high day 😂😂
Already bunned an 8th😂😂😂
This weeks dragging bare
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"@Jaredth0: 0 man my age like me." Cuz youve got the mind set of an older
These girls and their roadlife insta names are you dumb youve more time live an nice lovely area 😂😂
Girls that move loose when they got bf is disgraceful.
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I know im bare work not my fault everyone i trust lets me down
Cant wait for my birthday but my ids on route 😭 hotel room it is 😏
People only chat to you when they anit busy
Actsully got someone who makes me not just wanna spend money and think about myself
My mum saw my tweet and ordered them what u tellin me 😂😂
You anit a bredrin your a leave when weed gone 😂😂
everyone is different in their own way, there is no normal
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Wish I could have another go at the last 5 years of my life but noooooo, science won't allow it 😒😒
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Youve copped one ralphy shirt not brought the shop 😂
My birthday next thursday jheez gunna disapper 😂😂
Man said shes blocked me om insta 😂
Your the type of man to watch face not set pace 💨💨
You should write a book 😂😂 about parring…aS
Girls will moan about lads expecting too much then refuse to be with a guy cos he's not 6ft 😴😴
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You are a sket you finger blasted yourself on.thw phone fix up 😂😭😂
If you adress me as slutcilffe you anit getting a reply are you mad 😂😂😂
I dont have friends ive got the mains and the part timers
some tramp asked me for 50 p i said no and he asked why im in a suit just show him the nots 😂😭😂😭
I dont get how i can get this gassed over one person
why am I kidding myself..
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Right this week i need to sort out my shit so its a normal monday then 😏

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