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Exclusive: Watch the premiere of the hilarious new show from @jash, the Amazing @gaylpile:…
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My latest @Slate: Why future America might have more white people, not less.…
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Allergies are the real midlife crisis. Happy springtime! By @PalmerBrian… via @Slate
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#slatepitch: Did the Byzantine Empire have a Byzantine tax code? #HappyApril15
You had one job, federal health-insurance statistics-keeping people:
Josh Charles in a hilarious sketch mocking Aaron Sorkin--WATCH: #Sorkinese #TheFoodRoom
Here's what happened when a 23-mile-wide asteroid hit earth 3.26 billion years ago--WATCH: #ScienceFTW
Small private colleges are in deep trouble. The rest of us should celebrate:
You should get a tax deduction for your gym membership:
Sorry, that's NOT an emoticon in a 1648 poem :-(
Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's isolated confinement justified?
Read Carl Sagan's daughter on what her dad taught her about life and death:
This is one of the greatest sci-fi novels of all time, and it's available for the first time as an e-book:
NCAA Votes to Allow Colleges to Provide Athletes with Unlimited Meals
"Gone Girl" is an absolute masterclass of the Fincher trailer formula--WATCH:
Jenny Slate Stars in Abortion Comedy Obvious Child
North Korean Officials Pay Visit to London Salon Over "Bad Hair Day" Ad Featuring Kim Jong-un
Boston Marathon Finish Line Evacuated Because of Suspicious Bag
"[T]he most egregious, cringe-inducing example of straight-splaining I have ever encountered..."
The "Honest Trailer" for The Wolf of Wall Street is hilarious--WATCH:
Keep a close eye on your grocery bill, because food prices are climbing:
About that irritating "toughest job in the world" viral video...
Bill O'Reilly's racially-coded interview w/Kentucky's John Calipari on "hip-hop stuff" was over-the-top ridiculous:
New York isn't the only place where the rent is too damn high: