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The Audio Book Club takes on @rgay's Bad Feminist:
Why gadgets aren't the coolest part of science fiction:
Iran is keeping everyone very well-informed about Ayatollah Khamenei's prostate:
A cringe inducing evening with Jordan Belfort, the real "Wolf of Wall Street":
Why Scotland thinks it can survive as an independent country:
Uber just caved on a big policy change after its drivers threatened to strike:
Map Shows All of the Ways You Could Get Around Alaska in 1909
How the Weinstein Co. bungled the fascinating formal experiment of "Eleanor Rigby":
It's been 15 years since we lost the Moon and Moonbase Alpha:
No, adulthood isn't dead. Seriousness is.
Why does the New York Times diagramless crossword hide the location of its first square?
"Hitting a child with a stick seems cruel enough, but the indictment makes clear there's much more to it than that."
Adrian Peterson is the star of the NFL Rush Zone cartoon this week: #timing #NFL
Olive Garden has been committing a culinary crime against humanity:
Landslides are adding to the destruction in flooded Kashmir:
The Apple watch will make everyone around you just a little worse off:
How do you say "crack down on Google" in German?
A great ruling on gay conversion "rherapy" that also protects the First Amendment:
Study supports that women with naturally high testosterone are unfairly excluded from sports:
What was the first item ever designed?
Who needs test scores and transcripts? You can apply to Goucher with a video about yourself:
Steve Southerland's sexist remarks should spur Florida women to vote:
Jim Harbaugh's "no tolerance": An NFL-leading four players accused of violence against women:…
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Why do I keep accidentally dating swingers?
The details and photos from that Adrian Peterson child abuse case are pretty awful:
Adrian Peterson has been released following an indictment for using a branch to spank his son:
It's a wild ride >> One of the earliest mashups brilliantly combined Apocalypse Now and Winnie the Pooh… via @browbeat
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Facebook's offensive crackdown on people using drag names on their profiles:
Democratic voters can save Harry Reid's job, if they just realize that he runs the Senate:
New on Slate Plus: What Dahlia Lithwick's 11-year-old son thinks about porn:
Here's my @Slate read on the epic battle over Philadelphia's civil forfeiture law…
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Libertarians in Philadelphia are fighting for people whose property was seized by the police:
The Seahawks and 49ers coaches are domestic violence hypocrites:
Ken Burns on why Teddy Roosevelt would never get elected in 2014:
The problem with The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby:
Congressional Republicans Vote to Continue Discrimination Against Gay Veterans’ Spouses…
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A Great Ruling on Gay Conversion “Therapy” That Also Protects the First Amendment…
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Steve Southerland’s Remarks Should Spur Florida Women to Vote…
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Sex-verification in sports: A new study supports unfairly excluded female athletes.…
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Georgia Democrats Have Registered So Many Minorities, Republicans Are Crying Fraud… via @Slate
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The Apple Watch will make everyone around you a little worse off, by @felixsalmon:…
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re-spam: please enjoy this thing i wrote about biggie smalls and ready to die, which turns 20 *today* #longreads…
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My review of the new Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts.…
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There's a Sandy Hook truther running for office in Colorado
We won't have Rob Ford to kick around anymore. (We may have his brother.)
Relax, parents. Your teenager probably doesn't even know what a sex bracelet is:
Relax, parents. Your teenager probably doesn't even know what a sex bracelet is:
This is the most virus-packed location in your office:
The courts are finally granting asylum to victims of domestic abuse. Victims of gang violence are still out of luck.