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Jason Arnopp
Curious about Steven Moffat's writing process? I'll show you exactly how he assembled a #DoctorWho story in 2008:…
I admittedly never expected the Guardian Weekend's Blind Dates feature to inspire a blogpost, but it did, so there.
My blog about real-life conversations, which may be of use to writers. Blind Dates And Dialogue Writing:… #writing
Coming up with a fictional book publisher's name is harder than you might imagine. You end up having to take a word and mess with it.
Good morning to you and the clockwork stoat which follows you around the gaff.
I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath.
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NEXT WEEK'S POLL: Victims of gun crime - were their pathetic soft mortal human bodies asking for it?…
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I've a shiny new site, full of stuff about me, my work, me and what other people think of me and my work. Oh, and me:
Might have a couple of script notes slots this month if anyone wants (paid) feedback. Contact info on
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I wrote the Strictly Come Dancing contestants guide in today's Heat magazine, while also quacking about various TV shows. #JournoNews
Had a great time at @AlcampoLounge this morning, interviewing @Jamti for @DWMtweets about his new #DoctorWho episode and much more besides.
In any industry which hinges on pro relationships, you'd best avoid these 8 Ways To Annoy People Whose Help You Want:…
Ever disconnect from a story and wonder why? Here are some possible reasons. Five Ways To Kill Audience Satisfaction:…
"No one but me is laying a hand on those guns."
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My latest blogpost, about @johnhiggs' remarkable new book on the 20th Century:…
Yes. A quite ridiculous commission from The @guardian.…
Thanks so much if you've been tweeting Carey's appeal. Means the world. Fab total so far. Help her keep it going.…
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New post about my new website and the shifting blog, One Blog Closes, Another Blog Opens:…
Terrible to hear that @wescraven, the director of The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream, has died. RIP, sir.
@JasonArnopp Seems fine, except for the eldritch abomination older than the solar system that's now forming in my room. Totally unrelated.
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If you check out my new site at, please do report back with any typos/navigational weirdness/plain wrong things.
Bad news: I've shut down my blog. Good news: I've opened a new one on my brand new site! Here's a blog about that:…
*announcement voice* will be offline for a few hours, while it shifts to point at my new site. *normal voice resumes*
Missing Louis Walsh already. And have no idea why #TheXFactor has done away with room auditions... again.
Saluting the screen work of the Laurence Olivier of the missing limb, Michael Ironside…
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Building myself a new website using @weebly, which I can highly recommend for sheer ease of use. The blog will now move to the new site.
@JasonArnopp #teamlamb "Can you still hear them, Clarice? The screaming of the LOLs?"
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Want to access long-ago archived files on 5.25" floppies, is there a wiz out there who can build me a USB 5.25" drive for cash?
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It's almost as if all racists are inherently stupid.
Curiously, this DM commenter doesn't appear to speak THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH.…
Had an excellent time at @johnhiggs book launch @thesociallondon last night. Here he is signing books like a pro.
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(Never expected to retweet a bishop, frankly, but there it is.)
Ok folks. You are now officially more likely to die in the UK after the DWP declare you fit for work than you are to be murdered.
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Top night at @johnhiggs' launch. Great to see @joannemallon @catvincent @erocdrahs and meet @AlistairFruish whose next novel sounds AMAZING.
You can read about John's book on my latest blog-burst at
Onstage at @thesociallondon: @johnhiggs talks about his new 20th century book Stranger Than We Can Imagine...
Looking forward to @johnhiggs' free book-launch party at @thesociallondon tonight. My blog on book and launch:…
On a train into London. Here's Battersea Power Station looking like a dead sheep in a construction site. (A...
Today's new blog, about a tremendous new book which will make you see the 20th century in strange new lights:
This paragraph from the new @johnhiggs book is making me feel somewhat discombobulated
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i am appearing as a 'surprise special guest'/'last minute addition' at @johnhiggs book launch tomorrow in London…
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New blog about @johnhiggs' alternative history of the 20th Century, published today, and its free launch party:…
Here's @johnhiggs telling @VICE why an alternative look at the 20th Century is very much required:…
Yes! @johnhiggs' brilliant book deconstructing the 20th Century is out today. Here it is on Amazon and everything:…
Sign y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶s̶o̶u̶l̶ yourself up to my irregular e-newsletter, you fool!…

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