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Jason Arnopp
I love exploring my own VHS collection, even when the cool cover art doesn't reflect the contents in the slightest.
I KNOW. RT @shatterhand55: @JasonArnopp Who would have thought it? The cover promised real quality...
Against all the odds, Satan's Blade is a no-budget, no-acting affair.
"Romance and murder are horrifyingly entangled" #SatansBlade
Yes. You'd surely lose purchase. RT @TiernanDouieb: @JasonArnopp what I like most about that is it's a really silly way to hold a sword.
I see no reason not to watch this.
Shocking Chris Pratt news. RT @ClickHole: It might be time to look for a new favorite actor.
Use Coupon code "helpinghand2015" at checkout to get 10% off any purchase at @Spoken_World
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Shout-out for the amazing Doctor Who/Sarah Jane audiobook producer @HokusBloke, who I fully recommend for all your audio production needs.
It really crystallises the intricacies of the Vietnam War.
You'd be remiss not to end your lunch break by experiencing the trailer for 1987's Strike Commando:…
Just received a threatening text! "Funds have been allocated to your accident". Brrrrr. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
Love this. A book that must be kept sealed, like plutonium.…
You guys, I just submitted a tweet to Twitter, and they accepted it and put it on their website!
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Lovely. And here's an early 90s dark-rave song to go with it:……
You just write the book and, vital editorial process aside, it's essentially ready for end-user consumption. From one brain to another.
Y'know what I love about writing books? They don't require endless bullshit exec meetings, talking about how great it'd be to make a book.
As a friend noted, the Eye Of Sauron has turned to gaze upon seagulls. If they try culling Brighton birds, I'll fight them on the beaches.
We'd be fools not to kick the week off with @TheWildhearts' Junkenstein, I'm saying. (Just watch your speakers:)…
New @warrenellis newsletter: "[Childhood] is a sixth of your life and the least important because you were not old enough to buy me a drink"
Well, good morning to you and those stilts fashioned from your victims' bones.
Two UK VHS releases of Oliver Stone's first feature film as writer/director, Seizure aka Queen Of Evil.
Thanks for the RTs on that Flesh Eaters tweet, folks. I have faith that, one day, the power of Twitter will make this tape surface. Oh yes.
If you also have ancient VHS tapes that look like that kinda thing, I'd love to see them.
Ah, but even THAT can't prepare you.…
In case you're thinking that cover looks familiar, the distributor clearly ripped it off from The Incredible Melting Man!
One day. One day...
The quest continues for this ancient UK VHS release of the film Flesh Eaters or anything else on the Knockout label:
As a long-term subscriber, I can testify that my brain now feels inside-out.…
Robert Anton Wilson fans in England should note August speaking dates from @catvincent and @johnhiggs…
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Happily, I’d readily forgive Stewart Lee, even if he misspelt his own name.
Great Stewart Lee piece on the incoming BBC Witch Trials, despite the obligatory misspelling of Steven Moffat’s name:…
This live-action Attack On Titan movie looks very cool indeed:…
BREAKING: Three Forgotten Royals Found Entombed
On a real Megadeth tip at the moment, for some reason. I've got a fair few albums to catch up with.
This superb @jonronson interview with @KTHopkins is revealing and funny and admirably manages to plug two books:…
This Jedi GoPro rampage really is crazily impressive:…
I'm sure The Guardian consider the question rhetorical, but the question mark still feels a little unfortunate.
Watching @Megadeth's live DVD Rude Awakening for the first time and loving it. Really strong set, shot well.
(When we get talking about New England, my girlfriend accuses me of Mainesplaining, a crime of which I am genuinely often guilty.)
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Lovely. Electric Boogaloo is a great documentary on Cannon.…
Death Wish 3 is my favourite of the Death Wish movies. Superbly over-the-top action tomfoolery. Good old Cannon Films.
So happy to raise a glass with @mariwriter on publication day of Killing For Keeps. Dedicated to me, no less!
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You can now play Doom inside Doom, *find* yourself playing Doom, and shoot yourself. #metaDoom
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Postie in Donegal delivers letter addressed to 'yer man Henderson, with the glasses' please Ireland, never change
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Prince INSISTED that Raspberry Beret be released as a single. He told the record company "if this isn't a hit, I'll eat my hat"
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