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Jason Arnopp
Summer is very much the time to enjoy Brighton’s inland pubs. Everyone else is at the beach.
Never realised Brighton’s King And Queen pub had such a big beer garden. Making up for lost time by running around it, drinking beer.
1000 new words and two DVD workouts done. Haha, everyone relaxing on the beach - I totally win. *weeps*
Amazing strength from Barry Sweeney, father of MH17 passenger Liam Sweeney, interviewed on BBC News.
Ha. @bbuk housemate sees a butterfly and says, “That’ll be a caterpillar in the morning”.
RT @b0ringtweets: The dream team. (From L-R) My main stapler, my reserve stapler, my reserve reserve stapler.
Cat interrupted my scratching her belly to lick her own bum. Same feeling as trying to talk to someone while they eye-fuck their phone.
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Anyway, I clearly need an endorphine fix. To the crash mat and the T25 DVD!
I don't need to see a close-up image of a tortured foie gras goose to know that foie gras is evil, and I doubt many others do either.
I'm also seeing a rise in animal cruelty images on social media. There's raising awareness and there's ruining part of my day.
@JasonArnopp Unfortunately this is the kind of grisly prurience the news industry gives itself awards for. They think it's journalism.
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So are we all The News now? Totally forgetting the human factor while desperately scrabbling to get our viewing figures/followers/RTs?
Earlier this year, a guy jumped into a dry harbour, seemingly trying to kill himself. People took snaps of him lying there which got RT-ed.
@JasonArnopp The worst part was pictures of passports being held open with names and faces visible, before any verification - all hope gone.
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@JasonArnopp it was almost as bad as when BBC news decided to show the moment of impact. We really didn't need to see that ever.
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It was bizarre to watch. We don't need to see actual corpses to understand what a fatal plane crash does.
Social media crossed a line yesterday. Imagine plummeting 36,000 to Earth, knowing that within 5 mins your corpse-pic will become a top RT.
“The amount of knowledge that these people who died on the plane were carrying with them...will have a devastating impact on HIV research."
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A tragedy within a tragedy: over 100 HIV/AIDS researchers and activists killed in Malaysia Airlines crash.…
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The Shining Girls by @laurenbeukes is currently £1.99 for Kindle. So if you haven't had the pleasure...…
Morning! Mad storm in the middle of the night here. Lit the sea up well over 100 times while crashing its pots and pans.
Goodnight, Twitter! And when you sleep, that's when Old Doctor Bones does his rounds, looking for new spare parts.
Interesting, thank you. RT @fractos: @JasonArnopp Not a service, but this may well help you: #otranscribe
Journalists! Any recommendations for good, reliable interview transcription services?