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Jason Arnopp
RT @ColinTDF: @JasonArnopp @cluedont @jamesmoran She still has her account but is taking a break. Some people are sick.
My God. RT @cluedont: So Robin Williams' daughter has deleted her account after getting loads of abusive tweets. Great work, Twitter.
If you're in London today and love fantasy in all its forms, @Gollancz's #GollanczFest looks amazing. So much talent assembled.
Morning! Fantasy At The Court was an excellent social event last night, but now it's time to finish this novel.
MT @theluckparticle: Interesting looking Kickstarter film in East Sussex trying to reach £3k @2050films #horror
#FantasyInTheCourt was so much fun. Met great people for first time, including @SarahLotz1, @laurenbeukes, @LR_Lam, @KimeCurran, @mahveshm.
London's sky: please stop leaking. Can't you see I'm umbrellaless?
You aren't depressed 'about' something, any more than you have arthritis or cancer about something.
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hello i am boris johnson *falls through bar* kill the poor *trousers fall down* fuck the homeless *gets bucket stuck on head* oh golly gosh
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I know it's not very 'Twitter' to say so, but I just had a delightful, sunny train journey with no irritating people, noise or delays.
On my way to the Fantasy At The Court event at @GoldsboroBooks. Loads of great authors will be there. Excitement a-go-go.
Heads will roll when I find out who’s responsible for this ‘blame culture'.
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Happy Birthtime to suspect acting KEVIN SPACEY! 36 today! Happy Birthtime Kenny! House of fun!
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I now have exactly 70 minutes in which to write. Why not join me, for Christ's sake? #EspensonRipOff
RT @BronwenPhoenix: Just ended a correspondence with the most British 'fuck you' of all: 'Regards'. That'll teach 'em.
A word I'd like to see more of is "guzzle". Things also need to be guzzled more.
eBay's down. What a dashed queer business.
RT @suddain: Word of the day, refenestration: to jump out a window, but then land on a trampoline so you bounce back in again.
Finished a crime novel and don't have an agent? @HarperCollinsUK is accepting unagented manuscripts Aug 29-Sept 14.…
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See you there! RT @SarahPinborough: So this is on tonight.. You coming?
Love it. RT @MondoDan: @JasonArnopp you've just made me waste 15 mins scrolling through back the last few months of @happybirthtime… genius
Best supermoon video I've yet seen, courtesy of @philiplarkin:
Happy Birthtime to dire singing MARK KNOPFLER! 83 today! Happy Birthtime Mark! Cash for gold!
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