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Jason Arnopp
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Breaking: Bruce Forsyth in new role at Morrison's.
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This is what happens when Cameron's NHS privatisation policy closes 4 out of 9 A&Es in NW London. People will die
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Goodnight, Twitter. Please endeavour to be sound asleep by the time your bedroom door creaks open. Wraiths really hate a struggle.
Revisited @ghuwevans' The Raid in preparation for watching The Raid 2. Even more phenomenal than I remembered.
That was one hell of an implication Simon threw at Louis. Still, he didn't seem to mind. #distraction #wouldntdistractyou #TheXFactor
#Xfactor Big Band Week without Chloe-Jasmine is like a key that hasn't been cut. Just a bunch of brass that doesn't fit anything.
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RIP R.A. Montgomery, creator of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Novels. To lower your head in respect, turn to page 83.…
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"The fox I'm going to rescue is... ...THIS one" RT @dduane: Simon Cowell rescues fox cub with head stuck in soup can
RT @jonronson: Okay, my Public Shaming book is now pre-orderable. If you want. UK:… US:…
Kindle Unlimited folk can now read my Beast In The Basement novella for free (don't worry, I still get a fee):…
Squirm/Just Before Dawn writer/director @jeffliebo accepts a Lifetime Achievement award at @cine_excess last night.
I've just seen the best spelling of the Ninth Doctor's surname yet. ECCALSTAN.
Looking forward to seeing a few old gems like Squirm and Midnight at this weekend's @cine_excess event in Brighton:
It does have QUITE A TAIL. RT @LucyRomana: @JasonArnopp okay but let's find a middle ground; does the comet have a decent arse?
People interested in a comet angry at people more interested in an arse. It's all-out arse-comet war.
Very rarely, once in a blue moon, those Slap Each Other As Hard You Can games turn out to be a really stupid idea:…
Baker! Jameson! Leeson! RT @Lou_Jameson: 9 days left to secure your place Beyond exciting November 23rd #Brighton
Good morning. My scanner detects abnormally high levels of Friday.
Person One: "Turn your phone off during this movie!" Person Two: "NO, I MACE YOU"…
RT @TheGernertCo: BREAKING: Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute
I guffawed. RT @warrenellis: The Science Of Begging
@JasonArnopp you can also get a handbag that looks like a Cyberman too - although not for 10p!
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YOU TOO can upgrade an ordinary set of bathroom scales to a cheery Cyberman with a total budget of 10p.
Delighted to be taking part in the @NewWritingNorth Road Show in Liverpool on Jan 8th alongside @mariwriter. Details:…
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You'd be hard pressed to find a more metal song than that, if I'm honest.
May your morning's work be ACCELERATED by this HEAVY METAL song by MANOWAR:…
Doc about the life of Westboro Church escapee Nate Phelps, currently fundraising for production: (@NatePhelpsdoc)
Good morning to you and your top hat on fire. And to those stilts of yours, made from skyscrapers.
Thanks to @hodderscape for my copy of Revival, the latest from @StephenKing. Can't wait to get into that.
Journo mates. I'm thinking about using an interview transcription service for the first time. Any solid gold recommendations?
Just did wonderful 130-minute interview for @DWMtweets. As a writer who works from home, I'm really not used to speaking so much. Croak.
RT @pornokitsch: Fun fact! If you like Claire North's HARRY AUGUST, why not try her short fiction in IRREGULARITY?
Wait, you're saying that the people in the pornography aren't married to each other?
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I wouldn't campaign to ban a TV show even if it was called Jason Arnopp's Parents Are Nazis And Must Be Destroyed.
Diagnosed with terminal cancer, 'Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon is giving away his fortune
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"Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake" ― John Cleese #creativity #creativewriting #nanowrimo
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Very much looking forward to cult film event Cine-Excess VIII this weekend in Brighton: #horror #cult
Correction, Fact Fans: Remember Me is Palin's first REGULAR TV acting role in 20 years.
The forthcoming BBC1 three-parter Remember Me, starring Michael Palin in his first TV acting in two decades, looks really interesting.
This Brazil supermarket prank is both amusing and a nice piece of veggie propaganda:… #pigmachine
RT @UKscriptwriters: A couple of places left for Danny's Writing for Kids' TV workshop this weekend in Dorset.
Anyway, woo, Doctor Who finale in half an hour! Can't believe the Monoids are back, ROFLCOPTER
(I'm not up for debating social media TV spoilerage. No-one ever walks away from that debate exclaiming "Good lord - I take it all back!")
All "Get offline until you've seen the episode" warnings remind me that (a) courtesy is dead; (b) we are now incapable of private discussion
No one ever tells a friend, "My God, you HAVE to read this author. WHAT an incredible vocabulary!"