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Jason Arnopp
Want to terrify a loved one by ordering an eerie letter to arrive at their home on Halloween? Your deadline's Oct 13:
RT @thomaspluck: Tell me again how we're not living in the future: 3D printed heart saves baby’s life…
The deadline for receipt of Paper Edition orders is Monday, October 13, in order to guarantee Halloween delivery.
Oh, they're buggers for it. RT @Marshallmedia: @JasonArnopp are Paypal quoting things in Florins again?
Apologies for the odd pricing issue over at today. Do let me know if the site lists one price and PayPal another.
This week, you can read daily extracts from @ScottKAndrews' new TimeBomb novel, over on the @hodderscape blog:…
Ex-smokers: enjoy a little giddy nostalgia by holding an incense stick between your teeth as you light the other end.
They're still in their special black can't-see-inside-it wallet! RT @jamesmoran: @JasonArnopp What does that mean?! Unexposed?! What what?!
Besides the 80-page "Steno Book", there's a pack of three MYSTERY 'Unexposed' notepads:
Exciting - @FieldNotesBrand notebooks have arrived! All @warrenellis' fault for recommending them.
So you'd like a personalised ghost story snail-mailed to your house in time for Halloween? Best get ordering now:
Good morning to you, as wintry tendrils embrace us.
Channel 4's doc #ThePaedophileHunter was amazing this week.
Apparently this @guardianweekend Who piece is part of a series of would-be meta-cleverness which has to be explained to be understood. Hmmm.
You'd think the @guardianweekend would be capable of a Doctor Who piece which spells Christopher Eccleston's name right, wouldn't you?
Watching this old chestnut for the first time: #VHS
People can now follow my regular Facebook account if they’re really, really at a loose end:
Two letters way out in front: C and P. We chose C. Cheese, chips, corn-on-cob, crisps, chili, curry, cake, crepes, chocolate and CHILDREN.
Verboten! RT @JoCaird: @JasonArnopp @Segggg What about foods that begin with that letter in different languages?
This man would eat only Chinese Five Spices and drink Five Alive. RT @kneeldowne: @JasonArnopp @Segggg 5.
That is invalid! RT @davidbryher: @JasonArnopp F for French.
If you could only eat food for the rest of your life which begins with one letter, which letter would it be? @Segggg and I have chosen ours.
Great interview with Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn in today's @GuardianBooks. And indeed online:…
The lovely @glenlaker just offered me some VHS videos. He is a role model for you all and no mistake.
Noticing a new rash of people writing "phased" instead of "fazed". Even today's @guardian does it. Be vigilant.
Revisiting former UK video nasty Don't Go In The House on VHS. Here's a blog I once wrote on it and video nostalgia:…
Good morning to you and the parasite stowed away inside your brain which really makes all the decisions.
I wrote the book on interviewing people. Well, uh, I mean, I wrote A book on interviewing people:
Hello to you, on this morning when the Devil has been jettisoned from Hell. #griffin
Christ, and now I've found another brilliant new-to-me boozer: The Great Eastern. Where have these pubs been all my life?
Can't believe I'd never drank in Brighton's Prince Albert 'til tonight. Great place, not only because of this beauty:
How Gillette razors are entirely responsible for f*cking planet Earth…
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Happy anniversary to THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, which premiered in Austin, TX 40 years ago today!
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WE’RE ALL DEAD BYE RT @SkyNewsBreak: U.S. patient who contracted #Ebola virus travelled from #Liberia to #Texas through #Brussels
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Ah! One of those customs charge letters was a duplicate, sent by mistake. I'M IN PROFIT.
Received £40 royalties on my 2001 Slipknot biography. And two £20 customs charges on vinyl sent from America.
This lunch, it's the doc-chunk on Freddy Vs Jason: a film which could never hope to live up to expectations but probably deserves a rewatch.
Been watching a chunk of this 400-MINUTE Friday The 13th doc every lunchtime. It's a lip-smacking fan's feast:…
I also have a FB 'official' author page (…) but haven't really grown to love it.
Pressed magic Facebook button which allows you to follow my regular account, if you're of a suitably unsound mind:
Niiiiiiice. RT @STARBURST_MAG: TV News: David Fincher To Direct First Series of UTOPIA Remake…
Writers: you need your @PLR_UK earnings. We're lucky to have them. Register everything, always, and DON'T MISS THE DEADLINE #PLRBooks
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Good morning and welcome to Halloween Month. As we speak, vile pumpkins grow beneath your floor, waiting to burst out on the unhappy day.
The world's wildlife population has halved in 40 years. Go, humanity:…
Would help it was a carpet covering which might be easy to slip on if you're running across it.
Were 1980s living room carpets made from a different material to today's? I need a single word to describe the material. #detailsmatter
Can anyone explain in plain English, or just with words, what it means to assign Noise status to someone on Ello?
Now THAT is inspiring RT @wisecur: Multiple-amputee has creative fancy dress at a comic book convention!
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