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When you're tryin to hide how baked you actually are.
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When you smell weed in the other room and pop your head in like
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Wow I just wanna move far, far away🌴
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Hey can you dumb ass bitches shut the fuck up mind your own fucking business and leave her the fuck alone she did not do anything to you.
one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
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2 likes on my insta pic :(
Skylar woke up at 3 just to text me👌
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Everyone is at the cruise so imma get no likes on my pics ha
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Shut de fuck up
150 retweets and I'll shave my head and dress like Mr. Baugher until my hair grows back
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It's so hawt out.
Tryna find true love by poking girls on Facebook
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Peeing feels so good lol
Why is there people outside lol
Yummy... Rice Krispies
Thank god Skylar didn't fall asleep yet👌
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I need some swimming trunks for senior week