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Skylar Diggins
Photo: S/O to @SkyDigg4 you are so chill and your work ethic is crazy! Work out looked super tough 😍
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Check out our @DrinkBODYARMOR Instagram for behind the scenes shots of today's photo shoot with @SkyDigg4!
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Hanging out with @SkyDigg4 (and brushing up on my ball skills) for the rest of the day for @SI_Edge!
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Thank you to everyone who has shown me so much love during this time. I'll be back in no time and…
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Good morning! Have a blessed day! Love Thee Notre DameπŸ€πŸƒοΏ½
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Luck of the Irish smh
Can't wait to see my people later! Whoever doesn't show up is on my list, though....such a brat smh lol
Gotta love those people that ask, "what should I bring?" Or "do you need me to bring something"to a get-together!
No make up, no filter, hair not done, feeling great! 😊
β€œ@SkyDigg4: "He still fire, I don't need a bic....."” & I got money, I dont need a πŸ’ƒπŸ˜œ
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"He still fire, I don't need a bic....."
What my Friday night consist of....way too excited to fall asleep watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in approx. 25 smh lol
Glad to have @SkyDigg4 back on campus and at practice! As we head to break, we wish our players and all students safe travels home!πŸ€πŸš˜βœˆοΈπŸš‹
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Just got finished ballin up some boys at the gym with the best skylar diggins @SkyDigg4 headband!! #headbandnation
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People seemed surprised to find out I can get a little spicy. My PERSONALITY is who I am. My ATTITUDE depends on who YOU are.
They question what I do, I tell them, "Worry about yourself."
Emily has me at this long ahhh play haha, been in here for two hours!
Adversity is a propellant! If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant!
_ Look what came in the mail today!! 😍😍😍 Starting my collection
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A thick skin is a gift from God!
Did @SkyDigg4 @nikewomen #NTC 5 min routine last night. Definitely a must-do for athletes. Remember: If you've got a body you're an athlete.
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@SkyDigg4 went to Nike's site & look who popped up 1st on their home page...AGAIN. #NikePrincess
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Skylar Diggins ( @SkyDigg4 ) walks the fashion runway, throws up the ROC sign | VIDEO:
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The first lady of ROC Nation Sports @SkyDigg4 representing at the MT Costello Fashion Show
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It's the Roc in here! @SkyDigg4 showed off her love for her other home team--@RocNation--while gracing…
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Don't believe what they say, just believe what they do.....
β€œ@cincodemaya23: If skylar a shug are all her followers shuglets? @SkyDigg4” hmmmmmmmm
Posing at the @mtcostello show last night! @rocnation....
Shared a moment with my #shugwife, @missashleybriana, on the runway last night! So glad I got a chance to support her and share that moment together! Representing the #574! @mtcostello
My papa came to get me from the airport 😊
To each, his own.