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a broke homie might aswell Jus Be a dead homie when u starvin u gon eat wat ever fed to ya.bite the hand that feeds u, u deserve to eat lead
It's illegal to burn money but I be burning thru more money then those Cali wild fires.
i drive death in to a smokers pipe yessir always stayin up late at night. demons in my head that i seem to always fight
Break down yo kush roll up yo blunts, the brakes I never push cuz u only live once,
u gonn learn a lesson if u fuckin wit me im a drug teacher mess u up like poppin an E. ive done it all ive seen it all ima a cocky OG
it aint da ones i fucked off its da ones i trusted it aint da ones i tramp treat its da ones i trusted.
see ima stay fresh yall can stay bummy yall can chase pussy ima chase money,
if money is a bitch then im a rapist cuz i take her. HUSSLE IN DA HOUSE
first month of school and some body already stabbed and killed a kid at school. #Toronto #StopPissingPeopleOff
These homies always hate them hoes do plot Stick em ina crate an leave em in da ground to rot An fuck all da Jakes circlin around da block
bitches on my dick like flies on a fruit bowl i jus take my pick an then slide in da two door. @NipseyHussle
i dont want no help,, jus let me suffer thru dis, da world would not know Jesus Christ if there was never Judist #FuckEm
no death wish wat do u expect prick, i could get yo neck slit for a pair of fresh kicks, its @201Ransom
taking trips making flips disrespect i break yo lips, spraying clips bad bitches shake they hips. @MAFIATHEBOSS #MafiGang
sativa is a head high that dont make u tired. KUSH is a Indica and makes you tired so why not have a head high and not be tired. #Sativa
everybody fuckin wit dat kush while i got that damn sour to give me a push. #DamnSour
my city foul, man yo daughter she a pretty child, get her snatched to get her back i need 50 tho @MAFIATHEBOSS
i smoke da cleanest oil, grow my weed in soil, keep dat shit dat make da fiends boil, i fiend loyal @Skrilla_Wilkz
yall write whatever make da song tight, i write what i remember and its better cuz its all life @MATHHOFFA
I've been smokin weed before Facebook was introduced. #TruStoner
A wise man once told me he hopes my opportunity survives da opportunist I negotiate wit da rudest so u know I can do this. @NipseyHussle
This road I chose to go down hard to slow down when in traffic in order for me to grow I had to let go of some habits.
@Skrilla_Wilkz @201Ransom im fighting back the same demons that got mase to flip!!!
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What chu eating don't make my baby shit. Da same thing that'll make u rich can make u sick. @201Ransom (Gutta)
That's wicked man. How much it gonn be?
No strings attached but I'm plucking em like Tommy Kessler yelling money over bitches is a common gesture. @201Ransom (cipher)
Looting an dealing, Shooting an killing, I'm from a city where every body root for the villian. @MAFIATHEBOSS.
Shout out to all my new followers
Your favorite rapper is dope but still very puss. Leave em in da woods. Body parts in like every Bush. @201Ransom
4300 followers "lets go"
Waking up in a cold sweat, thinking bout my bros death, I'm so stressed I'm trying to do right but always go left @201Ransom
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The proposal!!! @201Ransom life of sin is my fav track on dat CD. yo Ran how much u charge for a feature. #NewJerseyToOntario?
Listen brotha, Im known for flippin butta. Ive been across the globe but my home is in the gutta @MAFIATHEBOSS
The day #Ferguson cops beat a man and charged him with getting his blood on their uniforms…
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I spell evil backwards. I got to "Live" If money's the root of evil then fuck it I'm an evil bastard. @201Ransom
I found out homies pray for yo shit to fail. That's why u quick to tell. Me. I'm on a different scale @201Ransom
It's almost winter weather in August... WTF MAN #CanadaIsFucked
Gamer Follow Train ! 1) Follow Me 2) Retweet This . 3) Follow All Who Retweet ! 4) Gain Active Followers :D 🔄 669
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!!!Haze!!! !!!Sativa!!! SMOKE WEED!!!
Hear da Porsche it go vroom. I'm a boss an a goon. Huss threw da whole winter time an start flossin in June @MAFIATHEBOSS Gutta lyrics
Half of a slow buck homie will get you 50 cents. (Duffle Bag Ran)
I'm like drake on steroids Kendrick wit out da curly fade Ross wit a six pack Brooklyn n**** but Jersey raised. @201Ransom kILLER!!!
WeBeen around DaWorld to an from an now WeBack again. Chasing ThemCity light will GetU trapped again. @201Ransom Ft Astro (Around The World)
They say put yo family first. I hand her roses an in return I get burned an get handed dirt. Damm it hurt. @201Ransom Gutta lyrics
All these homies turning gangster over night! Got me thinkin they downloaded an app for it. Haha