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Watch out for a sleazy snake when da grass cut. Da law is to easy to break like a glass cup Comin for a piece of my cake I hit yo ass up
I spent 4 in da Bing another 6 in da yard if u go to court an u sing we gon kidnap yo braud @MAFIATHEBOSS Gutta
Life's a bitch so is death when u meet em #Snyplife
me an @alwaysharlem got a master plan. Police keep speeding bye me in da black sedan @MAFIATHEBOSS
u da best in da city I'm screaming this can't be u ain't a fucking gorilla u a chimpanzee @Papooseonline
I'm antisocial. but FAM I smoke u. got fans DAT span da global an I'm local @MAFIATHEBOSS spit lyrics like da flu (Sick)
@MAFIATHEBOSS GREAT web page! Every body show RESPECT! I am from UKRAINE, big FAN MAFIA! Still listen since the very start of his career!
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Ever since BIG died ain't no body ready to die no more. When u smoke da same weed it don't even get u high no more @Papooseonline
Your bitch think u a gangster. I think yo bitch blind. @Papooseonline spits America's most wanted bars. Hands down
I got daughters so I stay in the gym and the gun range
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What Dj's Go Hard For @MAFIATHEBOSS and the #DITG Movement??? *New Album* Coming Soon! We Need Those Spins and Heavy Support.
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Follow #DITG for exclusive videos, news and anything pertaining to @MAFIATHEBOSS We Will Follow Back!
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Omw to the studio in #HomicideHartford im tellin y'all my next tape gon be my best tape. Appreciate…
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These suckas wanna stay high. Get u lifted on my way bye. I hate these cocky fuckers that don't say hi
Yo boyfriend is a lame that's why u not used to this game if u looking for me I'll be flying first class on a plane. #NipseyHussle
Devils lettuce.. That's a good name for weed.
I dedicate my life to my daughter son an wife. Rapping is my hobby now beats I slaughter when I'm trife. @Skrilla_Wilkz got rhymes for days.
I'm 22 an have been smoking weed for 10 years. #LightAnotherOne
She looking for a rebound I'm looking like da center of attention can't blame her for wanting to be down when we round #lloydbanks
Flow gritty an grimey got da whole city behind me getting figures is were u can find me. @MAFIATHEBOSS
Just bought da ice locket wit a million stones there's only one A-Mafia but a million clones. @MAFIATHEBOSS #Gutta all day
Why these lames taking pics of them self with they phone. #NoFriends to take pic for them. Haha
I listen to @MAFIATHEBOSS cuz he spits crazy rhymes....... Can't wait fir some more dope lyrics. #motivation
Spring an my bday are right around the corner. #GrowingSeason
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Dedicated my life to my daughter son an wife rappin is my hobby beats I slaughter when I'm trife, #Skrillawilkz