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Cruz's flower 🌸 died a few days ago. She came outside and talked to the flower crying 😢... She begged it to wake up and it grew another bud a few days later and came back to life. This is amazing. She's so happy. She comes outside every morning to water it and talk to it. #Cruz #CruzDilly
Exactly... These killers will kill with a pencil if that's all they had. They're just bad people. No doubt.…
@NerdPowersUnite they get them off the docks when they're shipped in.
@NerdPowersUnite not discrediting your side too because that DOES happen. But the bulk purchases are from NO and FL.…
@Skrill_Dilly The issue is with how quickly those guns of law-abiding citizens can hit the streets. That's how it started in the first place
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@NerdPowersUnite no it's not. People in the streets are getting them clean off the boats from the underground market. I've seen it myself.
People die at the hands of MANY things. Getting ILLEGAL guns off the street should be the mission. Not disarming law-abiding citizens.
If that's the case, ban knives and anything sharp, ban cars, ropes, etc...
Sick of gun prohibitionists shoving their agenda of disarming America everytime a gun related killing happens. Guns don't kill. People do.
I'm proud of myself today... Someone REALLY tried it this afternoon... The best part is that I was able to control myself/mouth. #blessed
Grabbing a quick bite to eat with my favorite lady. #Cruz #CruzDilly
Nobody on Earth can tell me that @Eminem is not the greatest emcee EVER! They can... But they'd be lying.
Still true to this day. Lololol 😂 😂 �…og8
Please, Please, Please listen/download @Tyrese #Shame... I'm in awe. This is for everyone who wants their ex back.…
Damn this @Tyrese album is full of so much emotion. Whoever mixed it is a monster. Crisp vocals. #BlackRoseAlbum
Trio robs a DeSoto jewelry store. Woman trips during getaway & is caught.
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Oh my... While I was away, the real @MeekMill I remember came out to play. He's telling the truth. Meek = No Mute 🔇…r
@comcastcares Nope. I have cancelled service so long ago. My suggestion? Better American service reps, lower Internet rates and fees.
@DopeGrlChemE yeeeaaah man. As good as I think it can get. You know.
Damn rain ☔... I don't mind me... We needed the cool down.
@AmberSmoke1022 where you at lady? You in town?
@DopeGrlChemE we were outside until it started raining ☔
@connie93 I can't call it girl. Same ol same.
girls always trying to rush you into a serious relationship like we didn't just meet in 2002
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@NukkLTL that's how @comcast does... They're the worst in the world.
I'm sooooooooooo burnt out on Barney bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This baby won't watch anything else. What did I do Lord?
Me & my daughter stay doing something fun daily. It's just what we do. Would rather be with her than in the streets.
lmaoo I was sitting playing COD the other day and my kid was sitting next to me and she started baby talking I was like Maddy Bruh be quiet
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OMMFG #TakerVsLesnar right now. This is going to be better than the first match. Taker wants blood. @WWE #MondayNightRaw #Raw #WWE
Where do y'all see anything official stating @BET Uncut is coming back... I just got in from Ant-Man so clearly I missed something.
This was a great ending to a decent PPV. #BattleGround #Lesnar #Rollins #WWE
The Undertaker just came back and destroyed Brock Lesnar in the middle of Lesnar vs Rollins. #BattleGround #Lesnar #Rollins #Undertaker

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