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#NameThatSong "Enough of this singing... Let's make love."
What must I saaaaaaaay? What are must I dooooooo? To show how muuuuuuch....
Instagram is down folks. Not just you! "@instagram: We’re working to fix a feed delivery issue. Thank you for your patience."
The hardest thing I ever had to do was change my screen protector. The sticky ones always get dust in em. Finally got it right this time.
Some people are natural opportunists. Once you've become useless they discard you with no regards. They only use you.
@LaylaFlame that bun πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
#WhatYouSaid "@_LadyElect: Be YOU...and if they love you back, cool. If they don' πŸ‘Œ"
I hate seeing flyers for events that look like a blind 5 year old designed it. Have some pride in your presentation please.
You live here? "@MzBlueRapDiva: Ready to head out and enjoy my time in Atlanta πŸ’‹"
I'm telling you "@TheBlackHoff: @Skrill_Dilly die young, leave a good lookin corpse"
How u gon offer a Grammy winner advice? "@tfordhomie21: @Skrill_Dilly @iAmMeghanNicole That wasn't a diss bro that was actually a hook up."
This dude in front of me at the gas station look like a Stud chick. Idk if that's bad or not though lmmfaooooo πŸ˜‚
Invest in DEEZ NUTZ lmmfaooooo "@tfordhomie21: @Skrill_Dilly @iAmMeghanNicole Invest in something besides music join the revolution"
Kidding lol "@LashezNLipstick: Nigga u gon start a fireβ€œ: @LexingtonAve_ call me. I need somebody to talk to while I'm pumping gas lol”
@LexingtonAve_ call me. I need somebody to talk to while I'm pumping gas lol
Text it to me or dm "@LexingtonAve_: @Skrill_Dilly @LashezNLipstick @SouledOutJazz_ KRYSSI INFORM SINCE YOU MADE NAMES N SHIT."
I don't "@LashezNLipstick: He should. Lmaoβ€œ@SouledOutJazz_: I think he does πŸ˜‚ RT@LexingtonAve__: Does Skrill Know Who LYMF is? lol.”"