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RT @zellieimani White supremacy will kill you and blame you for your own murder.
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UPDATE: No decision has been reached by the the Grand Jury in the Darren Wilson case. Told that Wednesday is likely the earliest.
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RT @Bossip: Shots Fired: Charlamagne Gives Aaliyah Biopic Donkey Of The Day [Video]
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@cthagod is our generations Paul Mooney ➡Donkey of The Day: Lifetime Aaliyah Movie - The B…: #AaliyahMovie
So now you can share a tweet privately... So if I wanna Retweet something to talk about it I can send it as a DM.
Hang with me live with Ayo! I'm a need my Verified Check moved over to Hang W/. @Timbaland
Download my bro @Timbaland new app and Hang with me live with Hang w/ app #hangwith
Following all things Ferguson very closely. We all expect a grand jury decision any day now. I still have a sliver of hope, but I always do.
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At this point in time I'm focused on learning me.
So my little sister made this... Thinking she funny using my picture lmmfaooooo 😂 😂 😂 #BlackTwitter #ComingSoonToLifetime
Everybody want to compare Aaliyah to all these other artist when at the end of the day SHE said..💅�
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Barbara Bowman just gave @hannibalburess all the credit for people taking her Bill Cosby rape allegations serious now.
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So it wasn't one real person at Lifetime that watched this movie and said this is some bullshit?
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gET The FUCK OUT Of HERE with that ending....
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So basically @lifetimetv said fuck the ending Yall know what happen......
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If her family didn't want the movie done and her team didn't want the movie done then why do the movie?
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They casted this Aaliyah movie at the mall ☕️🐸
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#TweetOfTheYear "@cthagod: So it wasn't one real person at Lifetime that watched this movie and said this is some bullshit?"
@jKAY_lmnop: “@WendyWilliams: “Let Me Know” is my favorite Aaliyah song! What’s yours? #AaliyahMovie” every song you couldn't use”😂😂
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Why was her OWN FAMILY, calling her UH LIYAH? DAFUQ????? ITS AHH LIYAH! they dnt even knw they one child's name??!! Lmao
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They say this how R. Kelly watching Lifetime now. #AaliyahMovie
LIFETIME PRESENTS: DA KEVIN GATES STORY (I Don't Get Tired: DA MOVIE) W/ Eddie Griffin starring as Kevin Gates.
#WhatSheSaid #AaliyahMovie "@MSSLIM2718: Agreed RT @Beauty_OMG if the family didn't agree with it,they shouldn't have done it."
Definitely agree. It would have been FAR less amounts of anger from fans if they would have just aired this Documentary. #AaliyahMovie
YUP This is all. "@Aczura: @Skrill_Dilly this second documentary is all needed to be on tv not that #horrible crap aired earlier 👌"
#Facts #BooThisWoman "@yellow__god: This bitch fucking up two movies in one month 😂😂💀"
😷😷😷😷 lmaoooo@Skrill_Dillyilly: D@WendyWilliamsiams; your edges will NOT rest in peace for doing this mov#AaliyahMovieovie
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😭😭😭😭@SirajKhalifalif: Lmaooo@Phil_Cosby_sby_: Lifetime - Kirk Franklin: Before the
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Dear @WendyWilliams; your edges will NOT rest in peace for doing this movie. #AaliyahMovie
"@CandyceRox: These Aaliyah movie tweets are 😂😂😂"
I seen people play Aaliyah better on Halloween 👌
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"Aaliyah ft. Timbaland - We Need A Resolution" on YouTube - Aaliyah ft. Timbaland - We Need A Resolution:
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#BruhButton 😂 @_goldiilockss: @_SlimThuggga__: 😂😭 @Seantaneousous: the lifetime Lil Wayne”💀💀💀"
@TheSkorpion: With 5 minutes left, what did we learn about Aaliyah that we didn't know?” - NOTHING!!!! not even a tear jerker scene!
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They are not going to show that far. "@SK_TheKing_: The plane crash scene gone be like...#AaliyahMovie"
I'm a act like I ain't see Trig just Instagram my tweet and change it up though. I'm sleep though 😴 😴 😴 😴
I'm all in. "@SLIMPHATTY: 'Beyond the Headlines: Aaliyah, is coming up next. Who's going to watch it?"
Aaliyah killed that 'Journey To The Past' song. It really did show that she could sing just about anything. #AaliyahMovie
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I know but if someone didn't give me rights to use an Artist music for a biopic about them I wouldn't make it. It's pointless. @_taytum
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#BruhButton 3X 😂😂@MrLeighBushsh: When I die... No movie please. Just a smooth funeral will suffice. Thanks. |LB"
"@MrLeighBush: And I love and adore #Aaliyah - (that's why I'm not watching it) we miss you baby girl! God rest your soul |LB"
😂 @Aczuraa:@Skrill_Dillyy I bet Wendy W isn't watching this squit either... Just a bad rep for@lifetimetvv and the young lady's#familyy 😣"