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Richard Wade
The upside to being adult.... Nobody asks "what do you want to do when you grow up?"
Job interview.. at 4am. Fuck. I'm gonna nail this. I got this.
Why does #HotlineBling come on every time I'm driving to my house?
Wish I was good explaining things
Did what they could to keep me at $9. Even after explaining I'm supposed to be at $10. Now I'm quite irritated. Should find a new job.
...during a meeting with the owners, I would receive a 1$ raise. Was brought to my attention today I'm still only making $9hr.
Well, after getting a 50¢ raise 90 days after I started this job I was making $9hr. Then I was told a couple months later...
Mickey Rourke is melting.
Waiting to get off work and sit in my #recaro seats
You're such a sick, sad waste of a human being!
Now favorite my motherfucking tweets
Whelp, that's life!
Its sad we live in a day and age that people are more concerned of personal gain than they are about being a good person
My feels tho: if you break, misplace, or cause harm to someone's property, you fix or replace it. That's what a good person should do.
Apologies for rage tweets earlier
Literally turning off all the phones
Working in a cell phone shop when an Amber Alert goes off #fuck
"Read my lip light, I think therefore I am!"
Saturday night is by far the worst night to listen to radio
Gotta let that water drain first, yeah! And is there any thread tape?....
Should probably fix it
To fix leaky hose, or not fix leaky hose. That is the question.
Neighbors being all loud n shit
Being home alone is scury
Holly hell when did I get a 639 credit score?? Fuck yeah!! Going up!
This like my 5th tweet today. Break records.
Drop that Bitch on her head boi!!
People who double park like retards at Dairy Queen.
Well my day just went from bad to worse.
It's horrible when people constantly talk about football. Even worse when it's your boss. #workflow
So excited for @celweena on the new job
Guy on the radio just said Taylor Swift is gonna make 365million this year. Fuck. A mil a day. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.
Sometimes I feel like I need a more difficult job. This shit cake.
Eyes are glowing red with a conscious set to kill nostrils flared and the eyebrows parallel 🎶
I see kids up and playing outside when I leave for work and I'm like lol tf u doin it's cold and early y ain't u sleep'n
The closer you get to the end of the line, the longer everyone takes. @cascadecounty #treasurer
Payday is the best day ever... Until you start figuring what you have to pay for and Ya still broke.
Some kid at taco bell brought a big ass bottle of siracha sauce with him Was just trying to listen to @SayAnythingMuz & @maxbemis and found this.
WTF is today this week?? Cold and wet as shit? And then mid 60's and 70's the rest of the week????
So not ready for winter.
I feel like @celweena might be annoyed that I worked on my car literally the whole entire weekend
Random stray dog came into my work and want him to come back bc he was nice and friendly
They outta get their shit together
Why are the lady's that work at the treasurer always so bitchy? You get paid good to sit on a computer and fill out the same forms everyday.
Work Fucking blows today. Ignorant people are the worst.

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