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If I could redo middle school I would be set for life
I had so much hope for #MIW when creatures was released.... It saddens me
Why were the black folk in that show The Proud Family blue?
Bought twenty seven rolos
Bummed out tweetn
I'm a sorry excuse for a human,
Fair was so lame
Just destroyed rhileys rap career
I say something nice randomly and boom days in the gutter
My mom makes the best noodle salad and if you think otherwise you can go die on a dick
Will @whoisnickzilla laugh at my last tweet?
A: "is this cool" B: "your mom is cool" A: "thank god that hoes 'tude was hottt!"
What is 5sos? If there is five different types of this "SOS" what are the flavors? I like ranch
Is @WhoIsNickzilla even real
Does @WhoIsNickzilla like working on cars?
Will @WhoIsNickzilla ever slam his Subaru?
Nope!! Can anyone tell me @WhoIsNickzilla? Will I ever find out?
Will this be the end of my "will @WhoIsNickzilla ever..." Tweet session?
Will I annoy @WhoIsNickzilla? Who knows
Will @WhoIsNickzilla ever realize im not a douche? Who knows
Will @WhoIsNickzilla disregard my humor-based arrogance, who knows
Will@WhoIsNickzilla reply to my tweet, who knows
Carmeet tomorrow. Stoaked.
Where do you go when I'm away and are you behavin'
I have a good job, but dominos is hiring all positions right now... Im sure they're a better business too... Applying tomorrow.
I can never sleep the Wednesday to Thursday transition...
My parents hate eachother every other week
Cant sleep without a blanket, too hot to sleep with a blanket.... No beans man
Oh how i miss you so
Grrrr nobody on twitter gives a fuck about cars but grrrr im gonna go fast grrrr ur a bitch
In the last half an hour @celweena and i have together yawned 39 times
You. Are. Slow.
... And when we chase you down you run like a bitch... Im sorry mr. Diesel truck...
So mr diesel truck, you drive like a big strong scarred of nothing brute, cut my friend off by cutting through the turning lane...
I am so fucking white
My boss talking about our store: "hell is a place you can go in this life richard, its here"
Why are moths a thing
For those of you who aren't yet afraid, you should be very afraid. #
I feel like this is it
When will I stop fuckin everything up
Twitter nobody gives a fuck about the world cup you don't need to make a damn update for it
When will I stop listening to @SayAnythingMuz? When I die. Hebrews is fucking good
Soon you'll fall asleep So breathe in the night right now All I really want to do is be inside of you and make you happy
Soon you'll fall asleep So breathe out the fear right now All I really want to do is stay in bed with you And make you happy
Amnesia is a revelation
You're on my tongue like a tab of poison
I had a dream I had years ago last night.. Except this time there was a platypus coming after me and it was terrifying I don't know why
I love annoying you @celweena
When I figure out what "based god" means, that'll be the day