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Everyone's caught on to everything you do, everyone's caught on to you
Just slept for six hours ... how will I ever sleep now
I love adventure time
If you think the regular show is better than adventure time you haven't seen all the episodes about paradoxical parallel universes and shit.
People who say adventure time isn't good haven't watched every episode and followed the underlying story. There's more to it people!!
Bish you gessn
Why is fast n furious 5 so hard to find wtf
I'm a horrible bf
Somehow she doesn't hate me yet, feels like I'm doing everything wrong though...
Fell asleep too early now I'm awake and can't sleep
People really don't like me
Why dies nobody want to fucking hang out with me ever...
Always doing something wrong huh
Can we please pay attention to this tweet
Microwaves are probably the best invention ever
Jonah hill lost soo much weight holy shit
Oh no its not like its a bad thing
All those shitty punk songs are about me
"You're too mean, I don't like you, fuck you anyway"
I can make a mess like nobody's business
I'm going to freak the fuck out. To much at once
Nobody invites me to lunch wtf
I'm fucking sorry.
She hasn't learned that I'm Satan yet
This new job in the deli now seems sketchy.. just woke up from a dream where I was the rotisserie chicken...
Oh, you're the second person to check in at the doctors office? Yea we'll wait a couple hours to treat you, its not like you're sick
Your bogus stories are sooo believable
"And we will call it an airplane.. That way no one will confuse it with other plans such as the landplane and waterplane"
Holy shit she smells like heaven
I like cars, fuck everything else. Friends, relationships, money? Pshyea, vroomvroom mother fucker.
I should not be trusted, no
I'm so cool, I'm uncool.
"Wow! Everything this social media site is doing to improve is so useful!!"
Morning thunder
Too hot in my room, living room is too loud, sleeping in my car is impossible, and in 11 hours I've to go back to work. No sleep for me weee
No one is tweeting
Stop applauding you queerss
omfg this is dumb,
Too cool for this
Is this shit live?
Teen choice 2014? The stage is lit up as a giant weiner lololol
My first bee sting today.... fuck the world that hurt