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Pretty catchy tho
I do not like pop i do not like pop I do not like pop I do not like pop I do not like pop I do not like pop son of a bitch I do not like pop
Needs better job
I can't decide if working with metalheads is a blessing or a curse.
Iam @wagon_man_dan's First follower. Quit being an egg dan
I keep pressing fucking stupid twitter buttons ugh wtf
Totes luv Walking home lolol
Congrats to my baby on graduating. Yay! @celweena
Love it when someone else does something that lands you in the dog house. Marvelous.
I wish @celweena's phone was on
I just want to start over
That 4Glte slow as fuk tho
Ate a bunch of fritos, now all I can taste is a stale corn and rye flavor in the back of my throat. I don't like this.
Youre a cold and quiet paradise my only true escape into the night
Your lips and skin, they taste the same
And i bet im not the only one who thinks im stuck in the past with all the friends i am loosing
Though before work: MIW's Creatures was the best thing they ever made. They are now shit.
Hotdog burrito.
You know you're ghetto when you're eating a hotdog burrito.
2014 was capped of perfectly and 2015 is already a+
#taken3?!?!?! This dumb bitch done did got took 3 damb times?! Fuck bitch, yous gotta be stoopid
I need to win the lottery
Tonight.. and then tomorrow
So close... yet so far
Every other word in this song is "bruhbruh".... Wtf has the music industry come to.... this is sad.
Omg todayyyy and then tomorrowwwwwwwww:3
I want to take a nap until Saturday
Pretty sure people don't think of me until I present myself to them
I feel gross today
I need more friends
I need a haircut
Everyone's caught on to everything you do, everyone's caught on to you
Just slept for six hours ... how will I ever sleep now
I love adventure time
If you think the regular show is better than adventure time you haven't seen all the episodes about paradoxical parallel universes and shit.
People who say adventure time isn't good haven't watched every episode and followed the underlying story. There's more to it people!!
Bish you gessn
Why is fast n furious 5 so hard to find wtf
I'm a horrible bf
Somehow she doesn't hate me yet, feels like I'm doing everything wrong though...
Fell asleep too early now I'm awake and can't sleep
People really don't like me
Why dies nobody want to fucking hang out with me ever...
Always doing something wrong huh

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