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Sizwe Dhlomo
Know 2 ninjas who have this pro'lem..been relegated to just a nod for a holla RT"@SizweDhlomo: Some ninjas' palms are so moist...."
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Pic attached. RT @ThabaneCthabane: @SizweDhlomo anything happening at capellobuzz tonite?
It depends what type. RT @Sizwear_: @SizweDhlomo how much does a helicopter cost Siz? #cheapest
Lol I remember zuma kissing a toothless woman in cape town back in 09' RT @SizweDhlomo: I don't give a damn how much I want a vote, I'm
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Thanks. RT @ThamlasZulu: That's awesome, @SizweDhlomo! We'll see it in the next 4 years then, papi! Godspeed...
Not, not really. Just a bit compulsive. RT @AyandaRhymes: @SizweDhlomo LOL, you seem like a germaphobe.
I'm not dissing anyone my G but just keep your hands to yourself then if you know you're sweaty. @lephagoana
@SizweDhlomo LOL come on Sizwe dog, I'm one of the ninja's with that prob of sweating palm. 'Like you dissing us now LOL
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I do. RT @ThamlasZulu: @AyandaRhymes @SizweDhlomo Dude also wants to own a helicopter at the age of 35.
Why though? RT @MphoMaboi: A dizzy male driver is worse than a dizzy female... I expect it from a girl...
Some ninjas' palms are so moist, you'd swear their hand was a greenhouse B!
*nods* RT @noksangoma: Any social activities I partake in, must end before the street lights come on. I am that person. I have accepted.
You left before 00:00! RT @noksangoma: @SizweDhlomo I'm no longer eligible to hold that license. I must just kotiza & lapha. Nothing else
"Except, my mind couldn't find a place to rest. Until I got that 'Thug Life' tattered on my chest!"
LOL! "All of you can get it, like group mail!" RT @lionofjozi: @buzwepama @SizweDhlomo Anybody can get it, even fans in the stands
You don't. RT @noksangoma: I deserve to have my ubusha-eating license revoked. I don't deserve it.
In fact, even Cyril Ramaphosa has been kissing people on the campaign trail. @samkembatha @shakasisulu @helenzille
Most politicians do it. RT @samkembatha: @shakasisulu @SizweDhlomo she is prepared to do anything to get black ppls votes @helenzille
We can do this tonight RT @lionofjozi: @SizweDhlomo I think you should host a 30 seconds tournament, so we can make my champ status official
See you there then. RT @Miss_Lisa_R: @SizweDhlomo I really enjoy 30seconds, snake and ladders @CappelloBuzz
We really should be keeping sh!t at a fist bump. No hugs, no kisses.
Even shaking hands makes me uncomfortable because some dudes have very sweaty palms!
Not even a baby! RT @IamDJSOSO: :'''D "@SizweDhlomo: I don't give a damn how much I want a vote, I'm not kissing a stranger on the lips!"
I don't give a damn how much I want a vote, I'm not kissing a stranger on the lips!
I agree. RT @DJVigilanteSA: Hell Yeah it's a Classic! “@SizweDhlomo: LOL! Cc @DJVigilanteSA RT @MelanieCarmen: I won't expose who...”