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Sizwe Dhlomo
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Damn! A day after... NVM... RT @TimesLIVE: Isidingo celebrates 4000th episode today
Huh? How did we get here now? RT @MosiaMark: @SizweDhlomo @chestermissing. What did u expect? He's white!
Thatha Boya Benyathi! Into othi uyayisonga, isombuluke! RT @LvovoSA: Gatsheni omkhulu @BrickzMabrigado@KatlegoPhajane: Brickz is HOT!!!”
A G of the game... RT @KingTyro: @SizweDhlomo Dhloggle who is this fella ----> @DJZeeti
They must still be... Hmmm... What's the word? @SaneleZondii
😂 Science! --> RT@DJZeetii: the relationship not over until you stop reading they timeline
I may... LOL! RT @sindivanzyl: I'll come if you play 2 hours 😆 @SizweDhlomoo: Come to the next one... RT sindi: Sizwe you owe me.
LOL! Any guesses what movie category? RT @DJZeeti: I can make a movie star outta you.. U know that i could.. So let me be your hollywood
So basically, it's more then? RT @Onamolope: @SaneleZondii @SizweDhlomo thats liars, those numbers are based on distribution of newspaper.
Come to the next one... RT @sindivanzyl: @SizweDhlomo you owe me. #ThatsAll #LeXhosaNostra 😈😈😈
The Daily Sun reportedly has a readership of 5.6 million, the biggest in SA. Basically, SAns love gossip and stories about Tokoloshes.
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Cats are caught out there, wearing Timberlands now... RT @JackDevero: Jhb weather just flipped on us! Lol
#Facts lol RT @SizweDhlomo: LOL! Like clockwork, it happens son. RT LeSwankJuice: @SizweDhlomo lol I knew somebody would reach
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Straight up! Walk on water type sh!t son. RT @Agz1lla: @SizweDhlomo Jesus sandals vibes
LOL! Like clockwork, it happens son. RT @LeSwankJuice: @SizweDhlomo lol I knew somebody would reach
Chea! RT @LukhanyoV: The fantastic M'hudi Wine Estate hosts a Late Night Picnic with @SizweDhlomo in Kraaifontein.
Usain Bolt... RT @LeSwankJuice: Never seen someone win a race that looked back yet! The best bitches run with blinders 💯
To a puppet? Can you imagine how silly I'd be looking right now when those articles did come out? @IamKeletso_M @chestermissing
If Leon Schuster can make money off black face characters, what's the big deal: iLIVE
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Sure... RT @chestermissing: @IamKeletso_M @SizweDhlomo They asked, and you are. Its that simple dumbass.
Always... RT @Trevornoah: Twitter + Sarcasm = Disaster
Pretty much the same thing I've been doing... @IamKeletso_M @chestermissing
So, getting it then? RT @DJFreshSA: 18 000 rand for an iPhone 6. Not only will it bend your wallet, twil join wallet and bend in pocket!!!
LOL @chestermissing is now speaking to newspapers about how stupid he thinks I am... SMH!
RT @sindivanzyl: Saw these and remembered The Flip Flop Don @SizweDhlomo ...
SMH! RT @Lesiba_M: Rappers lol RT @Nveigh: Timbs in this weather, noooooooo mfwethu!
Yuuup! RT @raychmabs: @MphoMaboi @SizweDhlomo and it's 10 times easier to reposses a car than to repo a house.
Improve, yes... Solve, not so much... @khayadlanga
Happy 54th Bday Nigeria May God bless Nigeria, all Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria! Rt
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Bentley customers on avg have eight cars. Bugatti in another league: about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht via @Rauwald
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@SizweDhlomo :) thanks for confirming. I appriciate, have an awesome day ahead then :)
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Sadly it's 10 times easier to buy a car than it is to buy a house. The process of buying property can make you wanna give up!!!
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@SizweDhlomo. Will you be in CPT 3rd of october @ the event in stellenbosch?? Just want to confirm since I saw a poster with you on iit.
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"The day we can take our houses everywhere is when you'll see Black people invest in houses instead of cars!" LOL. People talk...
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Happy Independence to my beautiful birthplace, Nigeria...54 years stronger today!!!! #home #myheart
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Tuesday? RT @Hypress: Ya ne.... That time when u realize shit about people you love. Happy Tuesday
LOL! All the best... RT @LuyandoVlahakis: @SizweDhlomo uncle sizwe please give me an S/O I need 2000 followers
LOL! Which tweet was it? RT @CulpritEnter: Aaah shit @SizweDhlomo RT'd too. 😭😂 I hate u my G hahaha!