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Sizwe Dhlomo
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Why is no one answering their phones? Looking at you @MTshwete, @Anele etc... 👀
Scotland only stayed because Britain said they were pregnant... @Trevornoah
And by the way, all the countries (54) that are in the Commonwealth were once colonised by Britain, with the exception of Rwanda. #UKPower
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It's in the bible even! RT @G_BLOSE: The Dude who dances alot in the club get no love from the ladies - @SizweDhlomo
After the biblical Roman empire, the British empire will go down as one of the greatest empires in history, whether we like it or not.
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England, militarily has been advanced and superior for centuries, for such a tiny country to colonise countries as big as India and China.
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The pound/UK is so crucial to Scotland's whiskey industry, which accounts for 85% of food/drink exports. Leaving is suicide @SaneleZondii
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Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland are joined at the belly as the United Kingdom. The Scottish economy would have literally collapsed.
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The people of Scotland made the right decision.
They wacked him clean though. "@Thee_Journey: "@SizweDhlomo: Tommy was such a hot head in Goodfellas though!" He gave Absolutely no fucks!"
Tommy was such a hot head in Goodfellas though!
"Before you could touch a made guy, you had to have a good reason, you had to have a sit down & you had to get the okay..."
LOL! Floyd really threw the bird at the DP guys! I still can't believe it! 🙈
... ☕️🐸 RT@KING_LENGOASAA:@SizweDhlomoo@_TheBang__@MelanieCarmenn I Thought Kings were characterised by kingdoms..
🙈 RT@_TheBang__: Yo@SizweDhlomoo , forgive@MelanieCarmenn .. We all know J Cole is the King.
King? 😳 RT@MelanieCarmenn: I hope King Kendrick doesn't disappoint! Cannot wait!#TDEE
I'm happy all day... RT @Mabless01: It doesn't look like a happy hour for @SizweDhlomo @947Highveld
K RT @Lilo_Brownie: @SizweDhlomo officially unfollowing u. I can't stand your avatar. It's beeeeeeeeeeen years son. Change is good u know
Emphasis on chops... ☕️🐸 RT@NzingaQQ:@SizweDhlomoo You're right. I need to brush up on my journalistic chops clearly.
Ndoda! RT @regoworld: Shivambu is a problem, stru #adhocntonnton
LOL! RT @MelanieCarmen: @SizweDhlomo LOL how about offline Dhlomo?
I should think you'd know this one... ☕️🐸 RT@NzingaQQ: Wonder who the next Reserve Bank governor will be.
I tried to give it to you & Chris this afternoon... RT @MelanieCarmen: Big(ger) picture.
LOL! RT @MTshwete: LOL, Stalingrad approach in the first and second war.😂😂😂😂😂
Eish sbali! RT @sthe_mabanga: The Bazzini meeting... Those that know, know. #ThingsIveLearnedInBusiness
Damn! Dude was about to get that work! LOL! RT @TimeMachinePix: Black woman saves racist from mob.
Yo @IFinestQuotes, who's that in your avi?
Too soon! RT @ZoPlaatjie: Someone said "I'm about to bring the house down, no TB Joshua" 😃😃 abomrapper ba fast jong. SMH!
LOL! Cishe walimala! RT @sthe_mabanga: After a deal, don't spend it all. Leave some money for the lawyer. #ThingsIveLearnedInBusiness
Of course! By either clenching a fist & giving a pound or by extending the other four fingers & giving a high five. Feel me? @Ivy_Ann
This is genius! 😂 RT@GugsMM: Gill Marcus is leaving? *updates CV, adds necessary doctorate*
LOL! Get 'em... RT @MTshwete: I'm available "@News24: Sarb governor Marcus stepping down"
I missed it... RT @Vuksido: @SizweDhlomo We put out a list right after elections. He has always been there.
Huh? RT @p233y: “@SizweDhlomo: EFF. RT @Khumza_: @SizweDhlomo which party is he representing?” "She" ja nneh!!!
@SizweDhlomo yep he is in parliament first time I saw him I was also surprised
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EFF. RT @Khumza_: @SizweDhlomo which party is he representing?
I guess I should pay close attention. RT @king_yellai: @SizweDhlomo ummm yeah where u been?
First time seeing him... RT @I_Am_Bingwa: @SizweDhlomo Yep... National Council of Provinces
I'm surprised... RT @Queen_Zar: @SizweDhlomo Why the flushed face?
😳 Fana Mokoena is in parliament?
Errr... RT @Londeka_Sishi: Lol this is the lovely man that cooks right? RT "@SizweDhlomo: Gil Marcus loves us though hey guys?"
@SizweDhlomo Her & the monetary policy committee want the best for us. Like a group Jesus.
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Something like that... RT @ElFenomenoNenz: @SizweDhlomo that's the 7th Jozi high profile place robbery in less than 3 months, right?
Gil Marcus loves us though hey guys?