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Sivia Azizah
feelin black & white
since 2003, 안녕하세요 bestfriend!🍓
yay skout! add me: viazizah🍉 let's chat!👋
행복해!😋 #repost
MARKET & MUSEUM Proudly Present, 🍉Summer Pop Festival🍉 Come and enjoy the biggest thematic market for young enterpreneurs! will be held on : Aug,15-17 at Lippo Mall Kemang • @siviazizah • challenge: @marketmuseum
train your mind to see the good in every situation, 안녕하세요 good people!⛅
the gemesness that i can't resist 🍉😋💕🙌
regram febby unnie💎😋
i'd do anything to go back to the time when everything was working out perfectly 😌
nu favv😜💖 #koreaattack😂
the worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could,and it still wasn't good enough😔😔😔
yay finally this inked finger ☝😋
i love playing with colors and the robots 👾👾👾
craving for frènch friès 🍟
lovin' the summer 🌞 happy fasting good people 😋🍉💖
Back at one - Brian Mcknight ft @ifyalyssa ea #latepost
blinkstar!jgn lupa ya terus request "seindah rasa"di gen fm bs jg lsg request di website genfm & twitter genfm @987Genfm yay!stay tune guys!
🌼🌻🌞 #ootdcottonink #cottoninkeveryday #mycottonink #cottoninkxblink @cottonink @BLINK_Indonesia
holo ur step 👟✨
the Mrs. and the care bears 🐻👸
💖🎠 #ootdcottonink #cottoninkeveryday #mycottonink #cottoninkxblink @cottonink @BLINK_Indonesia
Casuality of love ft dis baby pony 🎀🎠😋 @ifyalyssa 🌼
❤❤❤ cottonink #ootdcottonink #cottoninkeveryday #mycottonink #cottoninkxblink @cottonink @BLINK_Indonesia
hello🍉🍉🍉 #cottonink #ootdcottonink #cottoninkeveryday #mycottonink #cottoninkxblink @cottonink @BLINK_Indonesia
There comes a time in your life that you want to be alone with the wind and tell all the secrets and shed tears.
That Brown Mishan jacket I wear ✨ #cottonink #ootdcottonink #cottoninkeveryday #mycottonink #cottoninkxblink @cottonink @blink_indonesia