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nih => @JBioone :* "@cumanNANYA: #HappyCumersss suka kangen kalau lagi jauh sama..."”
haha kimping ee "@ECSD_: Insya allah , insya allah insya allah ada jalan "@siskaa_d: Kagek jadi dk ?"@ECSD_: Apo syg :* "@siskaa_d: Deyo
Your desires might be so exaggerated that you can't find satis... More for Sagittarius
Kagek jadi dk ?"@ECSD_: Apo syg :* "@siskaa_d: Deyoot{} @ECSD_""
RT@anissahidayat: Happy Puppy ; buang air besar yang menyenangkan (?)”
cius ah !“@nandaafristiani: Bohong :p RT @siskaa_d: kembali menjadi diri sendiri ;)”
sama-sama berat lah “@DIM4S4RY4: Menurut tweeps Mana yang lebih berat, 50 kg kapuk atau 50 kg baja? :))”
kembali menjadi diri sendiri ;)
emng kau dmno skrg?“@ECSD_: Tek mtor aku bep -_- "@siskaa_d: @ECSD_ kerumah be lh beb :* aku jgo nak crito haha."”
pasti kau nunggu siso2 org tu haha“@ECSD_: Kok ga ada yg lunch -_-”
miciu too bep {}“@ECSD_: @siskaa_d miciu ebeb :*:*”
haha, iyoo“@ECSD_: Haha is idk ah "@siskaa_d: ketularan dista kauni, hha“@ECSD_: Kaulah -_- "@sis
You wish a friend or partner would make a straightforward deci... More for Sagittarius
ketularan dista kauni, hha“@ECSD_: Kaulah -_- "@siskaa_d: kaulaa -_-“@ECSD_: Kimak kaula haha "@siskaa_d: haha, kimak !“@ECSD_: Boed la
kaulaa -_-“@ECSD_: Kimak kaula haha "@siskaa_d: haha, kimak !“@ECSD_: Boed la kau ahah”
haha, kimak !“@ECSD_: Boed la kau ahah "@siskaa_d: haha, ngetest be :p“@ECSD_: Ngp syg "@siskaa_d: Bep {} @ECSD_"”"”
You inspire others today with your grand visions and your care... More for Sagittarius
haha, ngetest be :p“@ECSD_: Ngp syg "@siskaa_d: Bep {} @ECSD_"”
Gambling with your own feelings might be exhilarating today, b... More for Sagittarius
serba salah -_-
It seems as if your life is all about your career now, but sur... More for Sagittarius
Your current emotional dilemma is pulling you between home and... More for Sagittarius
You may not be in complete control of your feelings, yet you'r... More for Sagittarius
It might seem as if you don't have a moment to yourself today ... More for Sagittarius
gaya kau bur ee, saket mato aku baco nyo hahaha“@ECSD_: Mano ni kunci mobil aku , lupo tarok di mano -_-”
Fate is working on your behalf today and lady luck is on your ... More for Sagittarius
Your mind is working overtime envisioning reliable ways to mak... More for Sagittarius
besok lh, emng ngpo bur ?“@ECSD_: Kgk la nyet haha . Kau kapan sekolah "@siskaa_d: @ECSD_ mainlah kerumah bur, aku lh balek hah?"”
Learning new ways to increase your financial stability is usua... More for Sagittarius
Your words pack more of an emotional punch now that the evocat... More for Sagittarius
Sharing your feelings today may be rather exhausting, but it a... More for Sagittarius
You're able to get in touch with your feelings because you app... More for Sagittarius
You may want to withdraw into your own little world by running... More for Sagittarius
Truth isn't something that you normally like to obscure, but t... More for Sagittarius
You might not have much choice about how your day begins, so d... More for Sagittarius
It may be extremely difficult to focus on your current work to... More for Sagittarius
woles be hha :p“@indahhfuji: Selow be !!”
Mercury prances into proud Leo today, encouraging you to talk ... More for Sagittarius
You might not find the rest and relaxation you seek now becaus... More for Sagittarius
pelit nian kakak ni :*“@ECSD_: Hhaa ngarap ! "@siskaa_d: haha, dk dapat thr lh ni dari dea @ECSD_"”
haha, dk dapat thr lh ni dari dea @ECSD_
You are suddenly riding wild waves of optimism now as you look... More for Sagittarius
otewe desa peninjauan :D
haha, tapi tetep nice kok :*“@JBioone: Well, new hair sucks