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Who else starts singing "The Krusty Krab Pizza" when they go on long walks?
It's not that I miss, it's just the hoop is always in the wrong spot whenever I shoot.
So I went to Gangnam today and ordered a Harlem Shake. However, I couldn't understand what the fox said so I went home with my Gentlmen.
The only way I could be good at something is if sleeping were a sport.
The look on their faces when I totally own them after them calling me "noob. "
It's true that all countries have bad drivers, but all countries also have Asians...
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, is a fuck still given?
I love how when someone bet me on something, but they see that I'm winning so they call off the bet.
Me:"Everyone, Drake is in the building!" *Girls Scream Me:"Drake Bell of course." *Girls frown and go back on their phones.
I love how when me and a person in front of me raise our hands, the teacher picks me and the person in front of me takes the spotlight.
You know your dump is going to be long when you reach for your pocket and your phone isn't there.
How come I see families that say they are struggling through "tough times," yet they always magically have enough money for the new iPhone.
I see all these people on TV playing instruments very well, while her I am trying to learn how to air guitar. FML
I sometimes wonder if I was only born so that my parents didn't have to hire a maid to clean.
If people are 70% water, why doesn't water come out of me when I get a cut?
People who run dog pounds have obviously never seen "Lady and the Tramp."
If you don't have a truck, fuck off- Redneck Logic.
You're like a dream: you sometimes absolutely make no sense.
Sinclair and Dinoco: Basically the same thing.
(Rated M for mature) -"Hahaha whatever"-12 year olds
They need to make a Twitter for idiots called "Twatter."
Apparently some of the old Disney channel shows air between 12am-6am. Guess who's not going to be sleeping anymore?
Dogs on TV can do tricks, play fetch, protect their owner. All my dog can do is enjoy the sweet smells of another dog's asshole.
Oh so you think you're good at something eh? Well just remember somehow, somewhere an Asian is better than you.
*Door Rings -Me:"Who could that be?" *Looks through peephole -Me:"Oh GAWD STRANGERS!"
You know what sucks? Having your redneck friends making racist jokes in public. FML
So your parents buy you an amazing computer with high graphics, 10 gigabytes of ram, and an HD resolution, but you only use it to Skype?
I don't know what's worse: war, or the YouTube comment section.
-Girl:"If only you could see the world through my eyes." -Guy:"Im blind, fuck you!"
Stupidity - Calling a boss a hacker during the campaign.