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Meisya Siregar
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#RendangNantulang goes to Turkey ! Yuk hari terakhir marketmuseum nih, seru2 bgt makanannya ! #GI #westmall #bazzar
Grab it fast at Market Museum Bazzar at West Mall Grand Indonesia today until 10 pm until tomorrow !
Let's join the crowd at WestMall Grand Indonesia level 5, Market Museum, enjoy the food and grab #rendangnantulang !
Hallo Paluuuuu !!! Nonton @bebiromeo2 bsk yaaaaa..., stlh Rising Star mlm ini ! Ketemu bsk ya ...
Market Museum is back ! Brings 70 FnB to taste and discover within this weekend ! And @RendangNTLG is in ! CU there !
My morning booster from Amsterdam... Something that money can't buy ... Dank Je Wel !!! 😘😘
Hari terakhir Urban Market ! Dtg ya sblm jam 10 mlm, I'll see you at GI Westmall lantai 5 ! Stock menipis ! 😘😘�
@ade_djamal: Apapun gayanya @siregarmeisya tetep cantik!!!@PanahArjunaANTV” makasihhhh ...
#rendangnantulang open until midnight !!! Ready in all varian : Beef,Chicken, Jengkol, Paru ! #GI #westmall #Lt.5
Please Visit our booth and get an old Pricelist ! We appreciate your presence ! GI, Westmall Lv.5 Urban Market ! C U
Kemasan : doublevacuum plastic, metalize foil.Ga berbau,efisien,rendem di air panas. Gunting,sajikan ! #0818695584
Uda mau Liburan akhir taun... ! Jgn lupa bawa #rendangnantulang Varian : Beef, Chicken, Paru, Jengkol . #0818694484
Tiba2 kangen #rendangnantulang ? Baru masak level 3 lho..., mo pesen Beef, Paru, Ayam, jengkol lsg ke 0818695584 ya.
Pamper ur tummy with ur favorite Rendang : Beef, Paru , Jengkol, Ayam ! WA to : 0818695584 /
#rendangnantulang goes to Cappadocia Turkey ! Order to :0818695584 for your weekend ! #paru #beef #jengkol #ayam
Last Day Celebrity Garage Sale and Also Rendang Nantulang at " One Hand For Love " 10 am - 10 pm @ Kuningan City
ke Kuningan yuk , bsk hari trakhir acara "One Hand For Love " ! Garage Sale Preloved starts 25k &Rendang Nantulang !
Place ur order to deliver around Indonesia #0818695584 / !
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Come To One Hand For Love Event @ Kuningan City Ground Floor ! Ready #rendangnantulang for ur weekend !
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