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Ugly Sio. 😌
Sister = 11yrs old Me= Now.. Except she grew up look better lmao πŸ˜’ that's the top of my head on her side lmao πŸ‘Ά
For the celebration if new life 😚😏😌
Can I bring another bitch let's have a threesoooommeee 😱😊
If you barely know me or don't know me at all please please don't leave dumb ass comments under my pictures.. Either like it or fuck off because I don't know you and I am almost 99.9% not gonna reply. If you're looking for friends or associates scroll past my pic.. I hate most people.. Lol #deletin
Happy birthday to my beautiful sister πŸ˜–πŸ˜– @malabustacie @divabombgarcia
My boyfriend #2
Out for my sisters birthday @malabustacie .. Rockin the shoes my gf @desttaa got me 😘😏
Obsessed with Mojitos? Yes, yes I am. #mojito
Forgotten goodie.
Getting this crew neck . ❀️ #Aaliyah
Happy Birthday to my idol! (Although you can't read this) Wanted to be like you since day one! Since before I knew I could sing. Inspiration without even trying, was sexy in the sexiest way a woman could be. With a voice like an angel it is almost no surprise that you were called HOME. You're a beau
Photo from filming today #ChristmasEveWork
Bet yo bitch ain't got the boots with the doll heads in EM #Fashion #Tf #ImFrontingIdWearThese #$296 #OnlyThingImMissingIsaBlackGuitar
Shot my from my upcoming music video. Looks like porn but hey 😘 πŸŽ₯🎀😘
Chewing gum. Goodnight.
"Yes that was my name inked up on his arm, and if he love me that much and STILL did me wrong, I'm feeling sorry for you for holding on" LADIES NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG. #solangeknowles
I've always loved her music. Another great track. ❀️ #SolangeKnowles
If I could be your giiirrrllll.. Wearing RiRi Boy tonight
I think this is my favorite of all her songs. #BedPeace #JheneAiko
Only the top half was being filmed so I did this #ratchet
Pisces Life. β™“ #Rihanna
No filtteeerrrrrrrrr!
Thanks but .. Idk you.
I love finding rare photos of her #Aaliyah
#WCW man.. Not gay at all but let her hit on me.. #wifed p.s. @christinamilian I'm single 😏😘😱😊 (this pic is AFTER she had a baby πŸ’ͺ ❀❀)
I'm a millionaire.. If you love me.
How bout if I asked like this?
Pink Cherries and El CoconutΓ© SorbetΓ© πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Me at 10.. Why that smile? Lmao but I had crop I see nigga.
I just wanna be yours.
You niggas will read this post ... And STILL not catch the signs. And it's SOOOOOOOOOOOO true
Shoe game for tonight @desttaa