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"You will never know, you will never know, no good" 🎧 #JheneAiko #souledout #LyinKing ❀️
Hey.. How ya doin babe *Usher Voice* #foodporn
Love singing this song ❀️ #ToLoveandDie #JheneAiko #WhenARichNiggaBored #ImNotRichTho #KBye
Come here big daddy... πŸ˜›
Happy Birthday Michael! .. I always laugh at the thought of racists from way back turning over in their graves because a BLACK MAN was the greatest to ever do it.. #MichaelJackson #HeyBoo #BlackPower #ThisNiggasCurlPatternDoe #WhyDontHeHaveHisOwnLineOfGelProducts
R.I.P. babygirl.. # Aaliyah #WhyTheyStillTrynaMakeAMovieAboutYou # beautiful # I love you #WhyCantIWakeUpLikeDis
Singing on the toilet.. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My look for my show last week #siobhannoir #music #siobhan
#TakingAPicWithYaSideHoBeLike lmaooooo noo not Oprah being MJ's side chick lmao
Never need two, cause I will be your number one...
Rehearsal for tomorrow night :)
Don't forget! This Friday June 27th 11:30 PST will be live via web! Tickets are PAY WHAT YOU WANT minimum $1.00 . Link in my bio... #music #siobhannoir
Morning, from me and my brows
These brows somebody pray for me
Is it weird to say IM IN LOVE WITH CHRIS BROWN... I mean not like I am or anything.. I was just wondering... 😳 #hebombaf #ilovehisvoice #hesathugthatcansing #hecanhitofftop #chrisbrown
"Hating You" by Siobhan Noir #music #accidentallypostedthislastnight #fortheLadies
I will be performing a LIVE SHOW via computer video, meaning you can tune in from anywhere on your COMPUTER TO WATCH. It is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT event 😬 lol. June 27th, 2014 at 11:30pm! Link for tickets in my bio! Hope you all come/watch! #music #siobhannoir #concertwindow #freeshit
I LOVE THEM TOGETHER ❀️❀️#ChrisBrown #Karruche she really rides for this nigga though lol
Today marks the 11 year anniversary of my sister Shanna's passing at just 23years old. Just goes to show you, life is too short to be sad, mad, shy, or scared. One of the main things I admired about my sister is she was EXTREMELY strong. She may not have had the greatest friends, or situation at the
Me singing to you all.. Or me just finding new apps #music #misery
Ugly Sio. 😌
Sister = 11yrs old Me= Now.. Except she grew up look better lmao πŸ˜’ that's the top of my head on her side lmao πŸ‘Ά
For the celebration if new life 😚😏😌
Can I bring another bitch let's have a threesoooommeee 😱😊
If you barely know me or don't know me at all please please don't leave dumb ass comments under my pictures.. Either like it or fuck off because I don't know you and I am almost 99.9% not gonna reply. If you're looking for friends or associates scroll past my pic.. I hate most people.. Lol #deletin
Happy birthday to my beautiful sister πŸ˜–πŸ˜– @malabustacie @divabombgarcia
Out for my sisters birthday @malabustacie .. Rockin the shoes my gf @desttaa got me 😘😏
Obsessed with Mojitos? Yes, yes I am. #mojito
Getting this crew neck . ❀️ #Aaliyah
Happy Birthday to my idol! (Although you can't read this) Wanted to be like you since day one! Since before I knew I could sing. Inspiration without even trying, was sexy in the sexiest way a woman could be. With a voice like an angel it is almost no surprise that you were called HOME. You're a beau