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Sister = 11yrs old Me= Now.. Except she grew up look better lmao 😒 that's the top of my head on her side lmao 👶
For the celebration if new life 😚😏😌
Can I bring another bitch let's have a threesoooommeee 😱😊
If you barely know me or don't know me at all please please don't leave dumb ass comments under my pictures.. Either like it or fuck off because I don't know you and I am almost 99.9% not gonna reply. If you're looking for friends or associates scroll past my pic.. I hate most people.. Lol #deletin
Happy birthday to my beautiful sister 😖😖 @malabustacie @divabombgarcia
My boyfriend #2
Out for my sisters birthday @malabustacie .. Rockin the shoes my gf @desttaa got me 😘😏
Obsessed with Mojitos? Yes, yes I am. #mojito
Forgotten goodie.
Getting this crew neck . ❤️ #Aaliyah
Happy Birthday to my idol! (Although you can't read this) Wanted to be like you since day one! Since before I knew I could sing. Inspiration without even trying, was sexy in the sexiest way a woman could be. With a voice like an angel it is almost no surprise that you were called HOME. You're a beau
Photo from filming today #ChristmasEveWork
Bet yo bitch ain't got the boots with the doll heads in EM #Fashion #Tf #ImFrontingIdWearThese #$296 #OnlyThingImMissingIsaBlackGuitar
Shot my from my upcoming music video. Looks like porn but hey 😘 🎥🎤😘
Chewing gum. Goodnight.