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Sassy Snash
That's a cool cat right there "@Cliqueloydd: Mthatha >>> EL with @sinazo_wutu's mom what a chilled parent."
Yeaah but yeah Oscars one fine ass white boy dzzaaaaaaaiimn!
Ezinye izinto azisandichazi hazi
We would like to applaud @ntsikimazwai for not being afraid to call out the ANC and for not being scared that she might lose gig bookings
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Heee! Hai li(c)Hule lo Senzo and if akapreventi zogoduka emithi soze
Suffo has cleaned up nicely I shud say#rhythmcity
Kim looks stunning on that Vogue cover
We no longer abt "ima rearrange your face" but "ima Zola your face" lmao
Zola is sooo beat up barely recognised him
"@Mz_OyinCrown: Hm"@SEBEBE28: If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.""mmhm
When I joined the ANC it wasn't made public now celebs are joining whooop whooop? Hell no ni*ye just there no vote from me!!!
Who else still thinks they have super powers, but they just don't know how to activate them yet?
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Lmfao this old my #khumbulekaya Talk abt total drama
When I don't watch #khumbulekaya some sh*t goes down!
Pumeza's wardrobe #culasbone#pukes#eewwww!!!!
Ooooooh No xolani looooool tryna Ruby oh gosh #Gen
Choppa makes#hilarious #Gen
"Ndiza khupha islungu" lmfao #mam'Ruby#Gen
#ClashOfTheChoirsSA#TeamWinnie they killed it!!!!!
"@athinyangwa: People wrong you and expect you to come back and grovel. And when you do so they start acting like assholes #Life"such is lyf
U'd swear I'm diabetic the way I become soo grumpy when I'm hungry!
The nicest people I've met are covered in tattoos & piercings & the most judgmental people I've met are the ones who go to church on Sundays
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