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Sassy Snash
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"@SamkeloNdlovu: Like your hairline. RT@TheeKutlo: Thts a nightmare RT@TaxiDriverSipho: I dreamed that I was dating @SamkeloNdlovu" yeke Sam
"@KnockoutJaeE: Err'time I see a grenade pregnant,I wana see the brave nigga that fvcked her." Hahahahahaha oh no
"@Nubia_Soul: Who in their right mind would be proud to be Xhosa but has absolutely zero interest in speaking the language." Nyan ke
Some people choose to be weak nje nje
Somethings seriously disturbing me today!
"@sanahpercival: Lol vele "@LvovoSA: Ladies, guys with foreskin do not deserve good things #16daysofactivism"" lmao utsho?
Watching live amp not really sure abt loot's cliv...hai kuLate!
I aint got time for "hey stranger" ...mxm dec things
no strikes over but their service is sooo bad!
Post office utah has thee poorest service ever uma kangaka then esisbhanxa sentombi sithi cc awumanga kakhulu !!!!!! Dammit!
Alitshisi liyanuka marrrrn!
"@Questionnier: If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you play? #Runtown_Uhuru_TheBanger" tennis
Eskom tho but you said there wont be load shedding today...#eskomaintloyal
That engen ad has me on stitchies..hai that boy!
"@Questionnier: If you could have dinner with anyone living who would it be? #Runtown_Uhuru_TheBanger" Nicki Minaj
"@Questionnier: Ladies, what Junk food is your weakness? #Runtown_Uhuru_TheBanger" Burger
"@Questionnier: How often do you watch African Magic? #Runtown_Uhuru_TheBanger" Since our last helper left!!! Thank God!
"@Questionnier: Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? #Runtown_Uhuru_TheBanger" Yeaaah !!
"@Aramide__: Its crazy how the unfaithful ones beg for loyalty." Always!
Its crazy how the unfaithful ones beg for loyalty.
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Break ups hurt...But losing someone who doesn't Respect and Appreciate you is actually a gain,not a loss!
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I have 0 female friends! And it will stay like that forever!
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Don't let past relationships ruin your future happiness.
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"@OMGFunniest_: This is how snakes shed skin.." woooooow
Shout out to the guys who stick with one girl and do whatever it takes to keep them, even through the rough times. 🙌
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"@Itz_Mozeez: Guess this is God punishing Chris Brown for making Karateparachute popular.." LMFAO
Lol hai come to think of it amacherrie wam ayinyamezele iNonsense, flimsy small dick sogqiba ndinkukhe... I owe them apology dinners. 😂
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You must love her because many have tried and failed
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Mmmmhhhm but I like this bad boy kulo Generations mmmhhm
Kutwani na xa kunje
"@Itz_Mozeez: Jay-Z got Beyonce lol there's no such thing as being too ugly for a girl...."true that
Let's see!! Lmao"@YouHateMeIKnow: Since y'all are done talking about another nigga 's D. Lemme twitpic mine. I hope y'all got big screens.""
LNN on @eNCAnews @loyisogola has me on stitches :v
Give up something good, to gain something better. Give up your bad habits. Give up your doubts. Give up the negativity & reach SUCCESS.
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RIP Senzo Mayiwa :'(
Are you a young aspiring writer? Can you write in Xhosa? Well, here is your chance to win big:
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I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone
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No matter what we have gone thru, no matter how unfair it was, or how disappointed we were, we must release it and let it go
"@ZanyStifler: If someone is sending u mixed signals, you're probably not their only option." True True True
" RT @NkanyeziKubheka RIP. She was robbed. Raped. Murdered. Burnt in her car in Lenasia" beautiful lady RIP
YaShine(r) inqayi yalo tata useCourt infront of Oscar yhuuu
Someone who truly loves you, sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, and how hard you can be to handle, but still wants you. ❤
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Today I don't feel like doing anything!
Sleepy can't this day end already #sigh
"@S_Nombebe: Girls be like: 'Don't trust these niggas they unfaithful' but you introducing him to 'your girls' that you know are sneaky."Lol
@Cliqueloydd: eg: @Banele09 @sinazo_wutu @shakY_BumZ @Siwe_fierce "@EssentialFact: Smarter women tend to be bigger drinkers." So true!