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There are 2 kinds of people in this world: 1. People who aren't good with numbers
yo how fred flintstone gonna sell damn vitamins turn round sell fuckin cocoa pebbles man dont care bout nobodys helth isa front
"Try to score a goal. Don't use your hands. See you afterwards." - Soccer coaches
I've had a shitty week. I either want to curl up in the fetal position or the fecal position.
Geeeeeez #TriplePressure. @MC5Leslie vs @MC5Cutter is like a heavyweight fight that's been building for months. #MasterChef
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Working man who fights 4 us and his family @MC5Cutter > Stay at home lazy jerk who thinks his poop dont stink and rules the world @MC5Leslie
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Bullshit!! #masterchef is fixed @MC5Leslie is only on for the drama! @MC5Cutter and @MC5Christian were cheated tonight.
Looks like someone lost their weave in the Publix parking lot.
Why can't men use maps?!!?
No way. People are crazy - dogs
"I'm laying by the pool. Better take a picture of my legs and post it on the internet." - girls
Back that ass up
When I'm the coolest guy at the party the party sucks
Lose your heart but don't lose your mind
Heart rips suck
I don't get it go get a better job they are out there #Fastfoodprotest #Fastfoodprotest
$15 an hour to work fast food? Wtf
Fucking shoot me!
If a horse can walk through mud I can fuck through blood
#rip #JoanRivers we will miss your smile
Will power the more you use it the stronger it becomes
My god i feel my heart being ripped out of me
I was shocked when I found out just how many techno songs Steven Hawking sings on.
Being able to date others but not is more powerful than not doing it because you "can't" because of titles.
if your heart/soul is with me a title isn't needed. Becaue you won't want another in our space.
Oxymoron of the day. My baby momma was civilized.
I like your touch The sexual touches but the sweet touches on my back and my arms drive me wild in a different way.
It's not how you start it's how you finish.
@Sinastr Get a fish...less commitment. LOL!!
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try not complaining for a week and see how your moods and things around you change
Been in the bed all day and it feels great!!!
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I'm home alone singing dirty dancer over and over again as loud as I can just to annoy the neighbours! And it's an ace song @KingslandRd
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It's different when I hold hands with her. With you when our hands intertwine our souls are touching.
Feel the need for a relationship---get a dog!!
If a couple is meant to be together rules aren't needed. If they aren't meant to be together rules aren't followed.
My coworkers sending dirty messages to other coworkers when I leave my computer unlocked is why I have trust issues. ... and dates.
The richest man in the world will be the one who creates a pair of sunglasses that automatically plays a guitar solo when slightly lowered.