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I liked a @YouTube video from @FaZeBloo FaZe Bloo - Casual Quickscope Montage
I liked a @YouTube video Octoh - MW2 Montage
When your girl try to go out in a sundress 😭😭
Retweeted by Nicole
He has to be downloading porn there's no way his connection is that shit
Choked the quad head boys
Stim has on painkiller what is he doing
These kids they need treatment omg
it's amazing how much play styles change depending on the map
Been watching Em too much
using acog inter in a dlc lobby what is wrong with me
I can't even believe how shit I am
Ted 2 is funny af!
Yea won't be on this for very long
Regretting this decision
I liked a @YouTube video from @GwidT STREAM HIGHLIGHTS #10
I liked a @YouTube video from @defym8 Defy | Climax 3 - Black Ops 1 Montage by Mehow
no new naruto this week k.. keep making me wait
When Best Buy charged me the full $200
Retweeted by Nicole
I just realized the new Pokemon movie comes out this weekend
I liked a @YouTube video from @Darth_xEm MW2 Live with Em #1 (Acog Inter Multi?!)
I liked a @YouTube video from @GwidT STREAM HIGHLIGHTS #8
When niggas roasting but you gotta check they power level before you hop in
Retweeted by Nicole
How I talk: 25% swearing 25% sarcasm 50% a combination of both
Retweeted by Nicole
Scream is actually so good
I wanted Brooke dead not Riley
Noooo not Riley!!
I forgot about Scream
Triple capping why...
He invisible going for swap feeds I can't deal
Time Qavl and ohVyrox I actually wanna see them get hit by a truck
ohVyrox is an actual human being
This lobby v2
Let me pull host
We get all the shit kids how is that even balanced
Omg I can't believe it

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