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😂😂😂�@IGFitnessness: When someone tries to tell@SimplyAJ10AJ10 and @Oriolesoles aren't the best team in baseball”
The Bearded Caveman in RF for the Os is legit. #StayHungry
"The Man in the Arena" T. Roosevelt ##StayHungry
My man @RGIII come through Bmore and I'll get u sliding in no time pimp. Keep u healthy #StayHungry
Finally I'd like to welcome my main man to my home of ~Chi City~ @SimplyAJ10 go have a great week here and take over the chi! 💯⚾#LetsGoOss
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@SimplyAJ10 #IChallengeAJ Duck confit, bacon, cheddar, garlic aioli, tomatoes, lettuce, red onions on Hawaiian bread
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Food Porn 😍😍😍�@edaddy206y2@SimplyAJ10AJ10 Your mission is to find this burger and devour”
#IChallengeAJ @SimplyAJ10 my creation at the Hamilton Tavern deep fried jalapeños, carm onion, bacon, and american
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@SimplyAJ10 no need to look any further than #TheMannyMUNCHado - do you dare to take the challenge AJ?
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😂😂😂AWESOME @Young1313Youngung: I kn@SimplyAJ10J10 liked our sign”
"The Man in the Arena" T. Roosevelt
Ok time to clean it up. #StayHungry
Part 2: So here it is again the Baltimore Bene Burger. Don't be scared @SimplyAJ10 accept my #IChallengeAJ
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My man @JManziel2 and @KingJames let's do lunch.
Where's Johnny Manziel and Lebron. Let's have lunch. My treat. Or maybe Lebrons. #StayHungry
Watching @SimplyAJ10 on his stomping grounds of center today. 👍
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Continue the grind. Day off so imma probably smash some blue moon. #StayHungry
Mo'Ne Davis was straight up dealing yesterday. Not to mention she was throwing 70mph from that distance. Watch out now #StayHungry
#IceBucketChallenge #StrikingOutALS #ImCallingUOutBarack #ImCallingUOutBoehner. #ImCallingUOutShowalter
Being closed minded literally makes you stupid. People who aren't open and understanding to change have lower IQ's.
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Huge series win against a tough team. Continue to grind. No one said it would be easy #StayHungry #CleanMyIshUp