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Dan Cederholm
@simplebits I think the max length is 32 & it counts the quote marks. Fun fun!
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e.g. ‘Proxima Nova Dribbble Extra Condensed’ doesn’t work, but ‘Proxima Nova Dribbble EXCN’ does.
Webfont not loading in IE10? Make sure the font name isn’t too long. Seems there’s a conservative max character count. Fun little bug.
Here’s something terrifying: Next year, Marty McFly’s 1955 will be our 1985.
See you in the Spring.
So FourSquare. Is now Swarm. And FourSquare is now kind of like Yelp. I’m baffled & just need a simple way to log where I’ve been in 1 app.
Royal Street, New Orleans. #latergram
Highly recommend the new @lumalabs Loop 3. Great to see them back. So easy to adjust on the fly. Nice work, @duncan!
New Orleans fun fact: They wash the streets with soap and water.
Thank you, @brianoberkirch,for showing me the way of the Po-Boy. (@ Johnny's Po-Boys)
Thank you @teleject & @ari4nne for having me at #cssdevconf this morning. It was a blast and the attendees asked GREAT questions.
Rainy parade through the French Quarter. #cssdevconf
If you're at #cssdevconf today … there's a #Dribbble Meetup tonight at Café du Monde
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Greetings from the airport, where I’m channeling my inner @craigmod…
Probably the last paddle of the season.
Have a black rubber band on my wrist now when does healthy start thx.
New Orleans! @simplebits is going to the meetup Monday. Are you?
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Pretty confident that if I were born in Medieval times, I wouldn’t have survived this long.
SimpleTip®: If you bring your Red Wing boots to a @RedWingShoes store, they’ll give you free laces.
Cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts just said, “Have a Splenda® day!”. Me: “…” And then I ate my Everything™ bagel while contemplating the cosmos.
It's October in Salem, Mass.
Jekyll folks: What’s the simplest way to handle slow generation when making layout/style/draft changes?
Someone needs to Kickstart a sticky, foam case for the Apple TV remote that makes it approximately 4 feet wide.
It was a tad rough, but thanks for indulging me, #generateconf London. Also thanks, @owltastic!
Wonderful hearing from @zomigi about how everyone makes mistakes, and how great learning comes out of them. #generateconf
Want to get better at the business of design? @owltastic says, “Be nice to people online.” #generateconf
Enjoyed @denisejacobs dropping science on creativity here at #generateconf.
Thank you @VirginAtlantic for safely stowing my banjo in the galley.
Starting my journey to London and #generateconf.
DDC7943: @brandsays: The enthusiasm @Draplin has for design is infectious. Even when babbling about nothing: > #fever
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I heard you guys might've got new phones recently. How about taking a scroll at Louieland?
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Virgin says can’t go in the overhead bin, contrary to what I’ve read. Might have to procure one there.