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Daniel Chong™
hiphop rap 1,890 followers
I'd love to go see cheech n chong live😱
Whos down to hit the city later?
"An autopsy on a pot overdose..? c'mon" lmao
This breaking bad marathon got be thinking back to the good old days #PinkmanForPresident
I think i got chipped last night😑
All that love shit is null n void, I avoid Cupid stupid if it wasn't for blowjobs you'd be unemployed.
I wouldn't oppose to a round 4 tn 😛😷🍻
Fuck the DMV Jesse White is a little bitch
The fact that @nick_heezy answer to "are you drinkin tn?" Was "maybe" made me uneasy #florida
Time was invented by the medival time people to control the pace of society
Okay fuckers it's not Christmas anymore lets rage
I just want to have fun right now
Drank for those who can't is how i see it
And Dom and Nick and i guess kourtney im not sure yet maybe grant probably Chris 😂
Partying with my 2nd family>> i love you guys @MikeyCampagna @cslowik7 #sincebirthbitch
NO MUCHIE PLACES FOR ME AND THE OLD MAN TO GO TOO THIS IS A SIN!! FuCK YOU NON 24/7 places to eat. Im stavin ya shmuck #letmeeatorletmedie
Drunk n high at zee same time Dranken champaign on zee airplane
I am gna punch Craig so hard in the stomach just cuz i can't reach his face
The bulls uniforms today are dirty as fuck! Plain and simple but dirty lol
Puttin your pictures of presents on the internet isn't cool. But im just a fuck so what do i know.
Merry Christmas and stay classy people.
One year ago i met @shanklin22 hahahhaha
Shoutout to the people who don't call me by my slave name.