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Yea it was fucking nuts but the amount of times the Antonio Brown video has popped up is unbearable
No point in hanging out with someone who doesn't care if you hung out at all in the first place
Alright I see how it is
That's so dumb team "Washington" Soon the Chicago bears will be too offensive to bears and change the name to Chicago.
Fresh prince would be a huge pickup for netflix
I wish jayz and Marshall would do a lot more work together before it's too late
"Chicago..can I take you back to when I USED TO GET FUCKED UP?!?! HI MY NAME IS!" #NeverForget 8/1/14 ✊
Where would hip hop be if Proof was still alive?
Just know that I'm alright, I'm not afraid to die. I want a new life.
60% of Americans are overweight....
Before you know it the U.S. will be one unanimous pinhead. @jessebwatters How can people be so unintelligent? #wattersworld
Then you got Megan Kelly... A pure dime who is more intelligent than 99.5% of the U.S #myTypeOfWoman
I enjoy being in the no spin zone. Educate yourself people. #BillyO
@TraiIerParkBoys: Trailer Park Boys season 8 comes out on @netflix this fucking Friday! Get your dope and liquor ready boys.” Stop it😱
Life is for living not living uptight
Gang Leader for a Day was a crazy book and I usually never read. Huge change in perspective about multiple things regarding multiple topics.
I can't believe people still use the word bae
I lmao when women talk about how bad giving birth was or is going to be..... Fuck outta here, let me know when you have kidney stone.
Firm believer that there are perfect people in this world. Everyone just has their own definition.
The legalization and use of marijuana is this nations backbone. @BarackObama
It's probably just my OCD but I hate when people wear Adidas socks and Nike shoes or Adidas shoes and Nike socks.. Pick a brand
Don't mess with Bonnie and Clyde
Damn, moment of silence for my best friend of over a decade for making a power move to Kentucky tomorrow. Most of my best memories are with this Mexican. Couldn't of asked for a better friend. It's been one amazing yet fucked journey from the joe till now. Do work Mateo I'll miss ya buddy.
Rich homie Chris haha
Mags👽✨ #overalls #lolla
Ran into some alumni from the joe hahaha✊🐼 #lolla #crusaders
Wouldn't change a thing about this past weekend. Thankful for my homies 😎
Such an amazing time this weekend. Been through everything together💜👊 haha #prom2014 #Sonata #bestdate
My senior picture-How i look senior year 🐼💨
Tbt @jessica_offic #fug
Tbt when sjs football was poppin😂
Hahaha tbt 8th grade. My bestfriend! Mateo the man the myth and the legend @mateo_pdizzle02
Freshly killed pheasant liver. @connorjohn7 with the remarkable kill. I miss you and nikko. #yack #RawPheasantLiver #TheHeartWasTastyThough
DGN 2-0!!!!! it would suck not to be a #Trojan