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Dr. Frank Simon 
"The Greatest Car Film Event" Announced and You Can Get Involved! #photography #arts
Finding Great Subjects to Photograph Close to Home #photography #arts
Zillow's app can now help you buy a house instead of just look for one…
China refutes claim of government ban on Apple purchases…
Deal: Master front end development. Beat the avg. price, unlock 7 courses & 93 hrs of training
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6 Great Content Discovery Tools for Your Social Media Streams
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The life story of the godfather of organic food is absolutely nuts. (He died on television!)
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Accrediting Your Work with Metadata Templates in Adobe Bridge #photography #arts
A cleaning lady was one of only two people to know the sun was not near the center of the Milky Way! --->
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I liked a @YouTube video Hide in Your Shell, Roger Hodgson (writer and composer), with Orchestra
Man's guide to Women: what you need to know to deal with women...
it took time but here it is folks the LEAKED SEX TAPE of Tiger Woods!
Big shout out to all the spiders not building their webs at face level.
I left my phone at home all day today. Is the sky always blue like that?
Twitter is proof that people should not be allowed to name themselves
One from my Bridal Shoot Last Thursday (including BTS shot) #photography #arts
Scientists Can Recover Audio From Silent Video With Rolling Shutter #photography #arts
You Never know what you have...until you clean your room.
Do you ever hang out with someone, but later realize that it’s not what you wanted to do and then you’re trapped for a few hours?