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Blessed is someone who gives , I do give but the only thing I can't afford to give is a fuck !!!#PhetaSaid
The price of living is high, but I'm not talking about cloud 9 !!! #PhetaSaid
But then experimentin' won't hurt nobody / we can try if u dnt mnd lmao !!! By da way its nyc meetin' u@debzzz_mahlo
How abt we try dis vise versa coz there is nun much u can do behind me ,but I can try sumthn behind u lol @Debzzz_mahlo
The more you care is the more your heart becomes weak to be hurt and more fragile !!!#PhetaSaid
Life is made in China , because it never lasts !!!#PhetaSaid
Life is a bitch !!! But nobody ever fucked her !!!#PhetaSaid
I see what u did there… RT @xoxmonii: @JoeBudden these chicks & their Whormones.
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My killin' is illegal , human being poaching !!!#PhetaSaid
Nec espara terrent, nec oes !!! Carpe diem es la dolce vita !!! u ddnt know , I speak Latin too !!!
Ladies please follow !!! @mojozy66 @fanatic_deep @raphashakv. !!! Top em up with beauty on their follow list. They hv insufficient hotness
I'm too broke, I shoud be the defination of the word#broke !!!@Razzie_XTC
If its 305 @ drake's city , it's 306 @ my house “The conjuring” some scary shit !!! #PhetaSaid
Everyone has a nickname !!! Whether you know it or not , you do have 1 !!!#PhetaSaid
I'm the type of dude to pay lobola but never marry !!! Just to prove I aint stingy !!!#PhetaSaid
While we busy complainin' about how short ladies skirts are, we tend to forget that life is a dwarf itself !!!#PhetaSaid
Yes I'm a player !!!! But I only play for 1 team !!!#love #Phetasaid
Not ready for any relationshit !!!#PhetaSaid
What is love ? Love is that thing that makes you do crazy stuff when you are sober !!!#PhetaSaid
Nothing makes blacks waste money uselessly like ancestors !!! #true #PhetaSaid
True friends don't judge each other, they judge other people...... together !!!#PhetaSaid
White people rehearsing! 5,6,7.8 Black people rehearsing! 1 toh,1 toh !!!#PhetaSaid @Razzie_XTC. #true
Some people suck like blackberry with no BIS !!!#PhetaSaid
Mortal instruments “City of Bones”
How can you motivate me when u are down yourself? #PhetaSaid