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Siddharth Rajsekar
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Quick video from Angsana...
A proud moment for Meena and I as we celebrate 3 years of SCION with an amazing team!! Chilling out at...
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Ok folks.. here's a video I shot a while back talking about how I remix music!.. I especially talk about how I...
Want to know exactly how I approach remixing songs? Watch this video.
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Remember this Tanseer Jabbar..? ;)
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Ok guys.. here's a short preview of what I started yesterday (still very raw). Need help with a track name.....
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Not sure how many of us Indians know about this.. but we were the richest country in the world even 200 years...
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Got back to music production today.. (after a really long time).. For good old times' sake.. working on some...
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Some quick thoughts before I start my social media workshop here in chennai.. ! #markzukerberg #modi
Mr. Zuck says that FB's future is going to be messaging products for Businesses! ;) If your business is not on...
That's our supercool #socialmediaworkshop workbook! Can't wait to share some of our cutting edge case strategies here in chennai!!
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What goes around, comes around! If you really help somebody unconditionally, its going to come back to you when...
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Success is subjective for everyone! But one thing in common is this....
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The more Outrageous & Bold your dreams are.. and the they make people LAUGH... chances are that they are surely...
Dreams are Powerful. The more Outrageous & Bold your dreams are... and the more they make people laugh.......
The more Bold & Outrageous your dreams are... the more they make people LAUGH... Chances are that they will...
How to Ignite a Feeling in Your Audience via @copyblogger
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How To Prospect People Into Your MLM Without Pissing Them Off []
How To Prospect People Into Your MLM Without Pissing Them Off
How To Prospect People Into Your MLM Without Pissing Them Off The biggest challenge mlm network marketers face toda
Many folks hate network marketing because of the way people pitch their opportunities. My style is completely the...