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Siddharth Rajsekar
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Special message to my friends on our Independence Day! Something that I did 10 years back has come to life...
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Check out this marketing strategy... :) Saw this building on the Bangalore chennai highway...
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My pillar of strength and support! The one woman that has stood by me thru the thick and thin! Looking forward...
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A memorable day with Sidra! Sharpened my Tarot reading skills! :) Great connecting with the second batch of the Soul Spa!
Solving the Content Management System Standoff: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?: This is a guest... via @problogger
Awesome feeling here at the beach... Have a special message to my friends..
mahabs... here I come! ;) Eager to meet Sidra Courageous Jafri yet again! Also... can't wait to hit the beach...
Any BATMAN fans out there..? I love connecting movies with practical & philosophical messages in life.. I...
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One of my heroes is Bruce Lee.. Awesome quotes. I especially love his video where he talks about how you need...
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3 years back I saw this 1:42 sec video by Steve Jobs.. and I was so inspired by this that I started to live by...
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Recording videos has been my #1 method for connecting with people all over the world.. Here's some quick video...
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This was the main intention behind why I started SCION and started marketing the EMPOWER NETWORK. Everyday.. is...
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