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Everyone knows USA soccer can't beat Ghana, Portugal or Germany😂😂😂
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I really can't believe that Chalmers is still on that team
Its impossible to play on those type of cramps when you're dehydrated. Your leg literally cannot bend. Too bad the game had to end like that
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Favorite this if I'm ugly
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Just realized I went the whole day yesterday without underwear on #summer
Dudes always undercutting me on lobs I hate it 😒
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When you're texting a girl and she says she'll text you later ↩
Self-discipline is the key to success.
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Stephenson sure got under LeBron's skin
Laker fans are the worst out there... Just obnoxious
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The story of Samson tell us that we can't trust these _____. #youknowthespace
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Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem-Brittney Moses (please retweet)
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...take Chalmers out
Pleeeeease take Chalmers out
It's a wrap folks
#tbt @abest2332 moved on to Seattle to conquer the final path set in her life. Good luck brah, gonna miss you #Seattle #perfusion
Yo, these DirecTv commercials are too weird
Chalmers should just sit out the rest of playoffs
he seriously snitched on his uncle to the immigration for a drake concert 😂
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