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Sian Lloyd
@BarryDixon1973 Happy clappy fabby Easter to you too Barry, my lovely lad! x
@StellaWilcoxArt @Artisans_Vyrnwy Cherry Pie Ice Cream? I'm on my way! X
@Bumpydogo Wow! *sings Bohemian Rhapsody* x
@Arfxyz Bless you! May your Easter be full of deliciousness X
@Ramblintweets You, my lovely, are one poetic bouncing bunny this Good Friday! X
@kevingreenwales @TheCorran My sunSiany pleasure. I'm one of life's givers...Fab food, fun & frolics last night. Have a delicious Easter! X
@abitofruff @Ramblintweets Bouncy bunny love & licks back to you Ruffians! X #HappyEasterWeekend
@Ramblintweets Love your way with words & seek your permission to steal the Big Eggs saying?! x
@StellaWilcoxArt @DerekTheWeather @Artisans_Vyrnwy Sunny tod & tom,cloudy Sundy,sunshine & showers Mon & Tues.But hey,ALWAYS brill @ Vyrnwy!
@blackbird52 Forgot to wave at #ISS cos I was making merry with friends, new & old @TheCorran The astronauts will understand! x
@nigelbendybus @TheCorran Here in the sun,with the full brekkie monty about to arrive!Still full after last night's brill meal,but hey....!!
@Ramblintweets: For Good Friday's weather it's by the egguberant @SianWeather #FF” Eggcited!
@jipye On Good Friday I'm going to be good. Meaning, eating good food, drinking good vino & laughing with good friends #HappyEasterWeekend
@godadrun Let's all go for an Easter romp! x #eggcited
@Sifyn1 I've a better pic! At brekkie,sunshine on my shoulders & smiling & loving this location. Fab here @TheCorran
@paul01942 Tomorrow & Saturday = best days. Some light rain Sunday & cloudy on Monday. Have a good Easter x
@JackieCapes Me too! You can't beat a good curry x #curryqueen
For your Easter weekend weather go to brought by the egguberant Sian Lloyd @SianWeather
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@davidsumption Ha, yes! But that's a different McLaren, from the old days x #atkinsonaccident
@miafarnsbarns @Kiehls @TheCorran @mrproducerltd Too true,my little daffodil!At least I'm now cleansed & polished & skin perfect for EasterX
@RickThrelfall And all dedicated to YOU! X