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Sian Lloyd
The family of a 14-year-old who is missing appeal to their "talented, smart and lively girl"
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@redeclimited Which cloud? Unless you mean Colin the Cloud by my mate @clarenasir ! x
@clarenasir @GloriaDePieroMP Hey,grrreat to actually see a pic of said beautiful book!SO proud of you Clare.A must buy for all kids I know X
@Sideshow_Matt @liamdutton Indeedy. Tis a nice little sideline for me! x #stalkersiany
β€œ@benshephard: So chuffed for mate @clarenasir whose new book's out today-cracking read your kids will love!!” Fab!x
@BeckyMantinITV Well done on Mail article. Really feel for you X
Fancy some free Black Bomber? #RETWEEET to be in with a chance of winning three truckles! #competition #giveaway gl!
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@liamdutton @Channel4News All the better for stalking you Big Boy! X
β€œ@65degnorth: We're V pleased to announce @SianWeather is Official Weather Forecaster 4 our Greenland crossing” YAY!
@s16jjj @quinn2584 Will do my bestest! Hope the day goes brilliantly x
@CyclothonUK No matter what the forecast, this event is a sizzler! x #charideebikebusting
@luckydebz @65degnorth Ha, how could 6 hearts & 11 legs not rock our socks off! x #65degreesnorthchallenge
@bobby_19822 *sings Things can only get Better* x
@leesarry @LillyRose555 @markrally Well thank you so much. As infectious as my cold perhaps! x #65degreesnorthchallenge
@SianWeather have you seen we are writing a well-seasoned book? But we need you to help us write it:…?
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@Rog_w Cool your jets! Pleasant stuff coming. Though Sept too early for an Indian Summer, strictly speaking x #keepthefaith
β€œ@Ramblintweets: Lights,camera,action-start of a new month.Daily weather by @SianWeather”
@jamiebaulch @NonEvans @CherylKHicks Hey Mr Olympic Medallist, I'm thinking the @65degnorth gang could take inspiration from you! X #true
@BarryDixon1973 Guaranteed to make me feel better. Thanks Barry Boy! X #confoundedcold
@Paco_180 Ta muchly Mr P! Easy to do when @65degnorth is such an amazing challenge. First attempt ever too. These folk are heroes x #proud
@BarryDixon1973 Apologies for croaking my way through the video. Just can't shift this pesky cold @mariellaf1 eat your heart out! X
V proud 2 b part of this! "@markrally: @SianWeather @65degnorth vid. Your passion is clear despite the croaky voice!”
@mrtom41 @65degnorth @markrally Sings *Perfect Day*.I'm so excited at being chosen as official weather forecaster for @65degnorth challenge
@BakedByMel @TheCorran @Stifyn1 You betcha! Problem was they all wanted seconds & being a generous hostess........x #barabrithgroupies
@CaiGriffiths @AndyLava @RiverHouseSA1 @LeeTrundle10 Easy peasy. LOVE beef, esp when rare & Welsh! x
@NonEvans @CherylKHicks @pkplus1 You are my saviour! Filming in the States & SO need to get in shape pronto.Too many Magnums this summer! X
@AndyLava @RiverHouseSA1 @LeeTrundle10 @CaiGriffiths Ha, I can hold my own on the noshing front, believe you me! x #greedygirlie
@BakedByMel @TheCorran @Stifyn1 Then I am going online to order pronto. Best bara brith ever.Shared it with 7 people today & all gone. Sob x
@CherylKHicks @pkplus1 @LanglandBrass @NonEvans I am most impressed! I need a Non in my life too!! X
@JamesKlf2011 The BEST, ta kindly - magical music @TheCorran yesterday & filming today for the brill @65degnorth I'm so priviliged x
@NonEvans @CherylKHicks @pkplus1 You are 1 priviliged girlie!Any chance we can meet up to talk health & fitness soon?Lots of filming 2 do! X
@FiLeish Just waving my weather wand right now! Have a fun gutsy time & see you on your return? X
@RiverHouseSA1 @LeeTrundle10 @CaiGriffiths Hell, YES! Let me know next time you go. Lovely @TheCorran night, eh? x #sundaylunchlusting