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Sian Lloyd
@KeithMooreULR @DerekTheWeather @George_North @bethfrazerx @valleyhotel Oh heck,read this too late.Hope it went well? How much for GN boots?
@RhiannonFox Incredible! I found it difficult to walk at that altitude, never mind running!! X #kilicricket
@Ramblintweets @Markandamy1Mark Ok. Since it's you. Will stay on Summer a little while longer...... x
@sidneycook86 @DerekTheWeather @ECMWF Here's to a wonderful weatherbusting weekend! X
We LIKE! Happy weekend all "@DerekTheWeather: Looks like dry, mild/warm start to October ta to high pressure @ECMWF
@AbigailsCharity @Jimjamsicle Wow, Mrs Smith, you are a one off! Keep going girl X #fabfootsteps
@milkyray2 A hug instead of a mug? x
@___Q__ Always open to bribery! x
@map1971 May I politely ask you to bung your location into svp?! Ta!! x
@AmandaProwseFan Ha, ta! And follow Ms Prowse & her books & you'll get hooked! X
This is my secret switch! "@Markandamy1Mark: @SianWeather I suddenly feel VERY powerful...
@tenovuscancer @maxine_howells Just fab! Big thanks to you all for joining me @StDavidsHotel A delish night! X #charitycocktail
@SianWeather Amy Hughes is running Marathon 53 of @53Marathons Sat Sept 27th in Manchester for @izzysfoundation .Please support RT
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@AlanReynolds2 Subliminally, methinks, you had this meteorological madam in mind! x #weatherwork
@SianWeather My lovely listeners @silk1069 suggested I contact you to see if you will reply/retweet this message for Twitter Quest. Thanks!
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@silk1069 @Andy Utterly honoured! *flutters weather feathers*
@davidsumption @metoffice I approve of the great Carol's meteorological wisdom. I personally would have opted for "crappy" & pulled a face!
@MartinD56 A goer. No doubt about it. When shall we start? x #TabardDudes
@AlanReynolds2 A weathery cover! Love it!! x
@fergieweather @metoffice Nice. A collector's item perchance? x #weathermugs
@ILovesTheDiff Meeting the Diff Dude made my day considerably Kerdiffier. "Where's yer weather map?" was the first thing he said...
@1GarethWynJones @SianLloydnews How exciting, cariad! Where is the launch?? X
@PaulFlynnMP We weather warblers are fond of referring to Groundhog Day........
A spot, a lump, a blip, a bump, anything out of line; once a week, take a peek, check everything is just fine #testicularcancerawareness
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Bear hugs for weather mugs! "@metoffice: Got that Friday feeling? RT to win a mug till 4pm!
@IainDale @iancollinsuk Speedy recovery, my lovely. Mine is now in its fifth week! X #coldcomfort
@MartinD56 @Ramblintweets Ha, tabard..... love it! Think the tabard is having its moment!! x
@StDavidsHotel: Thank you so much to @SianWeather for designing and launching the @tenovuscancer cocktail with us last night!” Joyous job!!
@samwhat34 @StDavidsHotel @tenovuscancer Ha, tricky drinking for charity in a caring sharing way! x