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Sian Lloyd
@Stifyn1 @DameRuMare @OwainWynEvans @DerekTheWeather Think you find bathing in champagne or asses milk is more my style than boring bitter X
@OwainWynEvans @DerekTheWeather @Stifyn1 But with all the perfumed unguents I put in, at least it's fragrant downpours! X
@grizzy121 @UberFacts The World Meteoroligical Organization in Geneva x
@MyCurryNight: @SianWeather here you go,Queen of Curry.Seat u with @jamiebaulch & @ColinJackson” Dribbling already!
@VaughanRoderick @JoStevensLabour Well said Vaughan. How on earth could they not know this?!
Hmmmmm........."@UberFacts: Female-named hurricanes kill more people than male hurricanes do.”
@topomuel @DerekTheWeather No one likes a show-off!!!!!! X
@DerekTheWeather Indeedy. But we weather warblers continue to make memories, do we not?! X #powysdays
@IldaDiVicoHats How very kind of you, gorgeous girl! Twas indeed a totally wonderful night. Those espresso martinis were STRONG, eh?! X
@thejamesbaker We bridesmaids had outrageous fun at your utterly fabulous wedding!Pic by photographer @David_M_Lewis
@victorubogu @AbigailsCharity @CyclothonUK @allison_b24 Hell, YES! Lycra luvvies scoff posh nosh for charity. Could work? X