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Sian Lloyd
@DerekTheWeather OR, absinthe makes the tart go wander!! X
@FFT_Bakery Brill. Any new cupcakes I should know about?! x
@avatastic Ha, love it!!! May I use svp? x
@FFT_Bakery I'm most flattered. Filming lots this year for American TV, so dates could be tricky. You know me, I love cake,esp yours!! X
@DerekTheWeather Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, my beauty! X
@stewspark @missamandalamb Ha, like many a German word. I once went to Germany to do a TV piece on their LONG LONG words x #hashtagheaven
@welshstevenwill No, but have Star Walk. Top stuff! x
@FFT_Bakery These are divine. Could have done with them over Easter when feeding the five thousand! When will your shop be ready? X
@VirtualAstro: No #ISS tonight but there's a V low pass tomorrow at 21:03 More info at
@dowhatjohn Marrrrrtttttyyyyyyn! How rude!! x
@___Q__:@SianWeather Oh,once upon a time!” Hells bells,is this the night for embarrassing this bashful weather bint?
@VirtualAstro Most peculiar. And we two wizards boasting award winning sites!! x #itsamystery
@VirtualAstro Fear not. Folk also send me weather info! X
@___Q__ Lift my frilly skirts! Me? x #SianCanCan
@___Q__ *belts out It's Raining Men Halleluiah, confidant it's not on YouTube* ! x
@Ouchmyfootjack: @SianWeather ah Sian you're destroying my dreams,twas a highlight of the 90s 4 me# bringbacksiansweatherinleather!"Crikey!
@MikeyVallance @liquidblu_ @Rugby4Heroes Vino to the Valleys? Sod that for a game of soldiers...This weather wench lives in London! X