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dr etc
I was about to say why uee only gain belly fat then i realised lmao ((oh)) it's her arms
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150719 인천팬싸. 캣 & 레빗. 표밥
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찌근게 올라와서 뿌듯..,🎈I
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When you get paired with someone you don't like
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*me meeting snsd* "what's you name?" "jessica" /tiffany whispers/ "satan warned she'd return in spirit to strike revenge on us for our sins"
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"I went to the hospital for a cataract surgery. They wanted 7000, I had only 7 on me, so I decided to become blind."
come in peace
we were at the world photo exposition today :^)
sorry about my snapchat story being 100 seconds today 🙇
they smelled like fish left on the table for a week
"Kayla veut aussi offrir un nouveau vagin à sa maman." Her daughter wants to gift her mom with a new VAGINA
"heureuse quand sa fille a quitté les bancs de l’école à 17 ans pour danser nue, ses revenus pouvant payer leur dépendance à la chirurgie"
they got plastic surgery to look like their idol katie price
she forces her daughter to dance nude to pay for their plastic surgery…
we won't have one nor two nor three nor four but at least five lil chams this season
looking at some unpretty rapstar teasers like
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Went jogging for the first time in months, and my legs feel like Tiffany's Mr Mr vocals (ie, shaky and unstable).
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Minha's only purpose in ISAC is to get photographed with her mouth open
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hyoryn just rapped 6 words what is this…
i can predict me holding my face in my hands when i see the exam paper tomorrow because i literally did not study one bit
[puts sticky sticky wiggle wiggle on speakers as films her photo shoot]…
did anyone knew hyuna was featuring in some video
스윗소로우 Sweet Sorrow - Let's Make Love Official Teaser @YouTube aracılığıyla
i think my family would mistake this as possession & would throw it out if it suddenly stood up out of nowhere
she made him eat back his sarcastic reply
"all men are the same" "you didn't have to try them all" "do you eat all of the food in the pot to understand that it's bad"
red velvet got reborn as myBae…
aw cutie pie
mom's friend is telling me that becoming a doctor would've suited me more lmao i wish :( i'm going to work for it 💪
mom & her friends in their room are having a discussion about how woman shouldn't be working in islam but our culture makes the woman work 👀
RT PLS: selling kpop albums bc im having to support my mum + sister financially and its getting really difficult
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i was hesitant to support her in the beginning but now that she's been proven innocent i hope she can move forward...
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teasers are already being uploaded? LET ME CHECK
So far, most impressed with Gilme's teaser for UR2. We'll get Hyorin's, the YG trainee's, and Yezi's tonight so I'm looking forward to this.
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a kid just pinched my boob i don't know how to feel about this please throw them out

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