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dr etc
linda is so active on snapchat :^)
instead of shaming, netizens should applaud girl groups for doing so smoothly their butt swaying choreography
[deletes self]
omg at least it looks clean :x…
guys you should download f.lux on your laptop or iphone it relaxes your eyes
i was listening to stellar's teaser again & instead of increasing my laptop's brightness i increased the volume.. same
"Watching her is like watching someone use a Benz to mow a field... breaks my heart." all of our dear expensive nugu girl group
Idc how many times I watch this forever funny
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😂 ok ok i'm stopping
#GrowingUpTurkish dış merdivenlerde oturup, çekirdek çıtlatan, gelip geçenin dedikodusunu yapan teyzeler 😩😂
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at your grandparents' house for all of summer*…
#GrowingUpTurkish "Ben senin yaşındayken evin bütün işlerini yapıyordum" -mom
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now i'm sure that one works well
#GrowingUpAsAWOC making sure all the friends you were going out with were female
does this mean clara can return to doing seven up or other drinks cfs…
#GrowingUpTurkish When guests are in your house & your Anne tells you to go count the ppl without getting noticed 'caktirmadan' 😭
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#GrowingUpTurkish This eye keeps all evil away & u have at least 10 in ur house
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or will stellar(t) give a lesson to men on pleasuring women the right efficient way
does stellar(t) say "i can drip" x2 while holding their thigh
i click @everycolorbot 's profile but twitter flashes white & sends me back to my list menu wtf
yes yes hyuna's nose became straighter than mine a long time ago [analyzes]
that purse being unzipped is my pu$$y when i listen to marionette
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hmmm i don't know how to geel about THIS (or yes?) MY CUSHION
Girl group Sara steals Hello Venus’ flower crowns, but were unprofessional to even act like theyre happy with them on
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i'd uninstall your responsive ass if i didn't have so many bookmarks to re-save @ firefox
is college and university the same building in usa? i still don't understand the concept of education there
I can't stop using kakaka this @hyeoreulcha impact tbh
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they need to pay a visit to a poc's house but i'm sure they'll run away with an ass on fire…
Saw a couple of goths on beach 2day. Naturally, I laughed @ them. Now I lay here burnt like a lobster wishing I could take it back. Witches!
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사랑하는 멤버들 선물도 사고😍 비왔던 날 배안에서 우비 입고 찍은사진..! 안녕 보라카이!👋🌴🐳�#???#???? #Philippinesp#BoracayoQe96g6
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Here is a pants less GD of the Big Bang Theory stealing Irene's pink tips, putting the entire dip dye trend to shame.
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혜미와 경리 나뮤는 보정을 안 해도 아름다움이 넘쳐난다
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is this about periods & v
does anyone remember the vomit & moving trash bag part of the movie The Audition
concept is future school... so it's cute with a pinch of tryna look cool?
@ddeulgichu seulgi the sweet little halfling who serves as the bridge between the hobbits and shingeki no kyojoy
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when you open your camera thinking it's facing the other way…
kakaka i love positive liars that make me feel good for 3 seconds about things related to as

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