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dr etc
my throat hurts from listening
baboo is swimming in a pot of gold and 4-keaf clovers [prays for a truck of it instead for him]
brings this bac for jungah's good intentions…
did someone watch dial m for murder 👀
*the JUNG's profit increase by 825% thanks to old gangnam aunties who want to be as charismatic to get young men*
i just woke up n im still not in my right mind! im not having hallucinations right
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how many instagram accounts will hyoyeon create by the end of 2015
what would mom say if she heard jungah is 32 and has yet to settle down
where ayu farida unni lets celebrae
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Pledis denied means jungah has to fish a new one.
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i hate people who dress like this.......we get it, you smoke weed
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me after watching makeup tutorials…
with oldah's age comes experience h wisdom in the entertainment industry's marketing side
Just in time for the opening of The Jung! 👏👏👏👏👏 Queen of love and…yMonl
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@hyeoreulcha [pledis ceo calls in oldah n kayoung] "hello, pls study seventeen's signatures n then sign these 1000 albums. kamsa"
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931 x 13.99$ = 13 024.69$ hmmmmT
i feel like tlist are the ones watching from the shadows in suits while savage people spend crazy amounts on 17
did 17 sign up w the illuminati at debut why r these ppl spening so much money on them
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the jung raising money for the poor and homeless also known by the name 17
wait what is this legit what what whaaat…
This is so terrible and ruthless but I can't help but laugh…
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And Kahi is older than that. Do you see any signs of her slowing down?…
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did red velvet's hair dye memo accidentally get to snsd
8. [+337, -41] And Yookyung was never to be seen again it's gotten to the point to saying "who?"
and who thought bangs on yuri would be a good idea
I'm loving Ice Cream Cake era Yoona tbh
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half+ of the characters were whiny and bitchy and melodramatic and my gosh
i finished playing DA2 and this was literally my thoughts throughout the game
"i'm sick of mages and templars" - varric
i have to choose sides and kill the opposite good job everyone (mages, templars or no one tho)
omfg anders blew up the whole place wyd
[puts on jeans] i look fine [puts on a skirt] who inflated my ass like a truck tire

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