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dr etc
her chest looks like it's having problems
goood morning how good bad is the gayo going on
good night and have fun watching oc and aoa on sbs gayo
*bom voice* Im tighter than face lifts and flyer than spaceships
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오렌지캬라멜 !!!!!!!!!! 고미 의자왕이 따로없다곰 !!!!!!!!!!! SAF 흥한다~ @p_Lizzy @I_nanaaaa @raina57
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141221 SBS 가요대전 미니팬미팅 #AOA 초아 프리뷰2 @Official_AOA ♥♥
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double nvm heres the real sbs gayo lineup
ooooh a link for sbs gayo but is anyone of interest performing tho
[LINK STREAM] 141221 #???? Red Velvet - 2014 SBS Gayo Daejun Super 5 at 8:45 PM/KST
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he sure is taking time to reply now when he was fast as lightning before boooo
this white boy started pulling facts from websites to fight me and he didnt expect me to find receipts to counterattack
even mold is gonna grow on young kaeun
I can't believe "Marionette" came out this year. It feels like it's been a part of kpop forever.
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누구냐 넌?박초아는 박초아가 아닌 것 같이 나와야 예쁜데 이건...ㅋㅋㅋ박초아가 아닌 것 같은데 예.....?
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Im kinda laughing at this new couple im sorry
元Nine Musesのピニ(イ・ヘビン)が今日、全北現代所属のサッカー選手イ・ギュロと結婚した。
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i didnt know dying hair would change choigoren so much
isnt this the one aju & dae were talking abt RT @KOREATOWN: K-women are known the world over for being this classy.
it's called lost+brain pls let this be the first & last manga i dont wanna go back
a friend asked me a manga similar to death note & google helped me bc im clueless but now im reading too lol
should i stay up night and watch the anime one of tlist suggested
Im sorry chloe yoo ily
Celinr (Nara) "She is a millionaire heiress" When will Chloe Yoo
"@NaraFacts: {ScreenCap} #HELLOVENUS Kwon Nara for Cinema Game Rage : Making Film *3*"
Even when she's drunk she remains classy by covering her pussy. Conscious queen 👑
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I ♥ TO SLEEP. 寝るの大好き。 neru no daisuki.
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i was cackling like a dumb butt
let's meet 111mins later when im done with 22 jumpstreet
wip wip wip im gonna work on this all night
renkler nasillll sanki mutard dokmusum
IU Says She Sees Yoo In Na So Often, People Ask Her If They’re Dating…
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side eyes janu for spilling tea over 9m and now trying to dry up the stain hmmmm
idk why would knetz criticize aoa's miniskirt when i bet their office coworkers they drool over has it worse
i need to get a 2015 calendar or ill lose track of time and go mad
for ara's fanmeet to be called begin again seems so painful its like she failed and had to begin again when its actually pledis' fault
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........... RT @yemenidirty: @normanischild your black they look more educated when I tweet them
lmaooo this stan has been replying each tweet
jungah and after school when they cb in 2035 RT @KOREATOWN: Korean women have come a long way.
#caucasity RT @thrasherxy: If this isn't an ugly version of white privilege I ain't sure what is
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