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dr etc
thinking a philosophical reply to come up with against haters RT @HoukagoAS: nana yah, u ok?"
bow to succeeding ps RT _visualkpop: omg nana is looking fab today
my brothers were so good looking when they were 18/19 y/o Are we even from the same family.......
yooara going solo RT @RDT_KPOP: [MV] AOORA(아우라) _ #Can'tStop (Feat. Tiffany & Anna)
jimin is the best performer in aoa tbh
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I am a potato. Are you a potato? := 전 감자예요. 혹시 감자세요?
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ta daaaah I think the wing might've been unnecessary. I tried to come up with a signature too but mmyeah...
gyuri kiss me too give me ur blessings
where are the sunny chest worshippers
hopefully my logo/slogan is done by tonight now time to find wings ref.
#tooold2support #spreadthebadluck #AScurse RT@puretoria jungah posted a korea national team support selca and then korea loses. coincidence?
look at all these americans on my tl
nicole's dog always looks freaked out
me when first love was beaten by give it to me
there was AS wannabes performing. they stole seolhyun's outfit idea #shame
does the mango have logic. it went from short hair to shitdong to taeyang in less than a minute
I need this maid RT @urbandictionary: @Si_kKo househusband: (n.) King of the castle. Ruler ...
define house husband
[sighs at the sight of choa]
I need some pink wearing aoa performance and feel like tiffany spazzing over pink
there was this white round dude tho. is 23, looks like a closeted 28 gamer, talks like a 15 y/o teen hmmm. scared of rides<best part
talk abt an /amusement/ park 😤
I call you ahjumma bc ily much jupal jung
there's fancams of that Linda look a like of ncis but not a single one of jina go Bob girl's perfs ok
tiff would love their outfits today
pledis finally listened to me and dyed ren's hair
I'm sooo done RT @MrGabushi: Chillin with the bae a while ago.
we're going to an amusement park yesss even if it's not like laronde but still
"it's raining it's raining ouuuh nice yeahh" yubin pls
I peeled 3 eggs, 1 looks like a blotched rhinoplasty, 1 got halfway through,1 doesn't even look like it got ps. do u recognize ora eggramel
ok good night tlist [perform good night kiss] 😘❤❤😙😴
omfg boa how many songs is that
2009 was the golden yr of thriller movies
kaeun stop being lazy & me
did sunny perform privately in ur hotel room for u in japan @kahischerzinger
I think they meant exotic for bekah
assterikats are so kyot