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Someone who brings you breakfast on a Sunday morning > GOODMORNING!!! Day already made! 💖#simplejoyss
Damn Mr. Tanglib you ALMOST saved me from this inconveniency!!!!! This morning is such a drag 😩
Anyone in my loop near Cainta with DSLR camera (any brand/model) pls let me knooow pls pls pls urgent lang
3hrs alloted for my trip BUT STILL I don't want to go to Makati today
THANK YOU, LORD!!! Ang ganda ng Monday ko! 💖
Yung na-seen ka kung kailan pa short notice. Cute ☺️☺️☺️
Daming itineraries today! #TYL ☝🏻️
This is how scheming the media can be. OWN UP TO YOUR MISTAKES! #ABSCBNSaySorryToUPLB…
iOS 9: More mandatory apps that I'll never use plus a font na mas pangit pa sa ugali mo #oops
Good morning wooorld!!! This is going to be a great day! I'm claiming it!!! 🌻
Early morning thought: Gusto ko umuwi ng Ilocos 😶💭
I commend McDo for this, they never let an advertising oppurtunity pass 👍�…YS
Happy Thirstday
Live photos? You mean to say GIFs???…
That Adobe Sketch is everything. #WWDC2015
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But there's always been an "Emergency Selfie" on the lock screen right??????????…
Hey Apple here's the real deal: How about you give me a charging cord that doesn't wear turtle necks in 3 months? #AppleEvent
*Cries bcos my Dad jokes about how bad I am going to be at driving and I'll never get a license* I bow down to you PMS. You win today.
Can't find a good font to suit this but I also can't afford anymore delays! 😩
Keep your cool, Shy. Contain mo lang. 😌
"Pits and brumberry" night 🍑�uz
3 clients in one sitting tapos Friday pa. DEAD #ForceFriday
🇵🇭: This is our cityhb
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🇵🇭: and this is our hell aka the traffic. h5k
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Killing time with the bestfriend 🕒5
2 hrs stuck in Ortigas whyyy...
You only hear what you want to hear and you're basically being hostile! We get it, you're butthurt. You can't accept constructive critisism.
Times like this I wish legal bumaril eh. Barilin ko kayo sa balls para di na kayo mag-procreate deputa. 😤😤😤
Coming home from a long day, in your subdivision, just when you thought you're already safe tapos may mang ca-cat call pa!
Hellooooo! I miss yooou 😔😪
Friyäy payday 💸💸💸
Mid-week cocktail runs🍷B
Yung gumagawa ka ng layout sa ps tapos biglang nagbrown-out. Cute! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
I don't want to send mixed signals so I'm telling you straight up that I miss you & I want to see you. 😔
Nakakain-love ka kumanta babe 😍k
All-nighter para sa layout & product mockup proposals ☝🏻️
Tweet Activity is the best update Twitter has had for a while...
Thank you Twitter, for fixing the tweet box's bottom-padding section. Hindi na masakit sa mata! 😍
Layflat hipterzzz
You used my skill, I used your connections. Still a win-win situation.
Kailangan ng malinis ang mga lente ng baby ko. 📷
Ang lakas ng dating ni Drew Arellano talaga... 😍
Sana hindi na ako sabihan ng doktor na butas eardrums ko 😑
Same time last year where I have to get my ears checked to make sure I'm not going deaf.
Pizza & Mcdee's delivered at 4AM bcos why not

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