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Shoná Hanley
Hate when contouring doesn't blend
Disney Channel is so crap now compared to how it was years ago
Now we reminiscing how we used to flex in Texas
Can't wait to pass my driving test
Can't wait til my website is active! I'm gonna do live video streaming so every time someone talks shit I can go blast the fuck outta them
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Being 5'1 is a struggle when it comes to trying to reach things up high 😩
Loved that dog but Calum should've won for sure
Regardless Calum Scott is unreal, amazing voice 😍
Way too lively for this time
Beyonce and Jay Z are the coolest couple for sure
Wish I could just travel all day everyday🌍🌎🌏
She said, “when that shit is real you just know” and I was thinkin’ ‘bout you, you already know
Don't know why I agreed to an 8am driving lesson
So many people lack basic respect
Her song about Space was just terrible. And for anyone wondering what I am talking about this was a"singer" on Britains Got Talent tonight.
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I got rap niggas that I gotta act like I like but my acting days are over fuck them niggas for life
'Boys in grey tracksuits and 95's😍' oh for fuck sake
Don't think that girls funny in the slightest, absolute nut job if anything
Fuck it girl, I'm 'bout whatever though
So much love for Lee Evans 😂
Biting point will be the death of me
idk if it's just me but sleeping with my bra off makes me feel so relieved
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Could act out 8 Mile word for word
Can't believe I've managed to put up with @shonahanley_ for a whole year today! Time flies when you're having fun 👫❤️
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Whole of Belfast are suddenly makeup artists
I know you still gon' ride with me
J.Cole - Lights Please will forever be one of my favourite songs
being such a loving person is for sure one of my strengths but also an insane weakness
literally feel so blessed for such an amazing family 🙏🏼
Wish I lived on the Upper East side of Manhattan
Power naps really do make or break you
Just want endless amounts of pineapple😍😍😍
Gotta be more to life than lying in bed in Belfast eating tea cakes
Look like death, feel like death😲
As soon as I fall asleep my fire alarm decides to go off, fucking typical
Kinda wish I didn't leave Zara. Hate being unemployed
Can't make my driving theory stick in my head at all, fuck
All I do is watch people cover songs on YouTube
My actual goals are to be so successful & independent that I can spoil myself and my family and do what I love and go where I want whenever
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what was always best for me was seeing fear in the eyes of the bully. - Bukowski
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"the difference between Art and Life is that Art is more bearable" - Charles Bukowski
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Drive myself mental, def my own worst enemy ✋🏼
Used to spend so much money buying stuff for my house on Habbo Hotel 😂
Dimples are the cutest
Don't know what I'm gonna do with myself when I finish Gossip Girl

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