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Shoná Hanley
10am start isn't for me 😴😴😴
Always bookmark Range Rovers on my phone as if I'd be able to afford one✋🏼😂
Dre's new album is for sure my fav thing right now
don't know how people can survive without having a job, I can barely survive with one
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Girls with really long extensions make me sick, so tacky
Wish I had a permanent tan
Ambition is such an attractive quality
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Admire Kanye's attitude so much 😂
Desperately want a hand tattoo
I swear if I moved to America I would never look back
If lads are still being influenced by their friends they've still got a lot of growing up to do😂👍
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Literally have the worst habit of cracking my knuckles
I love it when people are straight up with me. I respect that.
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Just want endless red and blue mixed slush puppies
Can't wait to watch Straight Outta Compton
Makes me angry seeing people eat fruit without washing it 😂✋🏼
Really need to get stronger glasses these migraines are craaaaazy
Literally the most sensitive person in the world
Just take me to see Jay Z live
when the teacher says "I'm not going to name any names but..."
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Would love to go to Chernobyl 😩
Can't wait to visit Auschwitz
Love this white and taupe theme I've got going on in my bedroom
Water chestnut is my fav thing in a stirfry 😍
I swear fake eyelashes just make me look like a drag queen, never again✋🏼
Friday night and I'm in bed watching Motorway Cops
Really wanna have a BBQ with good music and good company 😍🌴
#WhatHappenedToSandraBland We need answers!!!! This is NOT ok! This is all shady! They need to own up to this & tell the truth!
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Twisters are the nicest lollies ever
Lost all respect for @MeekMill Drake shows you love like no other and you out here throwing shade smh
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Trying to drink juice from a can with lipstick on is so annoying
I'm so needy when it comes to my dog
ignore the critics just to say we did it, this aint no fashion show mother fucker we live it
Wanna learn so much more about astronomy 🔭👓
Most indecisive human to walk this earth
Literally don't think I could do life without music
Rather be anywhere than Belfast
"You will never stand taller than when you kneel to help a child" 👊🏼
You no sometimes in life you just have to think...... FUCK IT 💭
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It's only almost 1 o'clock and I've eaten a plate of garlic sauté. I have no regrets
Another day without a new Frank Ocean album is another day wasted
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City Lights, gas flares, auroras, wildfires, and reflected moonlight of Europe
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By all means speak your mind but for fuck sake be able to back up what you say
Everyone has their own journey to the pursuit of happiness.
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Literally heartbroken Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have broke up

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