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Shona Hanley
Trey Songz - Already Taken has and will forever be on my playlist 😻
Original Lucozade is so much nicer
Literally can't go a day without watching Air Crash Investigation
Eyebrow piercings make me wanna choke myself
So many places I wanna see 🌎
Swear you won't forget me you'll be happy that you let me lay you down
Online shopping always improves my mood
Just wanna stay in bed for a week
Girlfriends that don't let their boyfriends go out are fucking lunatics
Work on yourself, focus on u, & u will see how ur life changes. I've gained so much inner peace from learning I only need to please meπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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Dunno how girls sleep with a bra on
Would pay someone to massage my body every night
lack of communication leaves too much room for the imagination
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Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh
tb to when J. Cole performed Be Free on Letterman
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Wonder if you're bending over backwards for someone else
Black lipstick looks horrific
I'm just looking for a freak, someone who rides like a g
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It's so obvious when I lose interest in someone
Would take a night like this over a party any day
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Partynextdoor & Drake - Recognize
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This a forever thing, hate that I treat it like it's a whatever thing
Love having the attic as my bedroom
Could talk about Space/ the Universe all night
Why is it so hard to find someone with the same music taste as me
Genuinely don't and never will give a fuck about people's opinions of me
Beyonce and Jay Z are killlling it as a couple
Hate people that change in front of others
PARTYNEXTDOOR ft Drake - Recognise will forever be my fav song 😻
Rather be broke and intelligent than rich and brain dead
Really thinking about doing dental nursing
Don't know what I'd be doing without the NASA app πŸ”­
So much love for J.Cole
Going back to someone after they've cheated is just plain stupid
Sunday's are always so boring
boys who take their education and responsibilities seriously are so much more attractive than guys who just don't care
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Family time is the best time
Having no one to stress over and doing your own thing is for sure the best ever
Could never be one of them girls that runs after a lad
I love being around positive people that make me laugh and smile
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Love people that make stuff happen instead of sitting around talking about it
Always seem to attract physcotic weirdos
Wanna just cover my body in tattoos
Victoria Secret body sprays are my fav
Rather take a razor to my tongue than drink after somebody else
Not about this 9am life
Sleeping in a football top is the most comfiest thing ever

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